A Holistic Approach to Beautify Yourself Inside and Out


If only life was so simple that the only recipe we would ever need to bring out our beauty was a fragrant lotion and a sunscreen. And yet, here we are, flooded with diversity in terms of beauty items available today, unsure which one is “the one” for our skin type, or what the best way may be to deal with a chronic issue such as losing hair or acne.

It’s high time we changed our perspective to finally focus on the big picture. Dealing with a sudden zit attack should be a thing of the past, while handling the underlying issue and preventing future mishaps is another – with the help of the right lifestyle choices, the latter no longer needs to be a beauty utopia.

The don’ts

First things first, let’s make sure you’re not doing anything to worsen your beauty troubles with any unhealthy choices. For instance, it’s not just your smile that will be damaged and yellowed if you smoke, but your skin will be prone to sagging, uneven tone, and deep-set wrinkles due to the sheer amount of chemicals your skin is exposed to. On the other hand, sugar isn’t just responsible for your love handles, but it also wreaks havoc on your existing skin irritations, and decreases collagen production which leads to more sagging.

If you truly wish to change your beauty habits, start with the ones you should actually end. Take a beauty vow, empty your kitchen cupboards of those processed candy bars and sugar-loaded sodas, and start a plan to quit smoking – and remember, structure, support, and persistence are the key to success.

Practice mindfulness


With so many distractions all around, from your mobile phone chirping notifications every two seconds, all the way to those long hours at the office with many people around, we’ve become almost immune to being in the moment. This ability to increase our awareness of ourselves and our environment also helps us make better decisions. Will you reach for another cup of coffee if you actually listen to your body and realize you need water? Will you turn off those notifications to have a meaningful conversation?

Building a mindful mindset, through meditation, slowing down every once in a while, and letting go of multitasking also helps you reduce your exposure to stress, which in turn lowers your cortisol levels. Moreover, it helps your body become stronger, your ageing signs will be delayed for longer, and you’ll be less inclined to go for those self-destructive habits such as biting your nails.

Structure your diet


It’s easy to fall into a cycle of eating predominantly fast and junk food, as well as overly processed pre-made meals. If you just drop by the pastry shop and get a bagel when you’re late for work, then you know the feeling of being stuck in such a mindset. Yet, what we choose to eat affects our beauty as much as it protects our wellbeing.

Start by redefining your eating habits, and choose whole foods that are not just diverse, but also nutrient-dense, and perfect for restoring your complexion and cleansing your entire body. With all-natural, sustainable foods on your menu, you can provide your skin with balanced nutrition, and keep your radiance intact. Your beauty depends heavily on the right amount of vitamins and minerals that you consume, so by eating healthy, you’ll actually be pampering your skin every day.

Rethink your beauty shelf

Spring cleaning is not reserved for the warm months of the year, ladies, on the contrary. We should all develop the habit of simplifying and choosing all-natural bottles over chemical-filled products. Ditch the ones that damage your skin, and go for natural anti-ageing skincare based on protective, organic ingredients that not only deliver a visually appealing result, but also nourish your pores. It’s not just about getting that plump, radiant look, but actually creating the foundation for such a long-lasting youthful glow.

Think: skin-friendly oils such as argan and rosehip oil, bamboo, coconut and shea butters, and similar lush elements that will help you restore and retain your beauty. Skip the long list of complicated, often harmful and synthetic ingredients, and stick to the ones that come straight from Mother Nature to pamper your pores.

Hydrate inside and out

In addition to choosing organic moisturizers for your minimalist daily routine, it’s vital that you provide your skin with ample moisture by drinking enough water every day. Your skin and your hair cannot have that voluptuousness, volume, and shine without it, and it’s the key ingredient in your diet that helps you detox naturally through sweating as well as speeding up your metabolism.

Add to that a powerful, hydrating lotion, preferably one that also protects from the sun’s harmful rays, and you’ll have a truly dynamic duo that will cherish your complexion inside and out. Summer-friendly picks are often rich in plant ingredients such as aloe vera which is a delight for all skin types, while hyaluronic acid is a miracle-worker when it comes to retaining moisture deep in your skin.

Strive for balance


In beauty, as in life, listening to your body and truly understanding what it needs is almost an art form. On one hand, you need to be active, exercise on a regular basis and spend time in nature, but on the other, if you’re overworked and tired, you cannot reap the rewards of physical activity without the support of ample sleep.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for getting just the perfect number of hours of sleep as well as exercise every day. You need to turn inwards, focus, and decipher the subtle signals your body is sending you. After a while, you’ll discover the right balance for yourself, and finally let your beauty flourish as a result.

Brigitte EvansComment