Wait, I am in love with Care/of Vitamins

Yes, I have become the girl who will now speak on how much  I vitamins. I have become that girl. First, the Lemon Water, the Apple Cider Vinegar benefits and now the vitamins. 


We all have been told to take our vitamins; from Flintstones Chewables to Nature Bounty. Well, now I finally found a pack of vitamins that I am in LOVE with and don't mind taking them! A month ago I was reading one of my favorite blogs HBFIT, and they talked about their new love for Care/of Personalized Vitamins.  So, of course, knowing that my muse Hannah Bronfman and her team loved the vitamins I just had to try them out. 
First of all the site is just dope and easy to use. You answer a few questions about your needs and health concerns. These vitamins are for YOU! Not just what you think you should get but what YOUR body needs and wants. I have to admit these vitamins have been essential in my life. The vitamins that are in my package are Probiotic Blend, Calcium, Iron, Bacopa, and Rhodiola.   

 Bacopa and Rhodiola are perfect for my stress and mood. Iron is great for my energy levels to keep me from feeling burnt out after a busy day. Calcium is great for me due to having fragile bones and broken basically every bone in my body from dancing and sports.  Probiotic health is essential for me due to my digestive tract issues. It provides a 'good bacteria' for my constant stomach issues. I suffer from IBS, and this has calm down the symptoms. 
Also, the best part of this wonderful service is they care about customer service. They provide my first 30-day package free of cost due to the delayed order, and they check in on you after you receive your package! 
I hate to say this, but I LOVE these vitamins. I can definitely tell the difference with my stomach and digestive issues.  Also, my mental focus and energy levels are extremely better. I don't have that burnt out feeling any more or the constant feeling of nerves. 
Its a comfort to know that my body is back on the right track. I am taking care of myself and the ins and outs of my body and soul. 

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