Try It Out Tuesday: Pure Barre

Back again, for another edition of Try It Out Tuesday.

I've been trying new ways of keeping myself motivated to exercise with my crazy schedule and found Pure Barre

I initially signed up at their drop-in rate of $20 per class. Before my first class, I spoke with one of the instructors and she advised me to take three Pure Barre classes before forming my opinion about it.

Well, three weeks and seven classes later I am obsessed. After my first class, I was completely hooked and signed up for an unlimited monthly membership for $99 (a special rate for new members). It is low-impact, but high-intensity making you sweat and your muscles fatigue every class. The key is in the little movements isolating your muscles to get them toned. Pure Barre creates isolation through yoga, ballet, and pilates techniques. It may sound easy, but it is low-key hard and your body will pay for all the hard work you put in. Just like their motto says, "small movements. big change."

Throughout each face-paced class, the instructor gives affirmations and encouragement as well as comes around to help adjust you into the correct position. My first class was a little tough to follow as it moved so quick, but now I'm moving right along with everyone. I have never felt more enthralled while taking a class than I do after a Pure Barre class.

 There are a few phrases you will need to know before taking the plunge:

1. Tuck- curling your tailbone and hips under 

2. Tuck, Freeze/ Hold - curling your tailbone and hips under while holding for a count

Each class you will be using a small rubber exercise ball, dumbells (varying sizes) and also an exercise band that are all on location. You will also need to bring tons of water, wear gripped socks and a great mindset. Check out their many locations on both the east and west coast. Remember to always have fun, whatever exercise you chose to do.