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Achea Redd: Tackling Mental Health with Real Girls F.A.R.T

“It’s so ironic to me that this generation is connected media wise but we are more disconnected than ever before. I don’t blame social media, but I think it’s definitely the gasoline...” — ACHEA REDD

Mental health advocate, Founder of Real Girls F.A.R.T, published author, and host of the podcast “Keepin It Real with Keys” there is very little Achea Redd can’t do. As a woman that struggles with her own mental health disorders she is taking on the challenging task of openly speaking about her mental health journey while inspiring others to be fearless in speaking of their own struggles.

Between juggling motherhood, being the wife of former NBA player Micheal Redd, and running her world like a champ Achea will be the first to tell you it’s not easy. In our conversation with her we talk about her mental health journey, her new book “Be Free. Be You.” and her endlessly entertaining podcast.


My Fibroid and I

A true dysfunctional love story.

This week I will have surgery to remove my wonderful fibroid.

Yes, you read that right: a fibroid. If you know me and my history with reoccurring health problems, you are most likely shaking your head. Another issue Chauncey? Yes, I'm the person who always has these random medical occurrences. However, I consider myself blessed because God has kept me alive.