Barks and Burpees

I have the best workout buddy name, Louie!

My workout partner always keeps me on my toes, and we NEVER miss a workout!

Louie and I run hills, hang out in parks, and meet new people while he barks.

My best workout buddy is my dog, Louie! Louie is my Bullmastiff baby! Not only do we need exercise but so do our puppies! Health and fitness are important not only for people
like you and me, but also for puppies!


Exercise reduces obesity, arthritis, and stress in dogs which are essential for their health. Our favorite workout is Doga! Yes, Louie and I do Doga once a week to relieve our daily stress.  I love running around my neighborhood with Louie for our “morning runs” aka Louie needs to use the bathroom and forces me to get up and work out.  

I am currently looking for a new puppy to join Louie! My friend Rachel told me about this fantastic company called PuppySpot! PuppySpot is a service committed to helping responsible breeders place their puppies with caring individuals and families. I love the commitment PuppySpot has for their puppies and finding the perfect home for them to be celebrated and healthy! I am so excited to find a new companion for Louie! We can start working on our Doggy Paddle! 

Make sure to check out PuppySpot for great puppies

Please share your favorite workouts that you do with your puppy! 

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