The Asian Fashion Weeks’ Vibes

Just when you think that you’ve seen everything after having scrolled through the street style section of the major fashion capitals as New York, Milan, and Paris, and get it into your head that it doesn’t get more stylish or experimental and at times downright outrageous than that, the Asians come with their light-years-ahead almost impossible to copy styles and remind you that there’s still plenty to learn. The people of such capitals as Japan, Seoul, and Tbilisi that are fashion-wise iconic in ways that we can’t even imagine, let alone execute, take fashion to a completely different realm, and as outrageous as their outfits and fashion state of mind is, we can and definitely should pick up a lesson or two from them. You don’t have to emulate their style as much as you can let yourself be inspired by their creativity and allow yourself to experiment and play with clothes more. So, let’s see just how good the Asian fashion game is and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

All the way from Tokyo


Everyone in the world is familiar with the iconic Harajuku style that is still one of the most fascinating things you’ll see in Tokyo, but as westerners, we’re not quite ready for that amount of quirkiness. Granted, the Tokyo fashion week will lead you to believe that the two styles (Harajuku and FW street style) are nothing short of identical, but trust us, as bold as this fashion is, it’s much more toned down, so let’s see what dominated the streets outside the runway venues. One of the most dominant and abundantly present styles was athleisure, in different shapes and forms. We had oversized monochromatic suits topped off with a fanny pack and running shoes, gender roles broken with men in millennial pink suits – again spiced up with a touch of athleisure and bold sock choices and of course; larger than life tracksuits and bold oversized shirts – athleisure in its original form. It’s safe to say that Tokyo does athleisure better and bolder than us, but that’s not all they have to offer. The matchy-matchy style is taken to a whole new level with pink suits in vibrant florals and clunky floral shoes, but there was some classic elegance in the form of satin midi skirts and simple jean jackets – though spiced up with platform ankle boots, because classic here doesn’t have the same meaning as everywhere else. There’s plenty more to cover, but a book could be written so we’ll leave you with highlights as we move on to the next fashion capital.

Too cool in Seoul


The South Koreans are simply cooler than us and we have outfits and palpable swag to prove it. First off, there is the love of pastels, which is something they have in common with the rest of the world, although their ‘rendition’ of the look is immensely different. Pastel satin track pants are not paired with simple tees but rather with black fishnet tops, silver bomber jackets, metallic fanny packs and berets – because there’s no such thing as too much. A touch of casualness lives in Seoul and it features a fairly simple stone-washed mini denim skirt and a pink graphic tee. It doesn’t stop there as mid-calf sports socks are present as well, along with a pair of Converse All Star sneakers and a black leather jacket. This is as casual as it gets. Pattern-mixing is huge in Seoul, and not only in a single outfit but a single garment, and it makes one wonder where they get these pieces. The general tendencies lean towards oversized garments, which is one of the versions of athleisure here, because the tracksuits and dad sneakers were present here as well. So, if in the upcoming spring you want to channel these athleisure vibes at the beach, the super sexy and bold Mint Athletic athletic swimwear line will be here for you. Traditional elegance, the one present in, say, Paris, was at large, but the preppy style was spotted here and there. , For the future colder season, think of preppy when you attempt to master chic layering. In case you had any doubts, logomania is alive and well in Korea, too, and spotted on everything from sweaters, bags, and jackets, so that’s one thing we have in common. Finally, when in doubt, belt your trendy blazer and make sure you add a broche or two, all the while keeping in mind that there is no such thing as too much.

Somewhat subdued Tbilisi


More than anything else, the fashionistas of Tbilisi are giving us major polka dot envy. Carolina Herrera has given us the ultimate new – the dots are back, but we don’t seem to be rocking them as much as the gals here. From oversized wide-leg trousers paired with an equally oversized blazer in a poignant emerald green hue to chic polka dot dresses with orange pumps for a touch of drama, these ladies sure know how to rock the dot. On the other hand, a plethora of boldness was present in the form of neon orange sporty ensembles and these definitely make for a strong look, although we’re not sure we want to look like a traffic cone, but to each their own. Casual athleisure, quite similar to the one the rest of the world rocks was here, too, in the form of graphic tees, dad sneakers and high-rise wide trousers in Pantone’s color of the year, along with power suits that are probably just a tad too oversized for our taste, but do make for a statement look. Finally, there was the rocking of two bags, which Madonna used to do back in the day, so if you’re feeling like one is not enough, you can always add one more.

These Asian styles vibes are definitely food for thought, and you’ll probably be tempted to pull off at least certain elements of these looks. If not, at least these styles will help you shed your fashion inhibitions and help you experiment with more confidence.


Summer Skin

Welcome to Summer. 

Summer can either be your best friend or your frenemy when it comes to how summer treats your skin. I believe that with each season you need to update your skincare routine. During the summer, your skin needs hydration and protection. 


Protection! Please do not forget to put SPF on your skin! All complexions should be avid SPF users! I used SPF infused products on my skin all year long! I suffer from hyper pigmentation and using SPF has helped ease the light spots on my face. Also, make sure to add SPF lip balm to your routine, no one wants dry and crusty lips.

Hydration is key! You need to make sure your skin hydrated. I am a true believer in using, face masks, serums and rich creams. I am a skincare addict, so anytime I found a suitable mask or cream I am all about it. 

For myself, I always feel like my skin is super dry and craves hydration. Even when I’m having a mini hot flash from the heat, I feel like my skin is super thirsty and is on the verge of breaking out. It could be that my PH Balance is off or I'm just a sweaty mess. 

In this case, I love to make sure I use an acne fighting products to combat clogged pores. Look out for ingredients such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to target this new acne. Its a new acne compare to winter acne, trust me. 

Here are my favorite products:

Comfort and Fashion Correlation


Once upon not such a long time ago, the word ‘comfort’ and ‘fashion’ couldn’t be found in the same universe, let alone the same sentence. Exuding power, confidence, capability and being alluring to the opposite (or same sex) came with a price, and that price included wearing uncomfortable clothing we were all dreaming about taking off the minute we get back home. Then, when we were safely hidden away from the rest of the world – dating, corporate and all other worlds – we were able to wear our worn-out track pants, tees and hoodies.

All kidding aside, wearing a hoodie outside your home or the gym environment was considered the equivalent of giving up on life – for further proof check out any rom-com scene in which the main guy or girl are going through a breakup or an existential crisis. If you can’t remember any, here are two examples – Tom in 500 Days of Summer and Bridget Jones in, well, all three movies. So, what happened that resulted in comfort clothing not only becoming acceptable but one of the most dominant types of clothing that is having brunch next to you at a cool restaurant, strutting down the runway or performing at Coachella? That is what we aim to find out today.

First came millennials



It is no secret that the power of the millennial consumer is a mysteriously large one. They have officially this year become one of the most powerful consumer groups in the US alone. Also, as you may or may not know, this is a generation that doesn’t care for discomfort and when it comes to dressing, they’re all about breaking rules. You might think, okay – millennials refuse to be pigeon-holed and are becoming more androgynous, but what does that have to do with comfort? Well, first of all, yes, they are a generation that places authenticity high on the style priority shelf – it’s all about looking unique. However, this is a generation that has been a huge factor in the overall lifestyle changes and the need for attire that would match that lifestyle arose. What does the lifestyle entail exactly? Tons of errands, a rich social life, career-hunting and pursuing wellness and fitness goals. We only have 24 hours to do all that so what do we do – we turn to comfort, and older and newer generations follow. We start getting out of suits and putting on comfortable pants and simple tees matched with comfy oversized blazers or even hoodie-like cardigans; we replace the high-heels with stylish Nike shoes, put on a pair of quality leggings and even the notorious hoodie and realize we look darn good, and more importantly, we can do almost everything there is to do in a day without having to change. There are even studies that show that people now put comfort (movement, fabric and fit) first and that the purchasing decisions are heavily dependent on whether garments fit the comfort bill.

Then came the A-listers


Whether or not non-celebrity millennials would have eventually pushed the industry towards what is known and beloved as the athleisure trend had there not been a flood of rule-breaking and dressing-for-comfort celebrities, remains unknown. However, once we were able to see stars such as Bella and Gigi Hadid as well as Kendall, Karlie Kloss and numerous other celebrities including Beyoncé and Rihanna stepping out of their homes, walking around airports and generally just popping up everywhere in sportswear as well as slouchy and comfy jeans and regular tees, we felt courageous to do the same. And of course, as it always happens in fashion, the power of celebrity prevailed and the luxury brands caved.

This marked the official birth of athleisure – a trend that is a mixture of athletic and leisure wear, and one that is changing and evolving every day.

