The Beginning to a Better You!

It’s that time of year when many talk about new goals they would like to achieve. And, almost always on the top of most lists is the subject of weight.

Some want to lose weight, some would like to maintain while others may want to gain. But, of course we know that the highest number goes to the ones who want to lose weight. It’s a desperation that so many have long desired. In 2016, I wanted to eat better, feel better. I had heard for many years how exercising can help one to feel better. I lose weight (and gain some back) every year. However, I wanted to make eating right and exercising a way of life. For months, I got up at 4:30 .M. almost every morning to exercise. I would do different exercises throughout the week, so that it would remain exciting to me. Some mornings, I would walk and exercise on my equipment in our garage. Some mornings, I would go to Fit Body Boot Camp in Baton Rouge for 5:30 A.M. The 30 minute workout that I did there was an encouraging experience. I was the new one in boot camp. Each time I would feel that I was too out of breath to complete a workout or that I would need to catch my breath, there would be someone else in bootcamp doing the exercises on my left and right telling me to keep going and that I can do it. It was empowering to see woman that were all in the room with a goal to get fit and who wanted to motivate others. One day, the trainer was in a car accident. He would not be in attendance on one of those days. That’s when I saw India for the first time- the head trainer at Fit Body Boot Camp. During the session, when the exercises were a challenge she would call me by name and tell me to keep going.


Eventually, I started working out at home only. I had lost a good amount of weight and felt that I could handle getting to my goal size. I was getting closer to the body I wanted when my autoimmune disorders started to make me feel weak, sore and in pain. I even endured a time frame in the winter of the same year when I would have to limp because my left foot was so much in pain. So, of course I didn’t get a chance to exercise and honestly, I didn’t always make the best eating choices. So, at the beginning of that year I had done so much to exercise and make healthier eating choices and there I was gaining weight . . . again. After months went by, I decided that I wanted to join Fit Body Boot Camp again. I saw India. She was extremely nice. I followed her to her office as we discussed what my goals were. She made me feel that it was going to be a reality. I cried at her desk. Tears of joy . . . and honestly tears of frustration that my autoimmune disorder made exercising seem impossible at times. Well, that same dayI found out that I was pregnant. I was extremely excited and knew that was another blessing. I told India that as soon as I delivered my baby and recovered that I plan to come back to her.

One of her posts was titled, “You 2.0”. She said this was her meaning behind it.

“I think people needed to be reminded that doing new things, learning new things, change in general is a part of life and the longer we avoid it, the more unrealistic it seems for us to get started and the finish line becomes farther and farther away. As we get older, it seems that being “stuck in our ways” becomes a fact of life, and it shouldn’t be like that. If people would take challenges as they come as opposed to waiting until they have no choice, they find that the task is more manageable. The longer we ignore our problems or challenges, the bigger and more daunting they seem.

Fitness in itself can be overwhelming and intimidating. So when it comes to trying to find a fitness routine, I want people to feel more comfortable with the idea and understand that starting is the hardest part and it’s hard for EVERYONE! Everyone had a first day at one point! It’s the people that continue past that first day that becomes successful and that is my main goal. Not just getting people started, but keeping them motivated once they do get started.”

This is an incredible and encouraging way to work on YOU . . . 2.0!

Fit Body Boot Camp is located on Siegen lane near Airline Hwy at 11641 Investor Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70809. They offer an early morning session as well as 3– 30-minute evening sessions Monday through Thursday.

If you’re interested in getting started, email them at or give us a call at 225–246–2867 and they’ll meet with you for a one on one consultation and free session, discuss your fitness goals, and choose a program for you.

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