Game changer

Why do we play the game
The name game
Blame game
The fame game
The good old grid of the ‘gram game

Chess move choice making
Rolled dices running decisions
Duck Duck Goosing round Who Dares Wins
Snakes & Ladders over leaps of faith

Rubik Cubing what’s raw & real
Whodunnits of Who What Wear
Dot to dotting flaws & foibles
Painting people by numbers

A Charades of shushed sheeple
A Simon Says of a society
Jargon all jabbered with some “Jinx!”
“Skirting the rules” & rebelling selves

Typos & tags all Tic Tac Toed
Tetroses of double tapping
Leveled up via love heart likes
“Bod” standards penalizing brownie points

Play acting like Pictionary
Figuring out the Barbie figurine
Kudos for covered Cluedos
Persecutors prettified into pranksters

The pregame prink & preen
Dolled up dress ups
Dominoed down to earthness
A trademark tag & you’re “it”

Heads Down Thumbs Up for how we frankly feel
Mind f*cks filling memory stick thoughts
Remote controlled creativity
Push button brains on buttoned mouths

Cheat code chases between champs
Instructions instead of imagination
Hashtag hacks in & out of heads
So called clicked & commented cliques

What effing whilst winning
Muting what plays on minds
Chopped & changed Chinese Whispers
Moving on like Musical Chairs

Mine-crafted mind mazes
Stuck in the Mud of the same song & dance
Monopolized make or breaks
A world building blocked by brains

Career climbing like Kiss Chasing
Jumpsies without the journeys
Learning curves off the cards
Tugs of War with traits & to-dos

Knock, Knock, Ginger on open doors
Ring a Ring o' Roses routines
Said & done swings & roundabouts
Hide & seek with habits & hearts

Failing for feeling
Spoil-sporting through self defeating
Sore loser for losing your shit
Losing if you're letting go

4 feet forward, 5 thoughts back
Playing into the hands of our own heads
Toying with lost time
Like there’s limitless lives left to lose
No last leveling in life
No endgame to gambling
No outside to the board games box
No Game Over on chances to change
Not a shoot nor score in that cliche
“Nothing changes if nothing changes”

As if a game player
Can’t grow into the GAME CHANGER.

Gabi Morris Comment