Then came the millennials again


Millennials are often mentioned as one of the driving forces behind the major shifts that are happening in the corporate world. Not only are they changing the career game in terms of wanting to work for a company with a purpose and one that shares their values, but they also want to work in an environment that has ‘loosened the strings’ in terms of dress code, and many companies have actually listened. It’s not like we can go into most offices in yoga pants just yet, but things have certainly changed. Even people such as Debra Bar, the head of marketing at Bank Leumi in New York, has ‘purged her closet of business suits, replacing them with colorful dresses that she enjoys wearing more. Her heels are gathering dust in a desk drawer while she dons flat shoes, and even sneakers, since injuring her knee, and no one seems to care. In fact, she simply gets complimented on the way she looks. If the Wall Street is open to change, everyone is.

The industry completes the circle



If you look at the recent collections by famous designers, you will notice that comfortable is the perfect way to describe even some of the haute couture lines. There is less constriction; hoodies, crocs, sneakers, they’re all present on the runways, and even the glamorous dresses have taken on a new shape, allow for more movement and provide that general ‘feel good’ vibe. So yes, there is now an inextricable link between comfort and fashion. Don’t expect the runways to be overflowing with tracksuits just yet, but at least comfort is a part of the industry, a part of the conversation, and that is a pretty good start.

Empowering Fashion Choices

image1 (3).jpg

No matter what people may say, this decade is all about female empowerment and helping women feel great in their own skin, and we can all agree that it can be a quite challenging and extensive task. However, no one says that it’s impossible to accomplish, and one way to successfully do that is through your fashion choices. Just keep on reading if you want to learn how to get it done, because we have four amazing tips on how to achieve that. Check them out and enjoy!

Enough with the torture – put your comfort first

Helping women feel comfortable in their own skin is an essential aspect of empowerment, which is exactly why women from all across the globe are changing the rules of fashion and adjusting them according to their own standards. Remember chief Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy who fiercely ditched her high heels and proudly chose her old hospital crocs that were against the rules? Well, that’s exactly what you should look up to if you want to put your comfort before anything else. Yes, people have always been telling us that high heels are a symbol of femininity and elegance, but you 

Helping women feel comfortable in their own skin is an essential aspect of empowerment, which is exactly why women from all across the globe are changing the rules of fashion and adjusting them according to their own standards. Remember chief Miranda Bailey from Grey’s Anatomy who fiercely ditched her high heels and proudly chose her old hospital crocs that were against the rules? Well, that’s exactly what you should look up to if you want to put your comfort before anything else. Yes, people have always been telling us that high heels are a symbol of femininity and elegance, but you know what? There are a lot of fashionable yet feet-friendly flats out there, so pick them and you certainly won’t regret it!


image3 (5).jpg

Come up with elegant yet comfy corporate outfits for all occasions

Speaking of your outfits appropriate for the business environment, we should say that the corporate dress code has already started to loosen up a little bit. However, there are still some unwritten rules you should follow when picking your professional work attire, which is particularly important in big companies with a strict dress code. If you’re one of those ladies who always love to show that they really mean business both when it comes to their jobs and to their personal life, you should definitely choose a powerful suit. No matter which style you opt for – from fitted monochromatic ones to oversized checkered suits – you surely won’t make a mistake. And why is that? Well, mostly because suits look quite bold and edgy as they’re inspired by menswear; however, these are adjusted in accordance with the feminine silhouette, which is why they look even more powerful and stunning.

Make up your own rules

image2 (3).jpg

A lot of ladies often claim that fashion is a great tool when it comes to making them feel more confident and powerful, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they follow its rules blindly. On the contrary, empowerment is all about self-assurance and making up your own rules, which is exactly what you should do if you want to feel as comfortable as possible in your own skin. For example, if wearing white jeans with wide straight legs is your thing, you should definitely wear them no matter what other people may say. The same goes for any other garment, so don’t be afraid to experiment with trends and make up your own rules if that’s your cup of tea, because it’s exactly what empowerment is about.

Always opt for a statement piece that elevates the whole combo

image4 (3).jpg

If you’re a huge fan of monochromatic clothing combos, but you still need an extra oomph that’s missing, we strongly recommend incorporating one statement piece into your overall outfit in order to elevate it in the best possible way. For example, accessorizing is definitely a fantastic way to accomplish that task, so be sure to choose the right pair of shoes and a matching bag in the first place. Even though bright colors like hot pink, turquoise blue, and fiery yellow aren’t really appropriate in the formal business environment, you can always pick your accessories that feature such shades and therefore upgrade your overall corporate look.

Needless to say, getting a designer bag is definitely one of the best choices you can make, especially if you pick a versatile piece you’ll be able to match with literally anything from your wardrobe. Even though these can be quite pricey, you should know that such bags are a fantastic investment simply because they will send a powerful message and show everyone that you really mean business – both in your professional and your private life!

As you can see, there are a lot of amazing ways to get empowered through your fashion choices, so remember to always pick your outfits wisely if you want to feel as comfortable as possible in your own skin. Besides that, these tips will help you look extremely stylish and trendy at the same time, too, so bear them in mind and you’ll see a fabulous improvement in the blink of an eye!



Australian Girls' Beauty Secrets


We all love and admire the Asian ladies who have somehow tricked the universe to stop time in their part of the world and remain radiant for decades. Then there are the equally impeccable beauties from Scandinavia whose piercing blue eyes and incredible fitness levels keep the rest of us in awe. However, the laid-back, flawless Aussie girls are an even greater mystery with their tip-top complexion and beachy style.

If you’re too far to travel all the way Down Under, then you can perhaps let some of this country’s beauty spirit come to you through their best-kept beauty hacks. Let’s see what we can do to follow in their lovely footsteps!

Sun-safe every day



If anyone knows the importance of sun protection, that would be Australian women who spend most of their time soaked in sun, whether it’s on the beach, or on their way to the office to nail the next client pitch. However, even if you don’t live in such a sunny land, any exposure can do some damage to your skin and lead to premature signs of ageing, not to mention other dangers of harmful radiation.

When in doubt, ask your beauty-loving Sydneysider and they’ll tell you that some of their tried and tested Sydney-loved favorites include brands such as La Roche-Posay and Clinique among others. If you want to prevent skin cancer, early wrinkles, spots, sunburn, uneven skin tone, or any other skin irritation, this is a must in your purse for every day.

Wave-inspired locks



For naturally curly gals among you, kudos on such amazing hair, we hope you’re doing it justice with proper care and nourishment! On the other hand, the rest of us mere mortals who want to achieve the same beachy effect, there are a few simple tricks to keep in mind.

For example, you can use the Beachwaver Pro for that effortless look and feel, and it’s best paired with a quality shampoo and conditioner to keep your precious locks sun-safe and prevent dryness or split ends. A touch of a styling product can be more than enough if your hair is obedient, so you can squish those locks in place in no time!

Flaunt your pearly whites


antony-sastre-631199-unsplash (2).jpg

In addition to their amazing bronze tan, beautiful blond mane, and stunning blue eyes, Aussie gals are also well-known for their drop-dead-gorgeous smile! They take care of their lovely teeth in several ways, from basic hygiene, all the way to regular trips to the dentist and keeping those teeth clean and white.

However, these dedicated ladies tend to go a few steps further in their dental care, so using porcelain veneers in Melbourne and other major cities has become one of the Aussie-favorite ways to not only “hide” stains and imperfections but prevent them as well! These dental covers are extremely helpful when it comes to providing extra teeth strength, but they also provide a natural white look to give you a truly extraordinary smile!

Think oily

You’d be surprised by the number and diversity of facial and entire-body oils can be found in an Aussie’s beauty repertoire. Despite living in such an arid climate, when we know that it’s best to use lightweight moisturizers, Australian women have found a few oily alternatives that provide insanely great results. A local favorite is their Emu oil, ideal for swelling and minor imperfections, and they love to use Tea Tree oil to fend those insects off in the evening.

Then there’s their wrinkle-fighter, also known as rosehip oil, which is exceptionally light on the skin and won’t clog your pores. There are a whole variety of oil mixes designed to treat various skin issues, from putting off those ageing signs, all the way to treating irritation and keeping your skin hydrated and elastic. Find your favorites and use them to cherish your pores!

Nourish from within



Australian women have a distinct preference for healthy foods, and their culture cultivates diversity and ample options to stay healthy and beautiful, from within. Simply put, ladies choose the best and the most helpful ingredients in their meals with their beauty in mind – that is why they love their antioxidant-packed berries, and omega-3-rich seafood choices.

They also know how to steer clear of those addictive nasties such as refined sugar and junk food, because they know these bites are only a zit-attack waiting to happen. It’s all about commitment, so learn from the best to tailor your own perfect menu!


So, there you have, ladies, try to introduce these Aussie beauty tips into your own routine, and do your best to discover what gives you those coveted results. With a bit of imagination and consistency, and your skin and hair will love you for the Aussie-inspired effort!


Thirst Trap

Praise to Rihanna.

She has done it again. Besides making the Met Gala look damn good, best clap backs, summer hits, slayin in the beauty industry she just added a new lingerie line.

Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 8.13.05 PM.png

Fenty Beauty has been an eye-opener in the beauty industry. She has showcase a beauty line that can be used for all complexions in the mainstream beauty industry. It has been praised by critics, beauty insiders, and fans for its diverse collection. 

Now Rihana is here to show us how to do lingerie RIGHT.

Let me honest; I am not a huge lingerie fan. Its a struggle for me to find bras that fit right and I am the girl who loves to sleep in a big shirt to bed. Well, things have changed, I legit almost spent most of my paycheck for this new lingerie collection. 

Welcome to the world, Savage X Fenty. It's not just another lingerie brand it a lifestyle. This line is for all sizes, complexions, needs, summer nights and anything your imagination will take you. (hint the handcuffs). 

You can be any size in this lingerie and shake that ass in the mirror and still look like a snack.  Rihanna inspires women to embrace their extra curves, your little booty, beautiful hips, thigh gaps while singing ‘Rude Boy.’ 

We finally have lingerie that can fit every woman needs. Finally, a nude bra that can match every complexion instead of the primary ‘standard’ nude bra. We now have options. 

Here are my favorite looks:

Is Savage X Fenty our generation new lingerie lifestyle brand? 

Avoid These Outdated Makeup Trends That May Make You Look Older Than You Really Are

The best part of makeup is how it can help you disguise what you want to hide. Those dark circles from a too-late night or worrying about a sick child? Makeup can help perk you up. The uneven tone from some early adolescent hours spent in the sun, unprotected, makeup can help smooth that out, too. 

    But sometimes the makeup trick you want to work, how those products and techniques can help you look younger, turn out to work the opposite trick and make you look older. That’s why it’s important to understand what’s happening, and what to avoid. 

    For example, the wrong foundation can be a dead giveaway to older-looking skin. That includes too much or too little foundation, or simply the wrong color. Instead, you need to find a tone that really matches your skin color. What else matters? This graphic can explain it and help.

Fashion Must-Haves for Spring and Summer Season

image 1 (1).jpg

These two are probably the favorite seasons of a vast majority of people. The sun, the anticipation of the summer holidays, the splash of color that enters our wardrobes – what’s not to love? The collections brilliant designers have presented on the runways for these seasons are absolutely amazing, and it’s difficult to choose which trend to give a go. We have done our due diligence in bringing you some of the absolute must-own pieces and all you have to do is pick the ones that call your name. You know that feeling, right – when you see an item and it’s almost like it’s speaking to you, whispering ‘take me, I’m so you’. Well, we dare you to limit yourself to just one, because with a plethora of choices, each more brilliant than the other, you’ll find yourself almost perplexed.

Give it up for the Color of the Year

image 2 (1).jpg

Every year the Pantone Color Institute releases a report on the color of the year. Given the social and political climate, the fact that the choice came down to Ultra Violet doesn’t come as a surprise. Aside from making a powerful statement about issues and representing hope and a commitment to grandeur and excellence, this color is just plain stunning and makes a strong impact however you wear it. It’s a bold choice, so if you’re not ready to go with something like a metallic violet dress, there is always a more subtle way to make your outfit pop, one of them being a great bag. Since the current trends are inclined towards solid and geometric shapes, we suggest a bold round crossbody bag that will enrich even the most casual of outfits.

A Tough Choice

image 3 (1).jpg

With both minimalism and maximalism engaging in what can only be described as a fashion clash of the titans, picking the ‘it’ shoe is a really tough choice. The new line by Tom Ford suggests that the animal print is back, and pointed-toe shoes with a snake or leopard pattern can look incredibly chic with an outfit that is otherwise composed of neutral hues. They’re edgy and give you just the right amount of confidence and trendiness, plus, fast fashion retailers such as Zara have already come out with their own versions of the shoe so you don’t even have to break the bank to be on point. However, there is the white boot and shoe trend that has no intention of surrendering, and given the fact that a non-color can bring such pizzazz to an outfit, it’s a really tough call. As someone once said – when in doubt, be generous, so if you can afford it, treat yourself to both.

The Cool Factor

image 4 (1).jpg

If supermodels like Bella and Gigi have taught us anything, it’s that even the most casual or even sporty of outfits can be brought to new heights with the use of mighty specs. Of course, the nature-loving and protection-obsessed women of Australia have been rocking sunglasses for ages, and Australia is one of the few countries to actually have a sunglass standard, which is why Aussie girls make it their business to pay a visit to their go-to optometrist in Burwood, where they can find not only in the coolest frames but the best lenses as well. Staying cool and trendy is great, but make sure you choose your specs taking the protective factor into account, even if it means you invest in one pair only.

An Eternal Must-Have

image 5 (1).jpg

Assuming you already own the edgy fashion chameleon that is the leather moto jacket, it’s time to invest in something that also possesses a timeless quality – a great trench coat. Such powerhouses like Burberry have made it their business to never let the trench go out of style, but if you’re looking for elegance with a twist, there are now PVC, patent leather, deconstructed and even embroidered versions of the cult classic garment that will allow you to be even trendier, and dare we say, edgier. The spring weather can be shifty, but you’ll be there to weather the spring storms in style.

Still Mad About It

image 6 (1).jpg

We are very grateful to see that the plaid trend isn’t going anywhere. An oversized double-breasted plaid blazer is the obvious choice, as it allows you to play with different styles and create super versatile looks. You can wear it with a belt in a bright color like Carolina Herrera taught us for a more polished and chic look, or you can take the athleisure route and pair it with cool jeans and a hoodie. If blazers aren’t really your thing, there are high-rise pants and pencil and pleated skirts, so just take your pick, but don’t let your wardrobe be deprived of something plaid.

Speaking of Athleisure

There is no way you can get your trendy swag on without a cool hoodie. Now, we know that the choices are endless, but in light of the fact that the color-blocking trend is up and about again, we definitely suggest a splash of color when it comes to this piece. You’ll basically be killing two fashion birds with one stone – color-blocking and athleisure. The best part, with a piece as colorful and poignant as this one, you don’t even have to put much effort into the rest of the look because the hoodie will say it all.

We’re well aware that a hard choice is in front of you, so just close your eyes, listen to your style persona and go with the pieces that truly call out to you and that will allow you to remain true to your style while still being on trend.


Scarlet Gratton

Scarlet is a passionate writer, interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

How Does Your Style Affect Your Success?

Just like actions speak louder than words, which is cliché for a good reason, your style of choice is worth more to your potential employer or future client than any promise you make.

As a key part of your non-verbal communication, your wardrobe plays a pivotal role in defining your reputation, the famous first impression, and how others will continue to perceive you in the work you do.

To quote yet another classy cliché, you truly need to dress for success, no matter your field of work or level of expertise. In order to create the perfect professional dress code that still leaves room for a personal touch or two, let’s see how you can master the art of dressing up for the sake of your career.

Neatness before price


Although a fashion enthusiast will spot the difference between a fake and a real Gucci purse, brands and price tags have little to do with the impact your appearance can have in business. Sure, they might be impressed by your choice, but it will have no relevance to the impression you leave, especially if what you’re wearing isn’t spotless.

And by spotless, we don’t mean just free of marks and blemishes, but with no wrinkles, loose buttons and threads, free of anything that might signal a messy, disheveled persona hiding behind a fancy suit. A “brandless” blazer and a pencil skirt that suit you well can be a more appropriate solution that an entire seemingly elegant pantsuit ensemble that is shabby despite its quality.

Accessorizing with style



There are divas out there who will be tempted to embellish their regular work attire with a slew of lovely gems and jewels, just to keep things lively and in their own style. However, the office doesn’t typically appreciate a flashy approach, so little can go a long way to achieve the same authenticity goal.

For instance, a pair of classy ladies’ shoes can instantly elevate your entire look, especially when they combine a basic nude shade and an accent one for effect. Solid hues still work well with floral blouses and fringed bags, but you can also go for a fun texture such as suede or velvet. When it comes to your baubles, pick less conspicuous earrings such as studs, or a delicate layered necklace for a crisp white shirt. Of course, the red lip is always welcome, even in the world of business!

Makeup or nude?


While we’re on the subject of lips and tints, you might be wondering what elements of your makeup kit are welcome in the office, and which ones you should leave for your night out. First of all, a touch of the right makeup is more than welcome, since studies have shown that you are perceived as more competent and likeable with it.

Since just a dab will help you look refreshed, stick to a bit of blush, mascara, and steer clear of too much dark-toned eye-makeup. These bold looks are more appropriate for cocktail parties, not the office. Anything neutral and skin-toned such as pale pink or nude looks wonderful, just make sure that it fits your overall look.  

Size does matter



Even if you do work in a casual office where jeans and sneaks are the go-to meeting attire, leave your oversized sweaters at home. Apparently, what you wear has the ability to affect your cognitive processes and your mood, so those who feel unhappy tend to stick to their comfy college hoodies, while on a good day, they’d opt for well-tailored garments.

