I failed 2017

2017 made 2016 feel like a teddy bear. The challenges thrown at me during the last 365 days have left me in the fetal position more than once, wondering how in the world I was ever going to get the courage to get up again.

Every time I thought I had an understanding, a grasp of a situation, an inkling of what it was that I needed to do, I was taken down from behind, dragged deeper into the unknown.


I failed a lot this last year. And most of those failures were pretty major. I failed as a writer, as a contributor, as an entrepreneur. I failed as a wife. I failed as a mother. I failed my health, my strength, my mental stability. I failed myself. I failed.

The storm that has surrounded me for the past little while, in all reality, is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon. It will hide from time to time, I’m sure, but I know it will be back. I am learning to live with that knowledge, come to peace with that, and know that it doesn’t have to completely halt my life in the future. I can use the chaos to fuel me going forward, rebuild my path and climb towards my goals.

I am owning all of my failures. Every single one of them. They are mine, and mine alone. I will use them as lessons, weights to lift to help me grow into a much stronger individual. All because I was reminded that while I have failed, I am not a failure.

Let me tell you something else.

It is ok to fail. You are not a failure if you do.

Let me just say that again…

It is ok to fail.

You are not a failure if you do.

Love yourself, allow yourself to learn and grow into the fabulous being you were created to be. 

Slay on, my beautiful friends. 

Brittnie FaulknerComment