Letting Go

If an eff you from your ego and a flick of your middle finger to your inner control freak takes such a mahoosive self-mastery- of yourSELF- then why are we always associating leaps of faith and letting go with losing control?!

Why, when it’s YOUR CHOICE?!

Your choice whether you cling to your cliche or crawl out of that comfort zone. Your call between a branded and boxed “bod” or a bar raise of beauty standards. You decide if you dress the part or do your shiz. Has your head or heart worn on your sleeve? If you stick to the same page or change up your chapters, stay put or discover people & places. Fake it til you make it or find your own feet. Salute to society or slay stigmas and stereotypes. Finger point flaws or flip the 3rd one up. Make your mundane a “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” or say “damn you” to dancing with your demons.

It’s your shout if you flare your flairs or a facade. If you fan the flames or follow your inner fire. Burn bridges or break down your walls. Dine with diet culture or taste flavors of freedom. Stay home inside your head or stop thinking you’re your thoughts.

You call the shots on if you talk the talk or walk the walk. Sell your story or live it out loud. Keep cliques via clicks or create open connections. Go with game players or be a game changer.

It’s your say-so on whether you “what if” every whim or take a train of thought. Mind map it or make it happen. Run away from yourself or ride or die reality. Circle the selfsame or break the cycle. Stay stuck in a rut or realize there’s no “right” time.

You run the show for the fame game or following your heart for creative content or a career ladder climb. Putting the person, you are on a pedestal or pursuing your passions.

YOU rule the roost of your rights and wrongs.. do’s & don'ts..should’s & shouldn't..& of how many shits you give to the shebang of the “she says he says”

Because how down to earth you are is down to YOUR decision.

You’re in charge of whether you choose to chew on that, or take a chance and change some choices. You have the control to CHOOSE whatever the hell the Who, What, When, Where, and Why’s are of this one life you either exist in or live.

Gabi Morris Comment