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Crowd Surf: Two Women On Digitally Marketing & Managing Some of Music's Biggest Names

“You can turn something that you are passionate about into a career.”


Ever dream about working with music’s biggest names, traveling, meeting, creating, and living out your once fangirl dreams?

Well that’s exactly what Cassie Petrey and Jade Driver of Crowd Surf are doing. To say that these two badass women are slaying the game when it comes to digitally marketing and managing some of music’s biggest names is a huge understatement. With clients such as Andy Grammer, Alabama, Becky G, and wait for it, the Backstreet Boys, these woman are true trailblazers. Both being recognized as Digital Power Players in 2018 by Billboard and Cassie, listed on Forbes & Billboard 30 Under 30 as well as included by Variety in the Hollywood’s New Leaders in Digital list in 2017. These women have even being featured panelist in entertainment and business conferences including SXSW.


Stephanie Heath: Resident Interview + Salary Negotiation Coach

Stephanie Heath is an Interview Coach and Offer Negotiation Expert that helps minorities, immigrants and soft-spoken men and women land their dream careers. She is the modern-day Caribbean-American Gabby B, a savior of the underpaid and the creator of the world-renowned Six-Figure Catalyst career coaching program.

Her global online business has transformed the lives of thousands of underpaid and uninspired professionals by teaching them how to tap into their corporate WORTH, interview powerfully and negotiate high six-figure salaries to leave a job and begin a CAREER.