Jobs in Which Women Slay

Even though most jobs can be done by both men and women, there are jobs that women just seem to be better at. After all, we can all agree that there are many clear differences between men and women, including the way they think and solve problems, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that some jobs are simply more suitable for one sex than the other. If you’re wondering which jobs we are talking about, here are a few jobs that women excel at doing.



Whether we are talking about personal secretary or the company one, ladies usually do much better in this field of work. It might be due to being better at multitasking, but women are also better at being detailed and well organized. Moreover, the ability to listen and type at the same time can be invaluable to a secretary. Plus, the secretary is often one of the first people you would see if you were to enter a company building. This is why women’s natural charm is another reason for them slaying at this job.


Contrary to the popular belief, the fact is that men are not better drivers regardless of how many of them think they are. When it comes to driving, men are more prone to making risky moves like speeding or drunk driving, and thus, putting themselves and everybody around them in danger. They are also more easily distracted by their environment, which can be dangerous, since research has shown that about 8% of all driving accidents happen when the driver gets distracted. This is why no matter how much men love their cars, women will still be better at driving them.


Nobody can deny that men can be amazing teachers. However, women are naturally more sensitive, patient, caring, affectionate, and supportive, which are essential qualities when it comes to working with children. Most men lack the tolerance and patience necessary for the job, and children can be quite a handful. Although it may be true that men are less likely to venture into this field of work due to social pressure and stereotypes, even if that weren’t the case, women would still be better at it due to their nature.




Just like they are great at being secretaries thanks to their multitasking skills and tendency to be detailed, women are also great at being managers. Men are less likely to provide regular feedback to their employees and more likely to compete and focus on their own progress instead of making decisions that would benefit their entire team. They also have a hard time dealing with failures and accepting their own mistakes, while women are more patient and willing to listen and learn from experience.

Finally, women are better at investing money, because testosterone makes men more likely to hold on to their stocks and risk everything. Women, on the other hand, choose to play safe most of the time, which is why studies have shown that they have nearly twice the return as men. Speaking of finances, if you want to improve your knowledge, getting a certificate IV in finance and mortgage broking might be just the thing you need to improve your  financial game.

Fitness instructor

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Being a fitness instructor requires patience, meditation, breath control, the right posture, and the ability to relax. The benefits of fitness are not tied to either sex, but the female body often tends to be more flexible than that of a man. Moreover, men tend to get embarrassed and uncomfortable when required to do certain movements. These are just a few reasons why women are often better at being fitness instructors than men.



Research has shown that women are more likely to yawn when somebody else does than men are – which shows that they have a higher sense of empathy. They feel more affected by the feelings of the person they are talking to, which makes them great counselors. Plus, with their nurturing nature and the ability to listen, they are better at creating the right kind of connection with the person who needs their help. Also, women are generally thought to be more trustworthy than men, which is extremely important for jobs that are based on trust. All of these qualities can help the person seeking counseling open up, which helps the counselor do their job more successfully.


These are just some of the jobs that are generally better done by women than men. They rule these job positions and will probably keep slaying at them for a long time.