New Decade Who Dis?

Yes, its that time of year when you want to try to get your fitness and healthy living on track. I am guilty of trying to pull the New Year Who Dis routine when it comes to my fitness.

Let be honest, its rough between the ending of the holidays and then everyone in my household includes myself having a birthday. Its hard to say no to treats and pushing myself to go to the gym in the colder months.  Well, I just hit my a new decade in my life, and I want to be healthy and conquer my 30s. Here are a few of my goals that I will defeat:  

Exercise at Least 5 Times a Week



I love a good workout. Its just takes me time to make myself go to the gym. Once I am there, I love the feeling of working out. I have started packing my workout bag so I can go to the gym right after work. No Excuses. 

Cut Down on Extra Sugar




Sugar and Sugar are my friends. I have a sweet tooth, and for the sake of my health, I have to let it go. You can have a sweet tooth, but you have to do it in moderation. 

Get at Least 7 Hours of Sleep




Up all night and barely making it in the day without coffee was in my twenties. For my thirties, I am all for being refresh and getting rest before my body gives out. Putting down the electronics before bed and finally resting is very important to live a healthy life. 

Self Care




We all need to focus more on ourselves and our happiness. In the famous words of Maxine Waters, "I'm reclaiming my time'.  Remember your self-worth at all time.

Tell us how you will be reclaiming your time below!