How to Create a Basic Gym Wardrobe


If you were intrigued by this title, you are probably a gym neophyte, quite possibly that person who keeps saying that they’re gonna hit the gym at the beginning of next month, or even next Monday, but you know what the thing about Mondays is – as soon as they arrive, we press the snooze button and wait for that next elusive Monday. Well, in case you didn’t know, there is actual scientific proof that having the proper workout clothes (and placing them in a highly visible spot, like a chair that you see as soon as you get up) is enough to motivate you to get up and stop postponing your pursuit of your fitness goals. To that end, we have created the ultimate shopping list for you, so as the movie says, once you build it, it will come, and by build we mean the wardrobe, and by it we mean the boost and motivation you need, so let’s go shopping.

Gotta Support The Girls



Whether or not you like to be constrained by additional layers is irrelevant here; every decent workout depends on the kind of support you provide for the ‘girls’. Now, there are infinite options when it comes to sports bras but sometimes finding the one that’s just right might seem like a scene from Mission Impossible. They’re either cute but offer zero support, or very supportive but completely devoid of stylishness. We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to, and we found the bras that represent the perfect mix of style and support. Solow Workout Bra is definitely our pick, and here’s why: the straps are super cute (and wide), and the cut of the bra exudes those cute retro vibes that will make you feel like a pin-up model. The cups are lightly padded and have underwires, which we all know are crucial, especially when you are beyond the B cup. Of course, there are other options out there if you’re not a fan of the underwire, so check them out and snag the best one for your needs.

The Additional Layer



Sure, some women don’t feel as comfortable working out in just a bra, but there are tons of options, stylish ones at that, that you can put to work. There are Ivy Park crops and hoodies by no other than queen Beyoncé, so you can feel comfortable and look super fly at the same time. Of course, since we live in an age in which athleisure rules all, feel free to take your top out to lunch or just a protein shake after – tops this stylish deserve to be taken for a walk around the block.

Talk About Bottoms



Most celebs these days are opting for the high-rise leggings when either working out or simply sporting their athleisure off-duty looks. They usually opt for black versions of it. However, this is the season for a splash of color – blue or burgundy women's exercise tights does wonders for motivation and you have tons of choices, so just take your pick. They are great because they provide good support, and great compression while exercising.  Also, if you feel like leggings or sweats are too constricting and especially if your body tends to get overheated quickly, perhaps you can consider workout booty shorts that provide optimum support. There’s no doubt that you’ll look hella hot in these, and you can always wear them under your sweats, if you want both coverage and support. 

A Touch Of Millennial Pink



Again, renowned sportswear brands have done an amazing job at bringing us not only sneakers that offer amazing sole and ankle support (vital for safety and an effective workout), but in the sea of options, we couldn’t help but fall in love with Nike’s millennial pink line that, aside from all-pink attire, offers incredible millennial pink sneakers, that are perfect for any form of exercise. This collection also features a cap – very handy if you have long hair and are working out outside, along with the super cute and sleek pink water bottle. There’s no way you won’t fall in love with these pieces and feel pumped about rocking them at the gym.

Final Touches



Ok, now that you’re all set in the basics department, let’s talk about the must-have additional items that will both save your life and your style. You’ll need a killer playlist on your iPod to keep you pumped. Don’t forget to snag some cute wristbands that serve as accessories but are also your savior because you’ll need something to dab that sweat with. Dehydration and all the sweating can take a toll on the lips, so always have your go-to lip balm in the bag, and speaking of one, you need a bag that will allow for both a grand entrance as well as exit. The best possible choice, hands down, is the Marc Jacobs D1 Packables Duffle. It’s big enough to fit all your stuff, and speaking of stuff – don’t forget to throw your ‘I’m a diva’ sunglasses in there, along with a towel (basic gym etiquette), and of course, deodorant and face mist. Now you’re ready to own the room.


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