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A-lan Holt

Writing the World I Want to See

“We often think about change happening in policy or politics but art and culture is the space where change is happening quickest.”-— A-LAN HOLT

It’s hard to say that there is anyone slay’n as hard as A-lan Holt. This truly inspiring woman is at the fore front of advocacy for diversity and representation when in comes to all aspects of artistic expression with her work in leading Stanford’s Institute for Diversity in the Arts. Not only is she striving to educate people but she is also a dynamic poet, writer, playwright, and filmmaker.


5 Exciting Careers for Beauty Lovers in 2019

Having a trustworthy cosmetician is a necessity. Every woman seems to have someone who takes care of their looks and spoil them at least once a month.

Beauty business has a lot to offer and the market is expanding. If you are thinking about starting your own business, beauty industry is something that can definitely pay off, provided you are good at what you do