Summer Slay

Can’t beat the heat this summer?
Don’t sweat it! Slay it.

Here are some crazy but basic tips on how to survive the scorching heat that awaits us!

Ladies, We should start with clothes. Those babies catch our interest nearly most of the time! 
This summer, dress like every day is Coachella and the days you are home, it’s Couchella in your PJs!

Make sure to wear loose fabrics with light layers and colors as dark colors absorb more heat and tend to sweat you up, and we’re sure you don’t need that. 

Now let’s ‘Run’ over to the fitness part.
Don’t forget to go running early at dawn or late into the night when it’s cool outside. Instead of the sun practically sucking your soul out like a dementor. Also while you are at it, also ensure that you keep yourself hydrated with a lot of water and sugar throughout the day with some lemonade, iced tea, cold shakes, juices and you know the drill. Keep in mind that what you drink should be light so that you can run without feeling all heavy and dizzy.

After the full day filled work and runs, you know that cuddling will only lead to more sweats and irritability, so spend this Couchella alone! Spread your legs wide while you stretch, toss and turn on the bed ‘all by yourself’ however before you jump into your cozy bed, take your sheets and put them in a plastic bag and pop them into the freezer for an hour or half an hour. We don’t promise a popsicle out of it but something even better. Try it!


Still not cool enough?

Well, don’t you worry! We’ve got a plan for you, which sure feels like heaven. Take a pan filled with ice and keep it right in front of the fan to get the cooling affect, just like an air conditioner.

It’s summer time! We can’t forget the beach now, can we?
But planning takes a little more effort, but that will work out just fine when you come back home with perfect tan lines and the cooling sensation in your tummy with the amazing fruit popsicles with the fusion of yogurt, soda or chocolate.
With these, the family chilling beside will envy you! So take some extra. Just in case. 

Hope all these tips don’t just help you surviving the summer but slaying it with these.
Stay Tuned for more!


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