The first part of June, I celebrated my 31st birthday.

Out of all those years on this planet, it has been this last that has taught me so many things big and small.  So many circumstances outside of my control, so many decisions, so many influences, so much time. As I sat reflecting on my 30th year, as one does, I thought of all the lessons and reminders life brought my way. Some were serious and deep, but there were fun and frivolous ones as well. Here are a few … ok, 30 … that I thought I would share.

1.      Knowing what’s coming doesn’t make it easier to deal with by default.

2.      Deciding to pursue your dreams is both terrifying and thrilling.

3.      I still do not like celery, not even a teeny-tiny bit.

4.      Self-care is crucial to being able to take care of others.

5.      There is always enough time to take a moment to breathe.

6.      My preferred decorating style is vintage with a touch of shabby-chic.

7.      I have a lot more patience that I thought I did.

8.      Acknowledging awful things that happen in the world does not mean that you accept them as a part of life.

9.      Being rejected is easier to deal with when you are confident in your abilities.

10.   Communication is vital to any relationship.

11.   I am really, really horrible at housekeeping.

12.   Feelings and emotions are real and should be felt or expressed – in the appropriate time and place.

13.   It is quite possible to go from having it all, to having nothing, to having it all in 365 days, especially when you begin to redefine what “all” and “nothing” mean to you.

14.   You can never have too many books. EVER.

15.   Creating a routine out of chaos (particularly self-created chaos) is very, very difficult.

16.   Dedication does not always equal late nights and early mornings.

17.   Being strong and healthy in all areas of life (mental, physical, emotional) is a full-time effort.

18.   Wooly mammoths still existed when the pyramids of Giza were constructed.

19.   If something makes you feel better – spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically – do it (if it isn’t destructive J) Don’t worry about how crazy others will think you are.

20.   No matter how positive you try to be, you will have days that knock you down. That’s ok. Just don’t stay down.

21.   I can totally pull off red lips and a magenta hair streak…and you can, too.

22.   Self-promotion is difficult but necessary.

23.   As hard as it can be, don’t judge. You never know when you will be the crazy mom yelling at your child just for touching your arm.

24.   I have worth, even when I feel like a fraud and a failure.

25.   Life adventures are easier to swallow when you are being mindful.

26.   Mountains are an integral part of my well-being.

27.   Owning who you are is not selfish.

28.   Ego is real, and it will do everything in its power to follow the curve that it has decided the rest of society is on.

29.   My life is not my phone. But it sure tries to be.

30.   Finding a notebook with the right vibe is often a difficult process. Always buy a notebook when it calls to you.


Most of all, I was reminded that life is a glorious and wondrous adventure, all of which should be enjoyed. The good and the bad, the dark and the light. It all works together to create something astounding and miraculous.