Self Care is MF Real

Yes, I am that woman who forgets about taking care of themselves. I am constantly working or just running errands, and I forget about my sanity. I always have “due date” in my mind. You know that feeling that you forgot something or you have to do it now before you forget.

As women, we take on too much with too little time. We need to do better. We need to take a break. The best thing I ever heard was by Issa Rae (you know my best friend in my mind) at ComplexCon last year was her thoughts on self-care.

She said she would ask her friends “bitch, did you take a break today.WE AS WOMEN FORGET TO TAKE A BREAK AND THINK ITS OKAY! NOT OKAY! These are real ass facts.

I promised myself that in 2019 I was going to practice real self-care. Not just preaching about it or working out a few times a week, but to take real time out of each day to relax. I will be making myself the top priority despite outside pressures.

I’ve always been known to forget about myself and focus on my “duties.” While working a full-time job and then working on the website my second job- it can take a toll on my mental and physical state.

It's not a moment I am not on social media or checking emails while laying in bed or at the gym. I noticed that now my body is getting sick and I am mentally drained. So I finally decided to take my own advice and relax.

Yes, you read that right to relax finally and not to multi-task all the damn time. Now at the gym or watching TV, I am not scrolling on Instagram, texting back and forth or checking emails I am running on the treadmill or finally watching all the shows I have on my DVR.

I promise myself I will be taking my well-deserved break and work on my mf self-care.

Chauncey WoodsComment