My 30 Day Running Challenge


Remember when we were required by the state to run the mile in PE as kids? Well, I sure do, and I absolutely hated it. From the very first time in middle school when I was forced to run around in circles and timed for how fast I ran (similarly to a lab rat), I have always hated running. I hated getting sweaty, the stitch in my side that always seemed to occur after only running one measly lap, and the humiliation of not being able to run an 8 minute mile like the rest of the “fit” kids.

Let’s keep in mind, I have never been overweight in my life. People are often shocked that I only started being active within the past couple of months. They would be even more shocked after discovering that until very recently, I had never ran a mile without stopping in my life. Yup, that’s right. Ya girl would take breaks, and lots of them. I would even “forget” my PE clothes some days and refused to wear the humiliating set of loaned clothes that the school provided, with the word “LOANER” plastered in yellow on the front of the shirt, just so I could sit out of running the mile.

For years, I would look at girls running outside, with their high ponytails swinging, bright running shorts, and Nikes, and I would envy them. I wish I was like her, was something I would say to myself every time a “runner” would pass by me. I used to give others the excuse that I was simply, “not good at running.” But what really makes someone “good” at running? Is it the speed? Is it the form? Or is it the endurance?

One day, I realized that the answer is, you. You are what makes YOU good at running. YOU decide what you are good at. Yes, some are blessed and extremely talented, but for those that are lacking certain natural-born skills, we have to be dedicated, hardworking, and passionate (which are honestly talents in themselves that not everyone has).

I started looking on Pinterest for running tips, literally typing in “How to run a mile for beginners”. I came across an article, in which a woman talked about running 365 miles in a year. Intrigued, I learned that she racked up most of her miles by completing marathons, triathlons, and races. I remember feeling amazed and honestly a little annoyed at her ambition. However, towards the end of the year, she described feeling uninspired and no longer had the motivation to run. One day, she came across an article, that suggested running one mile a day every day until the holidays were over. She realized that running a mile each day helped her stay consistent and on track with her running and before she knew it, she had completed her 365 miles.

Not at all interested in participating in marathons or running 365 miles in a year, I then Googled “run a mile every day” (thank goodness for Google honestly). I came across a man’s blog post that also discussed running 365 miles in a year (damn you overachievers!), but he completed his challenge by running one mile, every day, for the entire year. He said that when he mentioned his challenge to his friends, many criticized him or asked, “Why only a mile?” He then explained that it was not about how far, or how fast he ran. It was about getting his ass up out of bed every day and running a mile, no excuses. He even described being stuck at an airport and running around the terminals until he completed a mile, just so he would not miss a day.

Inspired by these two strangers’ stories, I created my own challenge: Run at least one mile every day for 30 days—an attainable, very doable goal. That meant from September 1st to September 30th I participated in an activity that I wasn’t just “not a fan of”, I truly hated it. This challenge was about more than running, or losing weight. This running challenge tested my dedication and commitment. It is very easy to spend every day doing something you love, but can you honestly say you would not struggle doing something you hated every day, for 30 days?

 Day 1 of my running challenge

Day 1 of my running challenge

So, that’s what I did. I ran. I struggled. And then I ran some more.

I ran early in the morning, late at night, in the cold, in the blistering heat (bipolar bay area weather), in the dark, in the blinding sun sans sunglasses, with music, without music, on the treadmill, outside, tired, energized, hungry, way too full, happy, sad, frustrated, pissed off . . .

I ran a mile for the first time in my life. Then I ran 2 miles for the first time. Then it was 3.2 miles. Each little milestone was a major accomplishment for me. No matter what my feelings may have been earlier in the day, once I completed my mile, I felt indescribably proud of myself. This running challenge was the first thing I have ever done for me. I wasn’t doing it for a medal, or recognition, or to impress anybody but myself.

As the month went on, I documented my progress on my Instagram story and the amount of DMs and text messages I received about how my running journey inspired my friends to start running made me want to cry from happiness. It was unbelievable to me that I could change someone’s mindset just from leading by example. The kind words and support from my friends, and even some strangers, motivated me to complete my challenge and it is what kept me going on the days I wanted to call it quits.

At the end of 30 days, I was able to turn a weakness, into a strength.

So, I now have a challenge for you. I challenge you to do something you don’t particularly like or you are not good at, but have always wished you were, and just go for it. Set attainable goals, but immerse yourself in the struggle and come out the badass person you always knew you were. Even if you don’t believe in yourself, remember that it takes one decision to change your whole life. I hope my challenge inspires you to recognize the strength within yourself that has always been be there.

