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My “just got outta my jammies & jammin in London's livelihood” look w new kicks & a #newyearnewme kickass attitude (Perception + @Puma pressie), after my NYE of a 1 person PJ party ft myself & a music playlist of no particular genre on shuffle amongst sheets of pysch pages, which became pillows prior to my last minuted prep(as per) for the train & tube changes🎨
Came across a quote relevant to my anti-resolution revolution written on this work of art of a wall by Bambi, photobombed it thinking it was from 1 of my childhood fave films ft Thumper the Rabbit where I got given my “Grabbit Rabbit” nickname, then damned myself bc I define Disney as deep in my heart &- as it turns out- this created canvas isn’t in the name of the varied voices of baby Bambi & the art & audio of his adulting, but is actually a Princess Di + Mary Poppins message mixed by the pseudonym of the street artist Bambi not @banksy 🌃

I love exploration embedded with education- finding out about the faded footmarks of forgotten/unthought of chronicles through my own footprints. Chopping & changing chapters with each chosen step. Setting out onto streets of unseen sonder. Sometimes inking my own imagination & ideas into the naïveté unknown through sight or mind. Little learning curves round quiet & crowded corners. Brick buildings like built bookshelves for their surrounding stories. Wandering & wondering what words are within works of art on walls & walkways. Potential page after page of places promenaded- with seemingly silly facts like this 1 or fictional myths making it mind provoking & adding magic.

I guess I could’ve left that brick wall believing it was Bambi by Banksy. Would’ve been bogus but who cares.This world is what you make of it & all that jazz I won’t jargon on about. But on that note, this quote is quite valid. The art of committing badassery is in actually getting away with it. Basically, kick ass that comfort zone before climbing out. Kickbutt bugbears & “flawed” beliefs & bury them where they belong before going bye-bye but getting a bite back on the butt. Bring down your body & brain’s brick walls & make sure if you’re gonna defy yourself you do a damn good job of it✌🏻

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