Trick your own mind into feeling better and working better, by putting on a combo that will inspire you to take action – and that massive pullover can only put you in instant hibernation mode. Form-fitting, but not to tight, and definitely not too short or revealing is the best option for your day at the office to increase your productivity and create the right image!

Colors for confidence



Just like colors affect our mood, they have the power to boost our confidence. For instance, wearing something red can inspire you to take initiative, or express yourself more assertively, since it’s considered a color of power and domination.

However, it’s important to have a low-key palette that you can wear every day, with a few accent pieces in bolder shades, including red, purple (or ultra violet for 2018, according to Pantone), green, and royal blue. Of course, you can opt for a whole range of other colors, as long as you’re skilled at mixing and matching efficiently


Beauty Choices You Might Regret

We are slowly but surely becoming obsessed with the way we look. And it’s hard not to be since we are bombarded from all sides by images of what we’re supposed to look like.

And while it’s perfectly fine for anyone to seek out different procedures, products and ways to make themselves look however they imagine their best selves, the outside influences often push people to do procedures that aren’t completely safe and that can possibly have lifelong consequences. So, what are these mistakes that you might regret in the long run and how to make sure you don’t actually make them?


Changing hair color

skin (4).jpg

It seems that every new season brings a new tone for our hair that would suit us just perfectly. Or perhaps it’s the new celebrity who is breaking down the walls by having electric blue hair? We all have phases when we want to change our appearance to look more like what we imagine ourselves to be, but the trend of rapidly changing hair color can leave your hair damaged, weak and falling out. If you do choose to dye your hair – and especially if you are bleaching it – make sure you are using generous creams and masks to nourish it. It would be best to go to a professional hair salon and let them do it, because they will use high-quality dyes, make sure your hair is able to take it.


Brows and lashes

For who-knows-what reason, we really like to experiment with the hair on our bodies. But the problem is that trends come and go as fast as celebrities on social media. But while most of the hair on our body will naturally grow back after a while, if you constantly remove it from a certain place, it just won’t come back. So, if you were a part of the late 90s and early 2000s ultra-thin eyebrow trend, you’re probably now having trouble growing back enough hairs for one regular brow – not to mention achieving a full, bold brow that is so popular right now. Similarly, we usually want to extend our lashes as far as they go. And, today, we have the option of extending our eyelashes and having them look perfect from the moment we wake up. But, it takes a toll, and when the false extensions come off, you will find yourself with shorter lashes than ever, and it will take a long time and a lot of care to regain their previous length.


Fillers and procedures

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Cosmetic surgery definitely has a place in today’s world, but with the rise in popularity of different procedures, brought to the spotlight by celebrities and influencers, more and more people are going for it blindly. And there are serious risks of having any procedure done in an environment that isn’t professional and the medical staff isn’t fully trained. And why are we so obsessed? Experts say that lip fillers are so popular due to social media filters, which allow us to see our faces with all of these enhanced features, such as full lips, large eyes and perfectly clear skin. To make sure your procedure doesn’t backfire, do your research on the clinics, procedures and potential risks, and pay special attention to the procedures which are irreversible. For example, on Medisculpt clinic's website, you can find answers to some patients’ questions and get specifics on some procedures before you book the consultation.



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Body art has seen a massive surge in popularity in the past few years, with more and more people of all ages – and especially younger ones – getting tattooed all over their bodies. And while some stay true to their choices and cherish their tattoos forever, others realize that they might have rushed into it without thinking about it being a permanent thing. If you don’t have any tattoos and are considering getting one, try imagining yourself with the tattoo for a while first: either by drawing it on yourself every day or by photoshopping it onto a picture and placing it as your phone background. Only when you are sure you won’t get bored of it and change your mind, you can go ahead with the design. Do thorough research to find a good artist and be prepared to pay a lot of money for good quality tattoo.


While some of these are reversible processes with effects that will disappear with some time, effort and funds, some of them are completely permanent, so before you do any procedure or treatment to make yourself more beautiful, think twice about whether it’s worth the risk.

Newest Ways to Show Your Skin Some Love

We are bombarded from all sides by the media telling us that there is a certain way our bodies should look.

But, in reality, nobody can reach that impossible standard, because it is entirely made up and heavily photoshopped. It’s important to remember that every single person is beautiful, and that someone else’s beauty doesn’t take away from your own. However, it’s perfectly fine to have your own idea of how you want to look and feel in your body, and the beauty industry is there to help you out. So what are the newest trends in body care and what are all the ways we can pamper ourselves this year?


Inclusive makeup


Finally, every person, no matter their skin color, can find the shade that perfectly matches their skin. The archaic excuses of “dark doesn’t sell” are no longer valid, proven by the major success of Rihanna’s new inclusive makeup brand. Whether you want to find the perfect concealer, foundation or nude lipstick, they’ve got you covered. It’s a great step towards making beauty and style available to everyone, and an open letter to people of all skin tones, saying, “Welcome, we’ve missed you”.



There are few things more relaxing than a spa day, especially if you don’t even have to leave the house to do it. And this year is bringing us more of that. There are more and more masks developed for us to enjoy – and they’re not just limited to the face, either. Specialized masks for the neck, chest, and arms are all hitting the market, allowing you to have a truly tailored experience. Of course, they come in all varieties and treat different things, from aging lines and dehydrated skin to blackheads and pigmentation issues. When choosing a mask, make sure it’s good quality and dermatologically tested, so you know it’s feeding your skin instead of hurting it.


Face treatments

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We put a lot of care into making the skin on our face appear – and more importantly, be – healthy and glowing. And there have been some breakthroughs in this area as well. Laser skin care has been one of the leading innovations, as it is a non-invasive way to treat a lot of skin issues, as well as remove any unwanted hair, leaving your skin beautifully smooth. Some laser clinics in Sydney already offer this service to their clients. Another method that has turned quite a few heads is micro needling: a process where microscopic wounds are made on the skin to trigger the body’s natural healing process and help it regenerate and fix up other problems on the skin as well.


Bespoke makeup & skincare

Everyone is beautifully unique and their own person, so it’s quite a crazy notion that the same makeup will suit everyone. And while we’ve had products for different skin types for a long time, there is so much more to different skin types than normal/dry/oily/combination. Well, the time of custom-made skincare is here. Yes, it’s pricey, and it might not be a perfect match on the first go, but when you do find that perfect item, it will all be worth it.

Oils are the new best friend


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We’ve spent a good few years trying to get oils as far away from our face as possible. But new research has confirmed: oils are what we’ve been missing. But oil clogs your pores and makes you all oily and shiny?! Not really: the new way to cleanse your skin is by using oil cleansers, which, despite sounding completely ridiculous, do wonders with both removing makeup and hydrating your skin. No wonder the best DIY makeup remover is pure olive oil. And when you’re done with that, the next step is a daily face oil, there to heal, hydrate and protect your skin. But don’t take our word for it, try them yourself and then apologize to oils for hating on them all those years.

And now, armed with an arsenal of new information, technologies and products, it’s time to show your skin some serious love. Remember that it doesn’t matter how other tell you to need to look: it’s your body and you’re the only one that makes the rules and sets the standards. So go out there and look like the best you that the world has ever seen.

How to Match Your Fashion Choices to Your Body Type

First of all, no matter your physique and body shape, we know that you already own an entire selection of dresses, jeans and sweaters that make you feel incredible about yourself, comfortable, and they serve their purpose – and they don’t need to be replaced.

However, getting to know your body and finding the best fashion features to emphasize what you love most about yourself can be handy in creating your style.

That said, remember that few of us look exactly like the shapes we use for reference, from the famous hourglass, all the way to a banana – we’re all somewhere in between, whether your waist is just a tad wider than your shoulders, or your legs are long and curvy, but your shoulders pop as well. All of that makes you unique and lets you find fun ways to tailor your fashionable self-expression!


Slim legs and a heavier middle


The closest shape that would describe you would be an apple, and since your waist might not have that slender curve, the best way to go is to focus on bringing out your lovely gams and maximizing your shoulders. This will help make your waist look more proportionate to the rest of your body, and you’ll still have plenty of room to play with your look!

Consider adding flowy kaftan to your wardrobe, which will give your upper body a more elongated appearance, while dresses and skirts with asymmetrical lengths can also divert attention from your midsection. Try to avoid using belts, waistbands and high waisted pants, simply because they add volume to your tummy, while well-fitted clothes made of softer fabrics give you plenty of wiggle room.


Hips wider than shoulders


So many lovely divas such as Rihanna and Beyoncé proudly strut their tailfeather, and you can even rely on some of their own outfit choices to make the most of your shape. Whenever possible, you can do your best to bring out your shoulders, with off-shoulder tunics and dresses, especially if they have some flare at the bottom part, to let your curves balance out your look.