I believe in you.

 Day 30 of My Running Challenge

Day 30 of My Running Challenge

A Holistic Approach to Beautify Yourself Inside and Out


If only life was so simple that the only recipe we would ever need to bring out our beauty was a fragrant lotion and a sunscreen. And yet, here we are, flooded with diversity in terms of beauty items available today, unsure which one is “the one” for our skin type, or what the best way may be to deal with a chronic issue such as losing hair or acne.

It’s high time we changed our perspective to finally focus on the big picture. Dealing with a sudden zit attack should be a thing of the past, while handling the underlying issue and preventing future mishaps is another – with the help of the right lifestyle choices, the latter no longer needs to be a beauty utopia.

The don’ts

First things first, let’s make sure you’re not doing anything to worsen your beauty troubles with any unhealthy choices. For instance, it’s not just your smile that will be damaged and yellowed if you smoke, but your skin will be prone to sagging, uneven tone, and deep-set wrinkles due to the sheer amount of chemicals your skin is exposed to. On the other hand, sugar isn’t just responsible for your love handles, but it also wreaks havoc on your existing skin irritations, and decreases collagen production which leads to more sagging.

If you truly wish to change your beauty habits, start with the ones you should actually end. Take a beauty vow, empty your kitchen cupboards of those processed candy bars and sugar-loaded sodas, and start a plan to quit smoking – and remember, structure, support, and persistence are the key to success.

Practice mindfulness


With so many distractions all around, from your mobile phone chirping notifications every two seconds, all the way to those long hours at the office with many people around, we’ve become almost immune to being in the moment. This ability to increase our awareness of ourselves and our environment also helps us make better decisions. Will you reach for another cup of coffee if you actually listen to your body and realize you need water? Will you turn off those notifications to have a meaningful conversation?

Building a mindful mindset, through meditation, slowing down every once in a while, and letting go of multitasking also helps you reduce your exposure to stress, which in turn lowers your cortisol levels. Moreover, it helps your body become stronger, your ageing signs will be delayed for longer, and you’ll be less inclined to go for those self-destructive habits such as biting your nails.

Structure your diet


It’s easy to fall into a cycle of eating predominantly fast and junk food, as well as overly processed pre-made meals. If you just drop by the pastry shop and get a bagel when you’re late for work, then you know the feeling of being stuck in such a mindset. Yet, what we choose to eat affects our beauty as much as it protects our wellbeing.

Start by redefining your eating habits, and choose whole foods that are not just diverse, but also nutrient-dense, and perfect for restoring your complexion and cleansing your entire body. With all-natural, sustainable foods on your menu, you can provide your skin with balanced nutrition, and keep your radiance intact. Your beauty depends heavily on the right amount of vitamins and minerals that you consume, so by eating healthy, you’ll actually be pampering your skin every day.

Rethink your beauty shelf

Spring cleaning is not reserved for the warm months of the year, ladies, on the contrary. We should all develop the habit of simplifying and choosing all-natural bottles over chemical-filled products. Ditch the ones that damage your skin, and go for natural anti-ageing skincare based on protective, organic ingredients that not only deliver a visually appealing result, but also nourish your pores. It’s not just about getting that plump, radiant look, but actually creating the foundation for such a long-lasting youthful glow.

Think: skin-friendly oils such as argan and rosehip oil, bamboo, coconut and shea butters, and similar lush elements that will help you restore and retain your beauty. Skip the long list of complicated, often harmful and synthetic ingredients, and stick to the ones that come straight from Mother Nature to pamper your pores.

Hydrate inside and out

In addition to choosing organic moisturizers for your minimalist daily routine, it’s vital that you provide your skin with ample moisture by drinking enough water every day. Your skin and your hair cannot have that voluptuousness, volume, and shine without it, and it’s the key ingredient in your diet that helps you detox naturally through sweating as well as speeding up your metabolism.

Add to that a powerful, hydrating lotion, preferably one that also protects from the sun’s harmful rays, and you’ll have a truly dynamic duo that will cherish your complexion inside and out. Summer-friendly picks are often rich in plant ingredients such as aloe vera which is a delight for all skin types, while hyaluronic acid is a miracle-worker when it comes to retaining moisture deep in your skin.

