Lets Talk About Self- Care.. Ya Need It Too

A few days ago we posted an image dedicated to self- care. We often forget the importance of ourselves and especially with the holidays approaching we can get overwhelmed.

Personally, I forget about how important is to take time out of my day and just breathe. I forget to take care of my mental, physical and spiritual needs. 

I have to admit in 2017 this year has shown me a lot of the importance of oneself. I am not my best without taking care of myself. I know that sounds cliche but its accurate af. We all get caught up with work, relationship, friendships and not expressing ourselves. I get caught with overthinking that I forget to relax. 


This past month I have reclaimed my love for self-care. For instance, I take one day out of the weekend to focus on myself.  I sleep in, go to the gym, a personal spa day with hair and face masks and guess what no social media. Yes, you read that right I cut myself from checking my Facebook, Instagram, texting and just playing on my phone. I need to reclaim my time and stop worrying about who is doing what, why isn't that person not texting me, stressing about work, etc. You can low key call this ghosting or disappear for the world for a little bit but, for me, this has become self-care and therapy to clear my mind. 

I count my blessings, catch up on my tv shows, read magazines, journal and just hanging out with my family. I can honestly say it's a weight off my shoulder not to worry about anything. Take care yourself, mentally, physically and spiritually. You are in control of your life. 

Chauncey WoodsComment