When summer comes, spaghetti straps and tastefully bringing out your cleavage can also do wonders for your figure, while chunky necklaces, layered jewelry, and other upper body details will give more substance to your style. Rich patterns such as florals and animal print are an excellent way to shift the focus to your hips, while colorblocking can also be used to achieve a similar effect!  




The perks of this figure are ample, just like, most typically, your lovely bosom and your hips, but depending on your overall shape, it can be tricky to style. The key guideline to keep in mind is that you can always focus on emphasizing your narrow waist, and the rest will come together more easily. Stylish pencil skirts and high waisted pants and jeans help accentuate your curves, while wearing wrapped dresses, belts and other details to direct attention to your midsection will look wonderful all around.

You can think in a similar manner when it comes to more revealing options during summer, as a Brazilian-style bikini will perfectly follow the natural curves of your body. Fitted jumpsuits (which are all the rage this season), form-fitting long dresses and high waisted jeans paired with tight tees will fully accentuate your figure. All sorts of knots, bands, belts and bows are more than welcome around your waist!


Shoulders, waist and hips in line


When you don’t have than many curves to flaunt, and your measurements are roughly the same all over, then you’re closest to what’s called a rectangular shape, or in fruit terms, a banana. Think Natalie Portman and Nicole Kidman, both of whom are gorgeous, but their distinct body shape has taught them to dress smart. That means that just like hourglass-shaped gals, you should focus on your middle to create curves even if there are none!

Avoid sharp cuts both for your neckline and your waist, and add more round cuts such as V and cowl neck, and a high-waist everything will give you a better-defined middle segment. Shirts and tunics should be cut in such a manner that there’s some extra flare below the bustline, so as to create the illusion of greater shoulder-width. You can also work with tops that have different lengths in the back and the front, because a few more inches to the back of your dresses and shirts also adds volume to your shoulders and gives some flow for creating a nice waistline.

Must-Haves for My Everyday Make-up Routine

Hey, ladies a while back I gave you my skincare routine for sensitive skin and I thought I would show you the must-haves for my daily makeup look. As we are transitioning into the fall season away goes my CC cream and, out comes my liquid foundation. 

After cleansing my face, I slather on Lush's Magical Moringa, it acts as a moisturizer and primer. It's soft to the touch but has this magical powdery finish. Since my eye look is extremely simple, I go ahead and line my waterline and tight line with MAC's Carbon eyeshadow. 


Moving onto color correcting with Urban Decay's Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid in Deep Peach. I blend it under my eyes to camouflage my dark circles and bags. Lorac's Sheer Porefection Foundation is a newbie to the mix, but it leaves my skin with a dewy finish even in the winter. The coverage is light to medium but it is buildable. After blending the shade tan in until it is flawless, I then dab Urban Decay's Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer under my eyes to highlight and add dimension to my face.

Bake away with Tarte's Smooth Operator to mattify and melt the makeup together. Then onto contouring my cheekbones with Anastasia Beverly Hills' Contour in Espresso and around my forehead. I'm about to really start glowing by placing Benefit's What's Up on the bridge of my nose as well as the high points of my cheekbone. Layer and blend Too Faced's Love Light Prismatic Highlighter in Ray of Light (rose gold) onto the high points for a bit of dimension and added glow. The trick is to blend and then I place my blush, MAC's Sheertone Shimmer Blush in Peachtwist in between my highlight and contour. 


Finish the look with my eyebrows, filling them in ever so slightly with Benefit's Brow Zings Tame and Shape Kit in 5 Deep and shaping with a spooley brush. Building up the drama with Maybelline's The Falsies Push-Up Drama mascara. Topping off my look with one of my new favorite liquid lipsticks NARS' Powermatte Lip Pigment in London Calling, a muted purple. 


Wait! Don't forget your beautiful teeth! Having bright and beautiful pearly whites are important to finish off any makeup look! To finish off your look a quick touch up with my teeth whitening pen! I am in love with my Pearly Whites Pen

My Pearly Whites Pen is the perfect way to get rid of the coffee stains made by my coffee addition in the morning. Make sure to grab one! 

Let me know what some of your favorites are!

Lemons, are not just for Lemonade

There are tons of beauty secrets out there, but mine is lemon. I know there was a trend to rub lemon all over your face, however, the high acidity is too harsh for your skin. So, that is a complete no. 

We know the health and beauty benefits of drinking lemon water, but did you know that lemon also clarifies impurities, brightens, strengthens and exfoliates the skin?

Here are a few of my favorite beauty secrets using lemons:

Lip Scrub: Add a few drops of lemon oil to raw sugar and honey to soften and exfoliate your lips. This will leave your lips soft and supple. Just remember to add your favorite balm to keep maintain them.

Skin Brightener: Lemon juice is a natural skin brightener and rich in Vitamin C and citric acid that helps brighten skin over time. Remember to always use SPF after the lemon treatment because it leaves your skin more susceptible to UV rays.

Dandruff Treatment: I suffer from dandruff and am always looking for something to do the trick. Mix some drops of lemon juice with tea tree oil and coconut oil and massage it into your scalp. Leave the mixture in overnight and wash out all the residue in the morning for a healthy, clean and moisturized scalp.

Facial Clarifying Toner: Add the lemon juice to rose water as a natural toner to clarify your face from all the toxins. The ascorbic acid in the lemon can also reduce signs of aging. 

Acne Treatment: Take a half refrigerated lemon and add a couple of drops of honey. Rub this on your troubled acne spots, the lemon is a natural astringent that reduces the redness and pimple size. The honey soothes and moisturizes the troubled spots for clearer skin.

Bonus tip try drying out the lemon peel and grinding it to a fine powder. Mix it with some coarse sugar and sweet almond oil to make an excellent body scrub. 

What are some of your favorite beauty skin treatments?

My Week at #NYFW

The first week in February began as an intense journey as I navigated my way through NYFW. If you have been following our Instastories you got a glimpse to this world. Many of the times I was backstage, shuffling from one show to another or meeting some new friends. During this week, I saw a total of seven shows, all different in presentation, runway, aesthetic and style. 


Monday, February 5th


Ovadia & Sons 

Irving Plaza nightclub served as the backdrop for this nostalgic punk collection. The Ovadia twins gave a nod to their New York roots reminiscent of concerts they have attended in the past. Rendered with their signature leopard, plaid and, bold retro graphic prints, denim, red and mustard hues in a mixture of trousers, overcoats, hoodies and leather jackets gives reference to their thrift store roots. The addition of muted knits adds a fresh break into this rock 'n' roll vibe.



Thursday, February 8th


Manhattan Knights

Stark white in the middle of reconstruction the models looked like they crashed the penthouse. In a presentation style, there were four clusters of models in provocative, urban and fresh clothing. Vibing to nostalgic 90s hip hop music, the crowd was riddled with enthusiasm with the sheerness, graphic printed tops and street style nature of the collection. The signature 'Just Don't' was featured on t-shirts, sweatshirts and pants as well as the sly addition of 'Fuck Outta Here' on polos. The lines of femininity and masculinity were blurred with some androgynous looks with skirts, sheer tops, chains, and clear plastic.


Saturday, February 10th


Dan Liu

Dan Liu's The Spy Who Loved Me F/W 2018 Collection had a retro 1960s and 1970s feel. As the all too familiar James Bond theme song played in Spring Studios, these strong women strutted down the runway in classic a-line silhouettes accessorized with black sunglasses and white scarves draped around their head. They were mysterious and the clothes were in understated colors and spurts of floral prints, polka dot patterns, leather and lace detailing. The show started off strong, however near the end there were odd mixes of knits and lace that didn't speak to the same strong woman from the first look. 

Source: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Dan Liu



In the heart of the Meatpacking District at the Standard Hotel, a modern and sleek hotel KUHO's F/W 2018 Presentation was in the midst. Matching the luxe of the hotel to the collection, it felt as though I stepped into the middle of a photoshoot with make-up artists, hair stylists, photographers and creative directors buzzing around. The oversized wool overcoats were statements to rival all other looks. There was a sense of two separate, but cohesive collections, one for the daytime and the other evening. The evening looks had glimmers of sheen, metallic and sequins skirts and dresses while the daytime looks were ridden with neutrals creams, browns and burgundy in a sleek casual yet, cool silhouette.



Han Wen

Models were thrown into the ring at the Overthrow Underground Boxing Club for Han Wen's F/W 2018 presentation. A cohesive collection featuring sleek silhouettes with garments filled with slits, elongated straps and accessorized with belted bags or Han Wen caution tape. The underground feel of the location went with the boxer aesthetic of the garments. The structured trench coats had precise cutouts giving the collection an edgy feel to a traditional silhouette. 


