EXCLUSIVE! So She Slays Workout Is Here

We all know that the hardest part of getting to the gym or working out in general is getting started. 

I may love the way I feel after a good workout but I'm not about to lie and tell you that I'm excited to go to the gym. Add in the fact that I'm normally working on a zillion other things, making time to workout is just a bitch! Plus you're girl is not a morning person so all physical activity must be done after 10am to ensure I don't bust my face or brake something. 

Lucky for us Samantha, from Body SAMantix, created this exclusive, So She Slays, 30 minute, total body workout that we've slimmed down into a short four minute video. No weights or gym required so no more excuses. P.S. I tried this workout myself during my lunch break and definitely felt it the next day! 

Heather YoungComment