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Keeping Cannabis Accountable with Medisi Ventures

Cannabis is all around us, from the lotions we use to CBD infused candies, you can even get your favorite strand delivered with a few simple clicks. Historically, being in the cannabis industry has been taboo and selling could get you real time behind bars. Nowadays CBD gummies are all the rage and celebrities are hosting “canna-treat” parties. Everyone is dying to invest in the cannabis industry. But what does it all mean?

We sat down with TiYanna Long CEO and Founder of Medisi Ventures to find out just that. Miss Long is a Business Strategist, Impact Advisor, Real Estate Agent and Accountability Coach focused on the sustainable development of the cannabis industry. She has also been featured on The Young Money Podcast, RUNGRL.co, Estrohaze.com, Cash Color Cannabis, and in HoneySuckle Magazine.


Multi-Hyphenate: The New Normal

Formerly only a trait of the celebrity world, more and more of us are becoming multi-hyphenates within our careers. There are two big shifts that have happened over the millennial generation, the first being that due to the growth of technology, numerous new career paths have opened up and others have shut down, meaning you can’t expect your career path to be a linear life-long service anymore. The second being that many people now actively choose not to stick with one career path, they want variety and flexibility - a career that enables them to have balance, all whilst giving them a sense of purpose and not just a pay-check.