Strive for balance


In beauty, as in life, listening to your body and truly understanding what it needs is almost an art form. On one hand, you need to be active, exercise on a regular basis and spend time in nature, but on the other, if you’re overworked and tired, you cannot reap the rewards of physical activity without the support of ample sleep.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for getting just the perfect number of hours of sleep as well as exercise every day. You need to turn inwards, focus, and decipher the subtle signals your body is sending you. After a while, you’ll discover the right balance for yourself, and finally let your beauty flourish as a result.


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Some suck, some are awesome, some almost shove the food down your throat. Let’s talk about these food shows and what they are actually doing to our health!

Important Facts You Need to Know About Orthokeratology

Also known as Ortho-K or Overnight Vision Correction, Orthokeratology refers to the correction of eye shape or cornea by creating contact lenses that are gas permeable. It has the potential to reshape the cornea and thus reduce refractive errors like hyperopia and myopia. Orthokeratology is an alternative to using glasses or undergoing refractive surgery. If you are suffering from Myopia with -6.00 diopters, then you are a suitable candidate for it. Tissue growth or propagation studies suggest that epithelial cell adjusts in response to any foreign particle. The great proximity of CRT lens to the cells stimulates or affects cellular growth whereby less proximity is associated with more growth and more proximity to cellular repression. The cornea of the eyes is very sensitive to even minor changes and is responsible for at least 60% of eye focusing power.


For focused vision and for cornea correction, Ortho-K is an effective treatment. With the specially shaped lens, the cornea is gently pressed and reshaped slowly and gradually. This, in turn, promotes focused vision. This corrective effect at least lasts for 72 hours and is the practical way of eyesight correction. When compared to several other eyesight correction mechanisms, Orthokeratology may reduce the chance of eyesight changes in future. The result is somewhat like surgery or surgical correction despite no surgery is done.

What Is Orthokeratology?

As already stated, Orthokeratology is a non-surgical way to reshape the cornea for vision correction. It is effective and too easy. Here in the non-surgical procedure, special contact lenses are designed for reshaping the curvature of the eyes. This, in turn, improves the vision of the person. It corrects the vision whereas you don’t depend on eyeglasses. You must wear a gas-permeable contact lens overnight. When you are asleep, the lens shapes the cornea or the surface of the eyes such that you can clearly see the following day.

The Purposes of Ortho-K Treatment

There are mostly two purposes of Ortho-K. It helps to rectify refractive errors like astigmatism, short-sightedness and hyperopia. The primary purpose is correcting refractive errors resulting in astigmatism, short-sightedness or hyperopia. It may also rectify the eye condition presbyopia. It may also slow down the progression of myopia. The cornea reshaping contact lens can be worn overnight or wherever you want. As the effect lasts for a few hours, it is better to wear it from time to time. The benefits one gets from Ortho-K differs from case to case. Any type of corneal reshaping lens falls within the category of Ortho-K.

The Various Vision Problems Ortho-K Can Address

It can correct a variety of vision problems including shortsightedness. Anyone who is having moderate myopia is a suitable candidate for Ortho-K. It can correct the lesser degree of presbyopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. If you are not willing to wear glasses, you may go for it. Generally, the kids or young adults who want to move glass-free, they are a suitable candidate for it.


The Role of The Optometrist

An optometrist is the one who fits the contact lenses for Orthokeratology. He is the one who carries out lens fitting or Ortho-K fittings. A contact lens technician is equally capable at this. 93% of patients have attained good results or attained 20/32 vision. Before using contact lenses, the eye doctor measures the curvature of your eyes. Upon insertion of the lens there may be a slight discomfort but not at the later stage.

Till the eyes get completely corrected, you may have the problem of blurred vision. It takes time to fit the lens and some fees will be charged by the eye doctor.

THE HEALTHY FIX: Workout. Period.


Periods happen....every month, but that shouldn't stop you from working out and doing your thang! Jam talks about their experiences, workouts, products and all the ruined clothes. Check out this week's episode on working out with your period.

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Practices for Detox and Stress-Relief


Unless you live on a secluded island, you are bound to experience a certain amount of stress on a daily basis no matter what your profession or daily obligations are. This is simply the world we live in – it’s fast, hectic and full of goals waiting for us to achieve them and errands waiting to be done. And the worst part – it never ends. No matter what your daily schedule is, it involves at least a smidge of stress, not to mention that with the fast-paced lifestyle, we barely have the time to eat, let alone eat healthy.

