Love fitness classes, then get this app!

So you know your girl advocates for a healthy lifestyle as much as she can, which means a healthy dose of gym time.

Now I don't know about you but I always find that I get a better workout when I take a group fitness class than when I choose to workout on my own.

I also know that with my insane schedule and how popular some of the classes at my gym are, actually getting into my favorite classes can be a little difficult. This is what caused me to look into the app called, Aaptiv. It's my favorite new fitness obsession and I think once you give it a shot you will love it too.

Want to know more about what it offers, check out the video below!



This app has seriously changed my workouts. It's so easy to use and I have so many different workouts to choose from that I will never be bored. In fact I must confess I look forward to choosing the types of workouts I'm doing for the day as well as mixing and matching the classes.

There are a few things I want to give you a heads up on though. The app is free to try for up to a month depending on the promotions and after that it is $10 a month. Which lets be honest, if you do three short classes a day that amount to one hour, and only pay $10 a month for the access... it's a good deal! You would be hard pressed to find a group fitness class that costs you $10 a month anywhere these days. Also too, if my Aaptiv peeps are watching or reading this it might be a good idea to add pictures or gifs of each exercise since I know some may be better visual learners than audio. Just a thought.

All in all though I live by this app and use it daily! I highly recommend Aaptiv to anyone who is looking for that group fitness motivation but wants to do it on their own time.