Sunday, February 11th



Amongst all the excitement at Industria Studios, new comer brand Ennluap showcased a collection solidifying her mark at NYFW. I had a chance to briefly chat with the designer, Amanda Williamson about her collection as she filled it with flirty and feminine a-line silhouettes, heavy fabrics like jacquard and brocade inspired by English fashion. As we spoke about her inspiration for the silhouettes, prints and fabrics we also discussed the importance of plus size representation in NYFW. I was slightly disappointed when I didn't see a plus size model on her runway however, she did inform me the model did cancel at the last minute. The collection was fresh and ready to wear right off the runway and speaks to the contemporary woman. The show-stopping finale piece was a short floral jacquard burgundy dress perfect for the fall season. 

Source: Alana Beyer/The Washington Square News


Lujin Zhang

Reimagining pop surrealist art, Lujin Zhang filled the runway with a bright and whimsical color palette. The generously oversized men-inspired fashion had a twist featuring a sheer trench coat, metallic, velvet, felt and reflective fabrics and structured pieces. The ornate details of floral felt earrings and asymmetric collars also played well and the crowd smiled with delight as children's fashion was introduced on the runway too. 

images courtesy of Lujin Zhang


Overall it was an amazing yet exhausting time. I did partake in some of the festivities at Spring Studios (the main site for NYFW ) like taking pictures at the Tresemmé booth, grabbing some freebies and a drink before heading off to the next show. I am still recovering from NYFW, but I look forward to the next season. Maybe one day I'll get to jet-set and see the shows in London, Paris, and Milan as well. 

Let me know what fashion house you would love to see.

6 Dos & Don'ts For Waxing Down There Your First Time

So I know we've all thought about it at one point or another.

Some of us have taken the plunge into getting regular bikini waxes and have never looked back. While others have wondered yet haven't gotten up the nerve to do it. Well ladies I'm here to make this experience just a little more comfortable especially if you're thinking about getting your lady bits waxed for the first time. 

Here are some Dos and Don'ts.




Girl are you crazy! Have you not seen the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's where Khole tries to wax herself for Lamar with an at home waxing kit? Umm it didn't turn out well to say the least and it looked extremely painful. Please ladies be smart and leave this type of waxing up to the professionals. Wax your own legs, arms, eyebrows, or whatever but leave your vagina alone.


So I don't know about you but I'm not about to Groupon a random bikini waxing spot just to save a few bucks. My lady business means more to me than to have a rando down there not knowing what they are doing. In my eyes if you're going to do this type of waxing you might as well spend the money to make sure you are at a place that is reputable. Do your research, ask some friends, or hell yelp the damn place. Make sure you are comfortable with the establishment you choose.  


Seems like a no brainer right?! Wrong. Some people will shave a week or a few days prior to getting waxed. Don't do that. Obviously your hair has to be long enough for the wax to adhere in order for it to work. The general rule of thumb for first time waxing is that your hair be about 1/2 inch long. Another thing to remember if you're use to shaving down there is that you're skin may be a little more sensitive in the fact that the redness that happens after waxing may last just a little longer. This happened to my sister, an avid shaver, when I took her to get waxed for the first time.




I promise you will thank me for it later! This one factor was key to me even trying waxing at all. I've heard so many horror stories from other friends who would go get waxed for their wedding and they would always tell me, "Never the f*uck again!" Come to find out it's different if you go to a place like the European Wax Center. In which they use wax NOT strips to complete the process. Trust me this is 1,000 times better because the wax only adheres to the hair and not the skin, unlike waxing with strips which takes your hair and the top layer of skin with it. Plus the European Wax Center refers to their method as the "Comfort Wax System" so you know it's not that bad.


This is more of a tip for afterwards. Through my own experience I found it very helpful to exfoliate down there while in the shower. Just like you would exfoliate your face to remove dead skin that could clog pores you would want to do that down in your bikini region as well. Now I'm not saying exfoliate to the point of irritation but just enough to clean the area. If you do decide to go to the European Wax Center they do have products there that you can choose from that will help with exfoliation and in grown hair. However, I've bought and tried those products and they don't work all that well for me. This why I normally just use a small facial buff sponge and my Neutrogena Body Clear Body Wash which works fine.


I'm not about to lie to you and say this process is painless. However, I guarantee you that the pain isn't as bad as what you are thinking it will be. Trust me this is playing out way worse in your head. The first time will be the hardest just because you don't know what to expect but the good news is the more you do it the less and less it will hurt. I truly mean that because when the lady did my waxing for the first told me that same bit of info I thought she was trippin but it turned out to be fact. Obviously this all depends on your individual threshold for pain but I promise you've experienced more pain in your life than getting waxed.

in those jeans

 In those jeans not to be confused with by the hit song by Ginuwine In Those Jeans.

Jeans have been my favourite pair of clothing for decades. I have always been the girl who would instead put on some jeans than a dress. I am an avid jean lover. 

I believe that every girl should have at least two pairs of good fitting jeans in their collection. We all have those jeans that fit too perfect, let me lose 5 lbs jeans, too loose or the PERFECT fit. Once you find the perfect fit, I call it a true blessing.  I can remember my go-to PERFECT fit was my True Religions (2 Chainz for the culture) jeans in college. Oh, I wore those jeans out and once it was time to let go.  I couldn't find a new pair that fit the same again. 

I am not going lie to you at this moment, I have over 20 pairs of jeans in my closet, and most of them look alike. I am a jean hunter I can either save or cash out depending on the style I am looking for at the moment. 

My go-to outfit is a pair of good denim jeans and a shirt. You can never go wrong with jeans you can either dress them up or dress them down. (wow that sounds cliche). 

I love a good pair of distressed jeans. I use to love skinny jeans just because I have short legs and regular jeans flood on me. Currently, I am love with the Not Quite Skinny, Not Quite Straight jean look. 

I am also feeling the fringe look at the end of your jeans. It could be because I love me some messy but put together look all too well. 

I have four brands that I love to shop for jeans. They flatter my shape and makes me instantly look toned. It also gives me a little booty. These brands come in wide range of sizes that are perfect for any body type! 

My brands:



Urban Outfitters- bdg brand




What is your favourite brand of jeans?


I’ve been known to be “bold” and do things that makes ZERO sense to other people.

I’ve moved every 2 - 3 years living in New York City, Washington, D.C., Portland, OR, Boston, Massachusetts, back to my New Jersey hometown, and next up Southern California. I’ve quit my job without a plan TWICE. I’ve started my own online coaching business. This fall, I even purchased a ticket to Paris less than a week before getting there because I wanted to attend an event.

But I’d have to say, the boldest thing I’ve done yet was shave my head. Now I’m not talking part of my head, I’ve been there and done that. I’ve shaved the left side of my head, the right side of my head, both sides of my head, but on December 29, 2017, I shaved the whole enchilada. All of my hair GONE.

Shaved Head Post_NikkiNash (1).png

As a woman, it’s natural to be attached to my hair. Personally, I’ve tied it to my femininity and sex appeal. I’ve always been super attached to it. Even when I had a pixie cut. But after starting my own business and creating video content on a weekly if not daily basis I found the daily grind of doing my hair so that it was “video perfect” time consuming and frustrating. I even tested having less than the perfect hair on videos and let me tell you, it drove me nuts.

I started thinking about what it would be like to be able to wake up and have to do a minimal amount of work before I went on video. On a phone conversation with a friend, I shared how I wanted to try microblading my eyebrows and eyelash extensions as a means to cut time from my daily routine. Then all of a sudden I found myself saying, “The worst is doing my hair, I should shave it off.” My friend said, “you should, I bet it would look good on you”. The next thing I knew I was on Pinterest looking up photos of women who have buzzed their hair off and two days later I was telling my hairdresser that instead of our scheduled blow-dry appointment I wanted her to shave it all off.

“You want me to what?”, she said. Now keep in mind, deciding I wanted to do something new with my hair is not surprising to her. She’s shaved one side, both sides, dyed my hair blonde, cut it into a pixie, supported me when I went natural, the works. But I have to say, I shocked her on this one. “Are you sure?”, she asked. To which I replied, “yes, I decided two days ago and it still feels like a good decision to me”.

While I seemed confident in my answer, the truth is my mind was racing with “what if this looks terrible?”, “Can I really wear a hat all winter if I hate it?”, “Will guys still find me attractive?”, and so on. Next thing I knew the barber working in the station behind us said, “shave it right down the middle so there’s no turning back”, and before I knew it, chunks of my hair fell into my lap. There was no turning back.   

The truth about life is, we all have fears and doubts. When we want to start our own business, quit our jobs, and even cut our hair. There will be thoughts that feel like alarms screaming “WARNING, WARNING, THIS COULD END VERY BADLY”. It’s normal, a part of our brains don’t want us to experience pain in any way, shape, or form. But those thoughts keep us in a comfort zone. It keeps us doing things that are “okay” but aren’t freaking FANTASTIC. Shaving my head was one of the most freeing experiences of my life. Even more freeing than quitting my job or moving across the country. It reminded me that taking a risk in order to do something or have something you really want is totally worth it. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Doing something you’re excited and passionate about in spite of fear has you telling your inner fradie cat that you are strong, that you are bold, and that you are UNSTOPPABLE. All it takes is taking one small step at a time. Or having someone give you a little shove or in my case shave your head down the middle.