Poor diet in combination with chronic stress that just piles up definitely takes a toll on the body and the mind, so it’s time to take matters into our own hands, shake things up and finally unwind, detox and de-stress. It may seem difficult now, but trust us, these steps are not only easy but actually appealing, so you will enjoy practicing them. Not long from now, you will begin to wonder how you ever survived your days without them, so let’s start your journey towards wellbeing today, one step at a time.

Take your time


In the spirit of mindful living, do one thing – set your alarm 30 minutes before you have to be up, and don’t hit that snooze button because it has been proven to throw your final REM cycle off track, resulting in you feeling more tired than when the alarm first went off. A good friend of mine suggested I lie in bed, look out the window and visualize my day while listening to soothing music for the duration of those thirty minutes. I didn’t really believe in the power of that, but setting goals and making plans and checklists in your head really makes you feel more at peace, like you have more control over things. In addition to that, try to remember to give thanks – for your life, health, your family and friends. Think of all the blessings in your life and say ‘thank you’ out loud. Whether you’re drinking a cup of coffee or warm lemon water to kick the day off on a healthy note and jumpstart your metabolism, do it slowly and be aware of every precious second. Continue to hydrate properly over the course of the day as this will help flush out toxins from your body in the most natural way.

Lay it all out

In order to have a good, stress-free morning, you need to ‘take care of business’ the night before. Lay out your workout clothes so they remind and motivate you to go jogging, do yoga or engage in any kind of physical activity that suits your sensibility. Physical activity has proven benefits on both mental and physical health – it keeps your hearts strong, your energy levels spike and your mood instantly spikes as well – which is the opposite of stress and that’s what you’re aiming for. My personal preference is yoga – it provides me with the much-needed serenity, makes me stronger, more flexible and I can do it anywhere, I just need my mat.


Steal the time to detox


Aside from doing my best to eat healthy and always have plenty of superfoods in my fridge and pantry, I have developed another great habit that I wouldn’t skip even if the world was crumbling. I make it my goal to pay a visit to my favorite spa in Eastern Suburbs for some serious pampering and detoxing. After a replenishing body and face massage, I spend some ‘hot’ quality time in the sauna – nothing like that amount of humidity and sweat to flush out the toxins. Many people nowadays have made a trip to a spa a habit that equals that of going grocery shopping, and for a good reason – stressful times call for rejuvenating measures, and now that I am one of those people, I couldn’t be more grateful to myself for booking that first appointment.

Chase it away

I like to think of meditation as a strong tool against stress as a cross and garlic against vampires – at least according to the movies. When you meditate, it seems like all your troubles just become so irrelevant, the things that weigh you down so small and insignificant. You empty your mind, get in touch with your core, and ever since I discovered that meditation can fend off stress, anxiety and even depression, I do my best to steal those twenty minutes for myself no matter what’s going on. You will be able to stand whatever the world throws at you if you have the right tools – and meditation is my strongest one.

You’re not alone


If you have a handful of great friends or family members you can confide in, then you should consider yourself wealthy, and I truly mean that. Having a support system is one of the most effective ways of dealing with both the good and the bad. Happiness isn’t happiness if you don’t share it with the ones who will rejoice with you, and the same goes for problems and stress. Your go-to people won’t always have a solution, but that’s not even the point – sometimes it’s not a solution you need. Sometimes you just need to vent to someone who truly listens and can comfort, lift you up or even distract you with a bit of humor. Know who those people are, cherish them, and never think you’re a burden. They are here for you, so don’t be afraid of opening up and detoxing emotionally.







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Pegah's Summer Snacking Guide

Summer time is probably one of my favorite times of year. I mean lets be honest it's everyone's favorite time of year. There is sun, beaches, swimming, vacations, concerts, the list can go on and on. 

However growing up in a place that gets to be over a 100 degrees majority of the time in the summer your appetite for meals or food in general really dips.  I know I'm not alone in the "not really eating that much when it's hot" routine. But it's so NOT good for you and is a behavior I'm working to correct. (P.S. totally helps that I no longer live in a place that gets that hot BUT I know a lot of people do.)

So to help you and myself out I asked So She Slay's go to health and fitness gal, Pegah of Pegactive, about some of her summer snacking guidelines. 



