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RIVA Wellness

“ I knew I couldn’t keep doing this one thing because this is the way everyone else practiced medicine. ”- Riva

What happens when you spend your whole life thinking you want to be this one thing only to find out that yes you want it but not in the way it’s generally accepted.

That’s what happened with Riva. Growing up all she wanted to be a doctor like her parents. With experience as a gymnast, a passion for fitness and health, as well as years of watching her parents in their medical careers, Riva thought she was well on her way to becoming a doctor. Well she did become a doctor but realized quickly that the way traditional medicine is practice was not where she wanted to be.


Bunnies Prefer the “No Makeup” Look

Hi. My name is Lauren and I am a makeup addict. I first became exposed to makeup when I was about 5 years old. The makeup obsession began with my mom’s best friend. She was a licensed cosmetologist whose hair, makeup, and nails were always perfect (she also believed in eating chocolate cake for breakfast). She hadn’t had her own daughter yet, so I got to be her living doll. It was awesome. She would do my hair and makeup, as well as paint my nails before she’d return me to my (very annoyed) dad.