So take a few minutes and ask yourself, what have you always wanted to do but have been too afraid to do? And what step can you take today towards making it happen? You can live a life you’re MADLY in love with. Trust me, it’s possible.

And for anyone who is curious, I freaking love my shaved head. I’ve always wanted to know what the shape of my head looked like, and to my surprise, I have a pretty nicely shaped head, in my opinion anyway.

Best Balms to heal Dry Lips

I love a good matte lip as well as the next girl, but these brisk winter days have my lips dying. Next time your lips are peeling, chapped or cracked try some of my favorites to quench them. 



Skyn Iceland Berry Lip Fix with Wintered Red Algae

Revitalize dry lips with this vegan fix. The wintered red algae helps to heal and soothe the lips while the oils conditions them so they are well hydrated.



Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm 

Talk about conditioning, this delivers the goods without the sticky or wax residue. This is my go-to lip balm when I’m not wearing lipstick. Even my boyfriend swears by this one. 



Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm

 Sinfully sweet caramel scent melding with the conditioning balm is a treat. This 24 hour blend promises to keep your lips drenched all day delivering a velvet shine.



Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm

A must-have on the go lip balm made with agave and rare Madagascar Vanilla. It nourishes your lips and pulls double duty as a primer for lipstick.



Pacifica Indian Chai Lip Balm

Only found at Ulta, this vegan treat delights your lips with a warm and spicy aroma. The moisturing coconut, jojoba and almond oils leave your lips feeling quenched.



Aquaphor Lip Repair + Protect

 I must confess I have nasty habit of biting my peeling lips during the winter. This repairs all of the damage while revitalizing and making my lips feel brand new. 

Let me know what your favorite winter lip fixes are and what works for you! 

Business Fashion Trends for 2018

While we’re still applauding the neon/glittery bravado supermodels rocked in this season’s fashion shows, the real world is calling, and it needs a fashion forecast, pronto, one that allows us, mere mortals to wear these fancy inventions to the office and real-life events.

Nobody expects you to wear a sheer dress to a meeting or would find it appropriate to see a pair of Libertine rainbow heels strut into your cubicle. In order to find the right balance of quirky, authentic and business-friendly, let’s delve deeper into some of the expected 2018 office looks that you can pull off any day of the week!

Denim has an haute makeover


A fabric that used to be perceived as strictly street style acceptable, denim is witnessing a true rise in the fashion industry, if it ever needed such a promotion in the first place. This already adored material has been given the opportunity to join the management ranks, and officially become an example of haute fashion!

Yes, dark, denim jeans, not ripped, not flared, not glittery, not washed out, but pure, color-rich jeans to replace your fancy pants, at least for a day or two of the week. They’ll work well with a cardigan, in a monochrome look, with fun accessories and the bold red lip!

Ultra violet your wardrobe

Colors are always a questionable moment when it comes to translating the season’s favorite palettes into your office wardrobe. Sometimes you need to keep your look professionally pastel, while at others, a strict dress code doesn’t allow too much wiggle room for playful shades. Luckily for us, the froggy green 2017 is slowly coming to an end, making room for the bombastic, yet mysteriously alluring ultra violet of 2018!

This dazzling hue is surprisingly chic, and yet it can be professional enough for your bosses not to confuse it with other, neon-ruled catwalk trends. Start by introducing this shade of purple in the form of something small, such as nail polish, or a pendant necklace, and work your way up towards a pair of lovely violet shoes, or a blazer that will liven up your beige suit.



We all know how sensitive this topic can get, even for the most casual of workplaces out there, and too many rings, layered bracelets and other bling can be too distracting and glittery to be deemed acceptable. Hence the need to find a suitable, yet equally fun alternative or two, so why not merge purpose with pretty?

For example, wearing sunglasses makes for a brilliant fashion statement, enriches your look and keeps your eyes safe from sun’s harmful radiation. A massive, but handy tote can hold all your notes, your pens, business cards and makeup refreshments you need for a full day on the go. And nobody can say no to a lovely wristwatch, right?

Suit up like never before

Ladies, forget about the just below the knee skirts and tucked in shirts, it’s time to swap them for the classic, stolen from your alpha male’s closet, pantsuit! Now, wearing them will be a breeze, but finding them may be tricky – so do your best to keep it well-tailored, versatile, edgy and fun.

Velvet, polkas and stripes


Let’s start with the season’s favorite material that’s considered a true revelation in terms of comfort and style put together into a single luxurious fabric. We are, of course, talking about velvet, and incorporating it into your office wardrobe can give your look a feminine, but subtle twist while remaining delicately tasteful. Plus, you can use it to add a discrete color to your outfit.

As for winning patterns, the beloved polka-dot from the 20s is experiencing a revival unlike any other, and deservedly so. This simple contrasting pattern comes in many business-acceptable shapes and forms, from black and white shirts, to dotted shoes. And don’t forget the timeless stripes, because they can add elegance like no other pattern out there.

If you need some inspiration, look at how Kim Kardashian, Dakota Johnson and Julia Roberts make this simple attire look spotlessly beautiful and just the right choice for leaving a professional impression whatever the occasion may be.

December Overview of 2017 Fashion, Beauty, and Wedding Trends

With December already painting our towns white and the chilly haze of winter in full swing, it’s the perfect time to look back on the year of 2017. Did you enjoy it? Was it the best year ever for you, or are you eager to see the back of it already?

We’ve all had a couple of regrets, but for the most part, it was quite interesting and it brought some truly unforgettable trends. In the hopes of inspiring you to make the next year even better, let’s do a little overview of the most popular things that ruled the worlds of fashion, beauty, and wedding celebrations.


All metallic, all year round


First, it was the formal wear, then it seeped over and became a popular theme for bridesmaids’ dresses, and now it’s overtaking makeup looks. It’s no wonder really, the holiday and metallics go well together. If you want for heads to spin and jaws to drop when you walk into a room, then a metallic smokey eye look is just the thing to wear if you want to tip a hat to this year’s fun makeup trends.


Pink things everywhere


There were so many different kinds of pinks that we don’t know where to start. From the millennial pink and rose gold trend that continued on from last year, to the soft tones of blush pink that was a really popular wedding theme. The best thing is, pink is evolving into quite a popular statement color that now celebrates femininity and shatters gender roles at the same time. “Girly” no longer has a bad connotation. Girly now means power, it means equality, it means strength.


Cozy athleisure


We’re really glad to see that this trend is still going on strong and shows no signs of stopping. Some complain that athleisure implies lack of class, but it’s quite the opposite. It’s cool without sacrificing practicality. It’s gorgeous without sacrificing comfort. It’s pretty much the best thing in the world for all the busy people who go from work, to the gym, to running errands, to coming home to spend time with family.


Personalized wedding invitations


This is another great thing to come out of 2017. There are a lot of people who are breaching out and creating their own perfect little wedding traditions and really putting effort into making things unique. All those beautiful wedding invitations happy couples customize and send out to make the guests feel excited and eager to attend are incredible. Simple weddings are very trendy now, so in case you plan to get married – feel free to make it an intimate, personalized affair without feeling the pressure that you need to do more than that.


Themed makeup


Mermaids are great, and the Wet n Wild Midnight Mermaid Collection was really fun, but we’re kind of glad to see this trend go. First, it was unicorn everything, then mermaid, then My Little Pony (we’re not kidding). We even saw a Mean Girls-themed palette and brush set, as well as Harry Potter and even Edgar Allan Poe-themed things. Limited edition things are fun, but it’s painfully obvious that companies are trying to cash in on our nostalgia and often sell subpar products in pretty packaging because they know we’ll desperately want to own it without really paying attention to the quality.


Power suits and power red


The Hillary pantsuit has brought a really great tide of feminism to fashion, and women everywhere are overjoyed to see a great selection of suits now becoming available and popular. Looking stylish at work has never been easier. Pairing the pantsuit trend with the bright red color that has been all over fall fashion runways was a winning combo, and we hope to see women continue this trend of positivity and continuous fight for social equality.


Warm-toned palettes


So many warm-toned palettes were popular this year. Naked Heat from Urban Decay, Makeup Geek’s Fire Vixen, Violet Voss’ Holy Grail, Morphe 35O, Yes Please! from Colourpop, and the recently released Toasted from Tarte. We’re a little overwhelmed with warm tones right now. They look great, sure, but we’ll be happy to something a little different in 2018, just for the sake of variety if nothing else.

What were your favourite trends in 2017? Which ones did you hate? We’re eager to see what the next year has in store for us, so let’s toast to the end of this year and new, amazing beginnings.

We Love Us Some Winter.

