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Hey Slay Nation!

We cannot believe that it is 2019 already. Last year was a whirlwind of hard work, love, laughter, and tears for the ladies behind the brand. Every day we work towards empowering other women and creating a safe place to talk about beauty, health, relationship issues, etc. There are so many BIG things happening for So She Slays in 2019 and with all these opportunities we are going to need even more help from our Slay Nation! Not only did we add on many new contributors, but after looking at several applications, we added six new AMAZING brand ambassadors to our Slay Crew!

We chose these six ladies for the beauty they not only display on the outside, but on the inside of their hearts as well. Articulate, intelligent, passionate, and genuine, each one of these ladies has a different story to share. We are excited for what they will bring to this brand and everything else to come this year.

Now let me introduce our very own #slaybaes!


My name is Abriana Gutierrez. I'm a natural hair enthusiast from Long Beach, CA. I am the creator of Naturally Me Events; I curated events geared to the natural hair community. I'm passionate about empowering others to embrace their natural hair and connecting with naturals from all over. In addition to creating events, I am also a brand ambassador for the organic hair brand, Curls.

Stay connected with me @mykurlyjourney and all my upcoming projects, @NaturallyMeEvents.


My name is Antonette Sansait (officially) - typically, I go by Ton Iā€™m from Toronto, Ontario in Canada and am currently a student in Acting at the Toronto Film School. In addition to theatre and film, my passions include other forms of artistic and creative expression. I enjoy painting, writing, singing (mostly jazz & r&b), and fashion. I also like to travel and am looking forward to visiting my sister who lives in Spain in the upcoming summer, 2019

My Instagram is @tonisomething


Hi everyone my name is Mariah! I am currently the CEO of @Riahmarieswim, where my slogan is "Be Confident, Be Bold, Be Yourself, Be a WOMAN." I am so happy to be apart of @Sosheslays because I am now given the opportunity to influence that positive light into as many lives as possible when given a chance, this is an empowering group of women who know themselves & I'm here for it boss babes!

My Instagram is @Mariahchilcutt.


Her full name is Victoria, but you can call her "Tor" if you'd like! Tor is currently living out in the sunny city of LA. She graduated in '17 from Cal State Long Beach class majoring in Communication. While attending school, she stayed busy with part-time jobs, campus clubs, and internships. An internship that followed her after graduation was being a "part actress, part advocate" in the social justice improv group - InterACT. Immediately after graduation, Tor started working at an HR tech startup as a Sales Development Rep. On her free time; you can almost always spot her at the gym. To quickly sum Tor up: movies, fitness, cooking, reading, travel, wine (cheers!) and of course - full-time feminist.

Be sure to follow @vsimbol to see what she's up to!


Andria Williams is a mother, coach, brand ambassador, speaker, entrepreneur, lupus survivor, and overcome. She has influenced entrepreneurs by teaching them to achieve success on their terms. Hailing from Shreveport, LA, Williams inspires others to live and dream big.

Williams is working hard to change the trajectory of her life. She went from being a statistic to building her success story. Even though the odds were stacked against her, she was determined not to allow her past circumstances to stop her from achieving her goals. The lessons she learned on her journey as a teen mom gave her the courage to keep pushing.

Andria has always had a passion for writing and aspiring to inspire others. In 2017, she launched her work from home health and wellness business. The following year she decided to make writing a priority and started her blog. In 2019, Williams decided it was time to build her brand; She's Still Standing, where she is focusing on inspiring other women to go after what they want despite the circumstances. When Andria is not coaching other women, writing or speaking, she enjoys spending time with her with her three children.

My Instagram is @stillstanding_1227


I am a Vietnamese-American born in the Bay Area. Growing up being bullied, I never truly knew where my place of belonging would be. I tried hard for the majority of my life to fit in, which only led to depression in my 20's and quickly followed by social anxiety. However, I worked extremely hard to let my light shine through. After genuinely finding out how to love myself, I am actively spreading my message through social media and am now writing my book of all that I've overcome -- And, this is working towards the launch of my very own podcast. I hope every day that with this, I can tell my stories to help inspire positivity and empower others.

My Instagram is @stephanieatn

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