My latest skincare addiction is now the brand Versed.

Versed is a new skincare brand that is being sold exclusively at Target. I first came across Versed on Instagram (of course), and I loved the packaging. I am a sucker for dope graphics and packaging. I started following the Versed Instagram page and continue to fall more in love with their campaigns and decided to try this out myself finally. The price point is affordable. I legit talked it so much with my co-worker she went out and got some too! ( I see you, Claire)

I went to Target and splurge on their products. I purchased the Body Oil, Lip Oil, face masks, and all the eye cream products I could find. I am all about eye cream. I've been addicted to eye cream since I was 13 years old due to my puffy eyes.

Let’s first deep dive into the oils of Versed. My skin has been craving a good body oil since summer has approached, and the Body Oil is perfection. I mixed the body oil with my lotion, and I am suitable for the whole day. The Body Oil is not messy at all and doesn't leave that icky feeling that most body oils do to your skin. It adds a subtle glow to your skin and hydrates it. The lip oil has got my lips finally feeling nourish. It's not sticky at all, and it has a beautiful gloss to it.

Eye cream, you have saved my life. I can honestly say I shouldn't have purchased all the eye cream products, but I couldn't help myself when I saw all the variety. I am very judgmental on my eye cream purchases. I have to test it out and see the change for myself. I can admit I've been tricked before and regretted many of my expensive or drug store purchases.

I had to give in and just purchased all the of Versed eye cream collection. It's only my second day, but I can say I see a difference when it comes to the puffiness of my eyes in the morning. My eyes look like I got a reasonable amount of sleep rather than my tossing and turning of 5 hours of sleep.

In my mind, face masks are essential for self-care. I love a Friday night face mask or a Sunday face mask.

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 8.41.59 PM.png

On Friday night after a long week at work, I decided to try the Brightening Tighten face mask. My face was begging for hydration as it has been stressed out and just plain dry.

A Sunday self-care was the Hydrating Plumping face mask to get my skin ready for another work week. Both face masks had a great texture and easy to apply. Both covers did the job of making me look alive and making my skin glow.

My final thoughts are that Versed has an affordable, accessible, and dope skincare line. I can admit that I am a fan and will defiantly purchase their other products with my next paycheck. 

Chauncey WoodsComment