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Hey guys! Sam and Jenna here from the Healthy Fix Podcast.

We want to thank Chauncey, Heather and the girls from So She Slays for collaborating to bring you more content on their wellness page!

You will be hearing from us on some of the latest trends in the health world. We break them down for you and also give you some of our experiences. 

And on that note, we would like to share with you a little about ourselves. First off, we have been friends now for 20 years!  We met in 2nd grade and have been attached to each other, no matter how far we have lived from each other or how long we haven’t talked. Currently, Jenna lives in Germany & Sam lives in California. Jenna is the Shawn Hunter to my Cory Mathews.


Jenna is a certified holistic health coach just getting into the industry. She has had a passion to live a healthy life for many years but has taken detours before getting there. She has many life experiences such as addiction and going to rehab. Now she is in a state of great potential and is thriving everyday and will for sure be sharing her experiences in life and education to help others. She challenges you to defy everything you already know and that has been ingrained into you about health. Change starts with you at DefyHealthCare.



Sam is a badass fitness guru. Starting out her life in fitness at an early age in karate and becoming a black belt in her early adulthood. She is also a Pilates, yoga, martial arts, and well pretty much everything badass instructor. She has dedicated her life to the knowledge of the human body and how to push it to get maximum results. She has also started the #WarriorWomenMovement to help empower women through martial arts to live a kickass life. Activating their inner warrior.



We started the Healthy Fix Podcast naturally by just talking to one another about who was doing this and what trend people were following and not doing correctly. We have a goal in mind to educate through our knowledge and experience and give you facts rather than what you should do. Of course, we do give you suggestions and go on rants buts ultimately we love to help.


Join us in understanding the latest trends to make a healthier decision on the latest health fix every Wednesday. 

Make sure to stop by on April 11th for our first Podcast on Body Positivity


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