I generally advise my clients to stick to three meals and two snacks per day. Since summer is SUPER busy for most (travel, events, parties, etc..), meal preppin' and planning ahead is CRUCIAL! You shouldn't have to compromise your health goals due to a busy schedule. For example: attending a BBQ? SO fun! Prep what you plan to have for the event! Another example: Going to a theme park? EPIC! Most parks allow you to bring your food inside! Woot! 



Always try to stay with food that is in season. Here are my favorite:

  10. APPLES 



I LOVE quick & easy snacks, so the easier the prep, the better. 

  • any fruit that is in season with either barney butter's amazing almond butter or frozen, so delicious coco whip! 
  • a nutrient packed & filling protein bar with a refreshing kombucha. 

(top three favorite bars right now: FITJOY, PERFECT FOOD BARS & G2G BARS) 
(top three favorite kombucha brands right now: KEVITA, BREW DR. & LIVE soda kombucha) 

  • protein ice cream. 

(top three favorites right now: HALO TOP, SLIM TWINS ICE CREAM and ENLIGHTENED)


Following some of Pegah's summer time snacking advise I've come to understand her love of Halo Top ice cream. I must admit it sounded too good to be true but ugh I was wrong. It's as every bit of good as you could imagine. Ice cream that is good for you...sigh.

In paying attention to the list of in season foods she likes I've now been on this kick of eating my fast, easy version of avocado toast with Trader Joes gluten free whole grain bread, Trader Joes classic hummus, and yummy avocado slices with a touch of salt and pepper. I've also implemented the fruit with peanut butter or yogurt as well as having fun making recipes that include zoodles! Aka zucchini noodles for those that haven't caught on to this wonderful dish but totally should. 

Hopefully some of her awesome suggestions on summer snacking can help you too!

5 Simple and Useful Tips for Eating Healthy While Traveling

English has sort of become what Esperanto tried to be – a default international language nearly everyone speaks. Therefore, even if you are in a foreign country, you can still be able to communicate with the locals. This means you can ask the residents of the city or town you are visiting for recommendations. Looking for “insider” food information when it comes to the best meals in town for the most reasonable pricing might just be the smartest strategy to keep eating healthy while you are on the road.

Traveling can be physically taxing, so it’s really important to keep your dietary habits healthy and light to keep your vitality up. However, there’s a caveat that comes with such advice – if you tend to get really anxious when you are forced to hit the road on behalf of your company (or anyone else for that matter), food choices can be futile no matter how healthy they are. With that in mind, here are five simple and useful tips for eating healthy while traveling.

No airport food


To be perfectly fair, some airports boast reliable food joints that offer amazingly tasty and healthy food. However, nine out of ten airports will house establishments with questionable quality control and every time you decide to eat while waiting for a flight can be a gamble. Most big airports around the world are truly going out of their way to become better in the realm of food service, but it’s a long process and there is hardly any rhyme or reason behind the quality of meals. Therefore, your safest bet is to completely avoid them. Prepare your own light salad meal or something a bit more substantial, and put it in your carry on, but don’t forget to seal it carefully so the smell wouldn’t spread, not to mention that it will be fresh longer.

Differentiate diners from family restaurants



Diners are a bad choice for hungry travelers. Cooks are usually barely professionals and they prepare thousands of meals every day, so the process turns into a careless blur to them. Plus, they tend to prepare these meals by using a pile of ingredients that tend to spoil a lot faster. Most of the food is grilled or deep-fried which doesn’t bode well for your cardiovascular system or your energy levels, which constantly need to be kept up while you travel. Family restaurants might look like diners, but they are a whole different beast. They usually have a more private and comfortable atmosphere and the layout tends to be roomier. The food in family restaurants is infinitely better when compared to diners.

Check out the local fitness scene



If your traveling timeframe gives you a bit of breathing space to work on yourself, you should check out the local fitness scene – especially if you are staying in one specific city. Every lifestyle enthusiast knows that they can improve their digestion and absorption of minerals and vitamins with a well-timed exercise. This can be really important if you are traveling to a different time zone. Try to activate your body at least two hours before and two hours after the meal. Check out the local scene for activities such as yoga, gym classes, but also use the opportunity to become familiarized with the local highlights through mountain climbing, hiking, and swimming. You can contact a reliable DMC and get insider tips for the local fitness center that is true to your liking.

