Shikha la mode

I see the world through food.

I would love to see the world through delicious food the way Shikha, from Shikha la mode, sees it. This natural born food lover was a foodie before that was even a thing to be. Getting her start creating an underground dessert club in high school and finally deciding the "sweet" life was where her heart was she went to after her passions.


"I remember when I first decided to do this, I sent out like a bunch of random emails to all these restaurants begging them for a job. One ended up answering and was yeah okay come on in."


Determined to say the least, Shikha has made food her life. Documenting her world travels, food adventures, and recipes on her blog Shikha la mode. Providing tips, insight, and just all around yummy goodness - yes I said yummy goodness - trust me just go look at her blog. There's no way you can look at her posts and food pictures without that hungry look in your eyes. You know the look, it's that same one you have watching the food network - thirsty as hell.

Funny and full of energy Shikha is not shy when it comes to describing her love for desserts especially one in particular. I recently had the chance to sit down with her over our favorite dessert and talk about food, life, and what she's learned so far. Take a look. 



I always love watching people talk about what they absolutely love in life. It's even better when I can totally agree with the reasons behind that love.

If you're wanting more from our girl Shikha make sure to check our her Instagram page for amazing food porn and all the things I wish I could make. If you're wanting to take on some cooking or dessert making on your own check out Shikha la mode. Oh and if you're needing just one more reason to absolutely be all about Shikha well um to say she's a HUGE Drake fan is a definite understatement.

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