Lost? Ya, Me too.

Lost is opinionated just like your take on Trump!

There are quite a few things you could do things when you feel lost. After a lot asking and snooping around, I finally collected and made a list of stuff people do when they feel lost! Here are a few:

1 - Get lost ever Furthermore! 
How do you ask?
Take a walk to that street that you pass by every day but haven't visited.
Stroll down to that one shop you always wanted to shop at but never found the time to do so.

2 - Let yourself free
From all the thoughts that have been bothering you.
Get your things together quite literally and dump that into a bag along with all your comfort food and just do something that you have a fear of doing.

3 - Let it out
Scream, punch, write, run or do anything to exert your bottled anger.

4 - Find peace at a place that calms you
Could be a cafe or a library, a beach, a church, a meadow or a hill top. Bring out the Po in you. Be the dragon warrior.

5 - Talk to your listener
Vent it out to them and thank them and love them for life cause getting friends who just listen are very rare.

6 - Shut the world out
Put on your earphones on and fly away to the world of your own where everything is perfect.

7 - Eat away your troubles
Binge buy all our comfort food and put on your favorite movie and eat with all the glory in you.

9- Talk to yourself
Think through all the thoughts in your mind and sort the unimportant and put them away in the spam folder.
I know this is easier said than done but I tried it personally, and it did help, It’s difficult to do but fruitful

10-Learn to let go
Spend time with the people you love and divert your mind to such an extent that you leave the train of thoughts far behind

These are all the things that I’ve tried and tested when I felt lost in life, and they helped, and it may help you too but being lost means differently to everyone so some may work for you and some may not.

Khushi GiriComment