Ask the locals for recommendations



English has sort of become what Esperanto tried to be – a default international language nearly everyone speaks. Therefore, even if you are in a foreign country, you can still be able to communicate with the locals. This means you can ask the residents of the city or town you are visiting for recommendations. Looking for “insider” food information when it comes to the best meals in town for the most reasonable pricing might just be the smartest strategy to keep eating healthy while you are on the road.

Keep your body on a clock



We tend to live in a bubble and on a schedule. Every time we break away from this schedule and go on a trip, there is a lingering danger of wrecking our metabolic habits. In other words, our bodies are probably on a clock – used to “scheduled” intakes of food in very specific time intervals. Try to keep these eating habits while you are on the road and eat when you usually eat no matter where you are, in which time zone or what part of the globe. By keeping your eating habits consistent, you will surely increase your chances of staying healthy even if a particular meal does not completely agree with you.

It’s enticing to walk into familiar fast food restaurants as you travel around the world on behalf of your company. Recognizable brands are all fine and dandy, but you should be aware of the fact that the content of these meals is not exactly beneficial to your metabolism. They are usually tasty mixes of spices meant to mask the poor choice of basic ingredients and a fatal combination of starch with salt and sugar. In order to stay healthy while traveling, you simply have to make sure that each of your meals provides you with a sufficient daily intake of complex vitamins your body requires.


WTF is Kombucha? And Why Should I Drink It?

Other than being a really fun word to say it turns out this popular drink has a lot more to it than you might think.

On my recent trip to sunny San Diego I stopped by the sister shop of the Living Tea Brewing Co. to get a first hand lesson in what Kombucha is. A shop that I must confess I'm a tad bias to since my dearest friend Michelle, her boyfriend, Danny, and his dad, Bill, run it.

Having never been to an organic Kombucha tap room I had no idea what anything was. There isn't a lot of organic Kombucha shops poppin up around the Bay Area - I honestly know of none.

Anyways, not only did I get to try lots of yummy, fresh, ice cold, flavors of Kombucha (can you tell I'm a fan) I learned that this fizzy drink is actually pretty healthy for you.

Here is what I learned!



It's may sound a little weird but it's fermented tea. However, it's this fermentation process that creates the probiotics. If you don't know what probiotics are allow me to sum it up for you. Probiotics are live microorganisms that help your digestive system and even your immune system, they are also known as healthy bacteria. BOOM...yay science!

Traditionally, Kombucha is made with sweet black tea but at the Living Tea Brewing Co you can find up to 12 different flavors. My favorite is the gut healthy blend of ginger and liver love with a shot of pear chai for some extra flavor.



Most people drink it to help with digestion and energy levels. Kombucha, as we said, has a lot of probiotics and Vitamin B benefits. For example, say you had a delicious meal but now you are so full it's painful. You can drink a little bit of organic ginger Kombucha and it will help you digest your food quicker. It's also said that if over your lifetime you've had five courses of antibiotics your gut flora is probably all out of balance. So if you drink organic Kombucha it can really help you rebuild and balance out that gut flora.



I say this because if you don't and you let Kombucha get to room temperature you run the risk of bottles poppin and not in a good way!

Kombucha is a living tea that all starts with this little guy called a scoby, which is a symbiotic colony of good bacteria and yeast. The scoby gets placed on top of the sweet tea and eats all the sugar in order to survive. By the time this part is done you are left with about two grams of sugar, maybe even less, per serving. Then when you add in the fruit juice the live enzymes that are leftover from the scoby feed off of the sugar in the juice. What happens when you allow Kombucha to reach room temperature those very enzymes and bacteria grow and multiply which can then cause your bottle to blow. Just picture a soda being shaken and exploding all over the place...same type of effect. However, if you keep it refrigerated the fermentation stops because it's too cold. So the bacteria and enzymes are still alive they just aren't able to multiply while in the fridge.  



People are beginning to treat Kombucha like a healthy soda that you can buy in bottles at stores. Although yes you can absolutely treat Kombucha as a WAY healthier version of soda I would also be careful when purchasing in store. Manufactures are beginning to add more sugar into their mixtures along with other ingredients that only dilute the actual Kombucha in order to keep bottles from exploding on store shelves. All I can say is read your food labels and know what you're feeding your body before you purchase.

So what makes the buch different at the Living Tea Brewing Co? Their Kombucha is made with all organic ingredients, under goes a rigorous process just to be made, and is kept in temperature controlled kegs to ensure only the best Kombucha is served.

