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The Mamaberries Nonprofit Foundation

"Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Shan Berries is ready for her closeup! Shan is the executive producer and midday host of the Bay Area's hottest radio show 99.7 Now and the founder and face of Shades By Shan, her makeup line that is taking the beauty scene by storm. However, she is making her case as a Bay Area heroine behind her nonprofit, the Mamaberries Nonprofit Foundation. 


Stop asking me when I’m going to start having babies

Stop asking me when I’m going to start having babies and start asking me when my next book will be published.

As a society we seem to have this generationally ingrained need to ask women when they plan on starting a family. If you’re over the age of sixteen and female, you most likely know exactly what I mean. Your mum’s sister’s best-friend has probably been asking you if you have a boyfriend since you were about fifteen. Telling you that you’d be beating the boys away with a stick. Then when you turn twenty or twenty-one you start getting asked when you will start having babies. Do you know how many babies you want?