Maintaining a Clear Mind

One of the biggest factors in gaining weight/ not losing weight besides the obvious, not eating right or exercising is tons of stress. Yes, stress causes weight gain! Whether it is from stress eating, not getting enough sleep or any other variance. I tend to gain weight the most when stressed and also suffer from frequent migraines. Over the years, I have tried several methods to reduce my migraines and over time this alleviated my stress.

Here are a few of simple steps to reduce the stress in your life:

Quit Your Job.

I know, easier said than done. Nothing screams stress more than not liking your job. But before you go and start quitting, it's more than not liking your job. It's dreading going into work, being over working, underpaid, not appreciated, no upward movement and not even liking what you're doing at the end of the day. Believe me, I was there and nothing felt better than calling it quits and making my next move. 

Light Candles.

This one is simple. Aromatherapy is great for awakening your senses, but also maintaining a clear mindset. I am an avid candle buyer, incense and oil burner. There is one for every moment; peppermint is used to keep you awake and clear your mind to focus, lavender and jasmine is perfect at night to stimulate relaxation ( also great for migraines) and I use vanilla/ floral scents for everyday use. 

Take Time for You.

After mundane day-to-day tasks, sometimes we forget what is truly important. We lose ourselves in our work, other people and surviving the day-to-day so much that we don’t understand how necessary it is for our mental health to take the time out to do something for you. Whether it is taking time out to read, a walk alone, exercise, having a massage, manicure, shopping therapy, listening to music or painting, this time is meant for you. I try to take at least 30 minutes a day of just me time by writing in a journal or on my typewriter (yes, I’m old school like that). During this time I’m not answering phone calls, texts or emails. It's the breath of fresh air that I need to gather my thoughts.


This is completely separate than your 'you time'. Clear your mind of negative thoughts. Simple breathing. Count as thoughts pop into your mind. Sync your breathing when counting. When an overwhelming thought arises don't dwell, just let it go. If it consumes your mind then restart your counting. Over time your restart number will become high and you will take this notion into the day-to-day to not dwell on negative thoughts or things you can't control.

What are some of your favorite stress reducing tips? Tell me, I want to try them!