You won't be finding the Living Tea Brewing Co.'s Kombucha on store shelves but you can definitely find it at one of their two locations in San Diego. So if you happen to be taking a nice vacation this summer and enjoying the sunny weather of Southern California make sure to stop in grab yourself a glass and tell them I sent ya. Oh and make sure to follow them on Instagram!







THE HEALTHY FIX: 10 Quick Fixes to Keep You Healthy!

This #WellnessWednesday JAM talk about how a busy life can sometimes impact our health goals, how can you stay on track with them?


We have 10 quick and easy ways to maintain that Healthy Fix ;)

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How to Create a Basic Gym Wardrobe


If you were intrigued by this title, you are probably a gym neophyte, quite possibly that person who keeps saying that they’re gonna hit the gym at the beginning of next month, or even next Monday, but you know what the thing about Mondays is – as soon as they arrive, we press the snooze button and wait for that next elusive Monday. Well, in case you didn’t know, there is actual scientific proof that having the proper workout clothes (and placing them in a highly visible spot, like a chair that you see as soon as you get up) is enough to motivate you to get up and stop postponing your pursuit of your fitness goals. To that end, we have created the ultimate shopping list for you, so as the movie says, once you build it, it will come, and by build we mean the wardrobe, and by it we mean the boost and motivation you need, so let’s go shopping.

Gotta Support The Girls



Whether or not you like to be constrained by additional layers is irrelevant here; every decent workout depends on the kind of support you provide for the ‘girls’. Now, there are infinite options when it comes to sports bras but sometimes finding the one that’s just right might seem like a scene from Mission Impossible. They’re either cute but offer zero support, or very supportive but completely devoid of stylishness. We’ve done our homework so you don’t have to, and we found the bras that represent the perfect mix of style and support. Solow Workout Bra is definitely our pick, and here’s why: the straps are super cute (and wide), and the cut of the bra exudes those cute retro vibes that will make you feel like a pin-up model. The cups are lightly padded and have underwires, which we all know are crucial, especially when you are beyond the B cup. Of course, there are other options out there if you’re not a fan of the underwire, so check them out and snag the best one for your needs.

The Additional Layer



Sure, some women don’t feel as comfortable working out in just a bra, but there are tons of options, stylish ones at that, that you can put to work. There are Ivy Park crops and hoodies by no other than queen Beyoncé, so you can feel comfortable and look super fly at the same time. Of course, since we live in an age in which athleisure rules all, feel free to take your top out to lunch or just a protein shake after – tops this stylish deserve to be taken for a walk around the block.

Talk About Bottoms



Most celebs these days are opting for the high-rise leggings when either working out or simply sporting their athleisure off-duty looks. They usually opt for black versions of it. However, this is the season for a splash of color – blue or burgundy women's exercise tights does wonders for motivation and you have tons of choices, so just take your pick. They are great because they provide good support, and great compression while exercising.  Also, if you feel like leggings or sweats are too constricting and especially if your body tends to get overheated quickly, perhaps you can consider workout booty shorts that provide optimum support. There’s no doubt that you’ll look hella hot in these, and you can always wear them under your sweats, if you want both coverage and support. 

A Touch Of Millennial Pink



Again, renowned sportswear brands have done an amazing job at bringing us not only sneakers that offer amazing sole and ankle support (vital for safety and an effective workout), but in the sea of options, we couldn’t help but fall in love with Nike’s millennial pink line that, aside from all-pink attire, offers incredible millennial pink sneakers, that are perfect for any form of exercise. This collection also features a cap – very handy if you have long hair and are working out outside, along with the super cute and sleek pink water bottle. There’s no way you won’t fall in love with these pieces and feel pumped about rocking them at the gym.

Final Touches



Ok, now that you’re all set in the basics department, let’s talk about the must-have additional items that will both save your life and your style. You’ll need a killer playlist on your iPod to keep you pumped. Don’t forget to snag some cute wristbands that serve as accessories but are also your savior because you’ll need something to dab that sweat with. Dehydration and all the sweating can take a toll on the lips, so always have your go-to lip balm in the bag, and speaking of one, you need a bag that will allow for both a grand entrance as well as exit. The best possible choice, hands down, is the Marc Jacobs D1 Packables Duffle. It’s big enough to fit all your stuff, and speaking of stuff – don’t forget to throw your ‘I’m a diva’ sunglasses in there, along with a towel (basic gym etiquette), and of course, deodorant and face mist. Now you’re ready to own the room.