Wait, Dating Is Now A Job?

Yes, dating has become a job. Your new typical 9-5 job.


This past week at my actual workplace a few of my friends and I were discussing the trials and tribulations of dating. We all know these conversations that we all typically have at least a few times a month. 

In the middle of this discussion, one of my best friends said "we have to treat dating like a job."  

Honestly, I can say we all became silent because that shit was real.

I know I need to make an effort to date. I  work at a primarily female-dominated company, and the lack of men in the area low. Barely any options of men to flirt with at your local Starbucks. 

Yes, dating is a job. You are forced to make an effort to date in your adulthood. It is not like when you’re in school you easily are surrounded by potential significant others now we are adults. Another difficulty to add to the term “adulting.” 

We have to force ourselves to go out of our comfort zone. You have to make an effort to go out more, download dating apps, stalk your friends to set you up with someone,  go to more bars, etc. This process is considered the job search.


Once you finally find some potential significant others in the job search phase, you have to do the interviewing. We all know any interviewing is horrible. You have to get to know the person, remember to be interesting, be charming and hide any craziness for a short time. Sounds like a job interview huh? Well, it is because you are interviewing each other. You are trying to figure out if this a good fit. 

After you passed the first part of the interview process, you now have the 90 day probation period. This probation period includes following up texts, daily upkeep of stimulating conversation and to look your best at all times. You can not pull the ‘sweatpants and chill with no makeup on’ just yet. 


To date is a job. You have a job search, interview and the probation period. You have to make an effort to date.  

So welcome to your job, either you are job searching, interview, on probation or been with your job for a few years.

We see you. 

Chauncey WoodsComment