One of our favourite girls Sophia, the founder of Health & Beauty Bay asked us about our daily skin care routines for the upcoming winter season and we just had to share our favorite methods.

Winter is upon us again. Which I have to admit is my favorite time of year. Holiday vibes, winter clothes, good food and just a merry spirit.  Also, winter means to update your beauty care. Winter means dry skin.  Last year we gave you some tips on how to protect yourself with our winter tips. Well, here we are again.

Currently, I am a huge fan of facial sheet masks. I am love with these from Target and if I am trying to get fancy here is one of my favorites Charlotte Tilbury's Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask. Sheet masks are great for hydration in the cold winter months when your skin tends to get dry.  


I love to add a soothing mist to my routine. My favorites are Glossier Soothing Face Mist and Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea.


Moisturizer is critical to keep hydration in your face. I love Kiehl's 24-hour Moisturizer and Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich. Also, make sure to add one of my favorite serums by of course Glossier to your routine depending on your skin needs. Wait, you also need SPF to your skincare in the winter. Glossier Invisible Shield is lightweight and perfect for winter.


Body care is critical in winter. We need to make sure our body is nourished. I love the Glossier Body Hero duo! The best match for body wash and lotion. The smell is dope, and it makes your skin feel smooth. Also, I love Nivea Skin Firming Hydration lotion to my routine.  I use both of these two together for extra hydration for the winter.


Make sure you take care of your skin with drinking plenty of water. I am love with Essentia Ph water. Water is key! 


Let us know what your favorite skincare tips are for this time of the season? 

How Have Millennials Changed the Approach to Shopping

As the largest generation today, Millennials are present everywhere, and it seems like they’re interesting people: business owners from around the world are carefully listening to what they have to say about their lives and habits.

They are the ones who grew up alongside technology and it has largely influenced their behaviour, shopping habits included. They are slowly changing the global market, and here’s how their shopping habits keep changing the world every day.


Shopping for fun


While members of Generation X are more likely to think twice and wait before they buy something, with Millennials, shopping is like a game: they buy for fun. They will see shopping not as a stressful activity or a chore; instead, they will make a shopping trip with their friends that will include a brunch and a coffee break to fully enjoy the experience. Trying on clothes and looking for a specific piece can be stressful, so they are more likely to turn it into a fun experience by including other activities too.


Capsule wardrobes are popular


Millennials understand how important it is to keep their wardrobe versatile, and capsule wardrobe allows them to do so. They are likely to invest in staple pieces and well-known brands such as Valentino so that they can play and improvise with flashy accessories and statement jewelry. A pencil skirt and a white blouse will look ten times more fashionable when you apply bright lipstick and matching nail polish, and when you add a nice colorful bag to the combination. Big shawls, fashionable shoes, hair accessories, as well as statement jewelry allow you to keep your capsule wardrobe and still be fashionable and trendy.


Giving back to the community


One thing’s for sure: Millennials love knowing that they are making a difference with their actions, shopping included. When their purchases are meaningful, they are likely to buy more, which is why some brands are incredibly popular, such as TOMS who give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair you buy, and WeWood who plant a tree for every watch you buy. Still, it seems as though they are not always ready to spend a fortune on a single item.


Being involved


Millennials love to be involved in the process of making of their own clothes. This is one of the reasons so many brands offer a chance for buyers to take part and design their own piece: unique shoes, customized hoodies, jewellery made just for them... By being involved in the process of making, they make sure that the product they are getting is unique and they also have the chance to express their own creativity.


Bargain Hunters


We mentioned already that Millennials don’t like spending too much money on products they’re buying, which is one of the reasons they love sales and hunt for bargains. Bargain hunters love coupons, sales, and affordable goods, which means they will walk around in search of a good bargain or simply use their smartphone to compare the prices of a piece they’re interested in at different places.

Millennials are a huge part of this world and they are changing and shaping it according to their own needs. The most important thing to remember is that today, we all have a choice and we can act as we like: shopping online from the comfort of our home or exploring a huge mall. Shopping today is much different than it used to be for our grandparents and even parents, and it is highly possible that it will change even more in the future.

5 Skincare Products That Will Turn Back the Clock

While it's impossible to hide the visible signs of aging completely, everyone wants to look and feel their best as they grow older. Although good genes and good lifelong habits certainly play a role in how our skin ages, some products have proven to improve the appearance of aging skin and promote a more youthful glow. There are a host of anti-aging skin products on the market, ranging from eye creams and lip balms to body lotions and wrinkle fillers.

The best practice, recommended by dermatologists, is to start with a daily moisturizer and sunscreen and then go on to address your top concerns and problems. There is no single product that addresses all visible signs of aging, and attempting to solve everything with dozens of different products is a waste of time and money. Furthermore, using too many products will likely irritate the skin and be counterproductive.

By focusing on your top priorities, you'll have greater success turning back the clock. Here are some of the products proven to improve the appearance of aging skin.

Daily moisturizers with SPF 15 (or more)

Whatever your age, protecting your skin from sun damage is crucial. Apply sunscreen daily and be sure to re-apply while engaging in outdoor activities. Look for products that do double-duty by combining sun protection in the makeup or moisturizer.

One of the best:

Olay Age Defying Protective Renewal Lotion with Sunscreen

The Olay Age Defying Protective Renewal daily moisturizer gets rave reviews year after year from consumers and beauty experts alike. It provides sun protection and lasting moisture at a reasonable price.

Hand Cream

Our hands are often neglected when it comes to skincare, and it shows. Your hands usually get more sun, rain, and wind exposure than your face and they need extra care.  Protect the skin of your hands from premature aging, wrinkles, and sunspots with a good moisturizer and sunscreen.

One of the best:

Christian Dior Capture Totale Nurturing Hand Repair Creme:

The Dior Capture Totale Nurturing hand crème nourishes the hands providing moisture and sun protection while reducing age spots and evening skin tone. Fans of this product know how well it works and doesn't mind paying a little more to see the excellent results.

Night Cream

Night creams may seem old-fashioned, but it makes sense to hydrate deeply at night when your skin isn’t exposed to harmful UV rays and the crème doesn't have to compete with makeup. Many of the most effective anti-aging skincare products are supposed to be put on at night when they can penetrate and hydrate the skin while it is free of makeup and environmental exposure.

One of the best:

L'Oreal Paris RevitaLift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair Facial Night Lotion:

The L'Oreal RevitaLift Deep-Set Wrinkle Repair night lotion uses Pro-Retinol A to target deep wrinkles on the forehead and around the mouth, without clogging pores or irritating sensitive skin. While no topical cream can perform miracles on deep wrinkles, L'Oreal Regenerist is proven to work just as well as any of the more expensive brands, for a fraction of the cost.

Firming Cream

One of the most noticeable aspects of aging skin is that it loses firmness, particularly in the jaw and neckline. Firming creams tone and tighten the skin without surgical intervention.

One of the best:

Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Growth Factor Neuropeptide Serum:

While the Peter Thomas Roth FIRMx Growth Factor Neuropeptide Serum is expensive, it has been scientifically proven to firm skin around the troublesome jaw and jowl area. It gets rave reviews year after year for its firming and anti-aging effects. Packed with peptides and neuropeptides, this formula helps to contour, restore, and nourish aging skin. Some users report that it also works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Face Peel

A face peel has long been recognized as a way to promote new, healthy skin and restore youthful glow and balance. Face peels remove dead, dull surface skin cells, encouraging the skin to naturally repair itself with newer, plumper cells and look fresher. While facial peels are often only performed at expensive salons and spas, there are options for getting similar results at home for a lower price tag.

One of the best:

Boots No7 Advanced Renewal Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel Kit:


The Boots No7 Advanced Renewal Anti-Aging Glycolic Peel Kit delivers the effects of a glycolic peel but is gentle enough to use at home. Don't let the low price deceive you; this is one of the best-reviewed and most effective at-home glycolic peels available. Reviewers love how it evens skin tone, reduces pore size, lightens age spots, and even soothes old acne scars. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, the Boots No7 Glycolic Peel Kit promotes a healthy, youthful look.


When Shopping for Skincare Products, Look For:

  • products that match your skin type, so you don't make dry or oily skin worse

  • hypoallergenic products to avoid adverse reactions

  • non-comedogenic products to prevent clogging pores and causing breakouts

  • retinol as the most effective over-the-counter anti-aging ingredient

  • search for scientific studies and clinical trials as opposed to what it claims on the label

The most expensive products aren't always the best or most effective. Look for brands that have invested in clinical trials and studies, so that you don't get duped by exaggerated marketing lingo. When possible start with samples or trial sizes so you don't invest a lot of money into a product that may not work for your skin type or problems.

Whatever your skincare priorities, whether it's targeting fine lines, sagging skin, age spots, or dryness, remember that lifestyle plays a huge role in the healthy appearance of skin. Good nutrition, good hydration, and adequate sleep will all go a long way toward restoring youthful, healthy skin, and they don't cost a dime.