College is full of people with different personalities and fashion style. You have to attend lectures, do assignments, participate in educational seminars, party, and still have to slay. HOW? HOW? HOW? Can you do all that when there only twenty-four hours in a day? This is where I come in with some tips on how to slay and study… I call it #slaydemcollege.

  1. Devote at least ten minutes to do your makeup: Wake up fifteen minutes earlier to do your makeup. Arrange your things evenly so that you don’t spend more time than necessary doing your makeup.

  2. DECIDE ON WHAT YOU WANT TO WEAR A NIGHT BEFORE: On Sundays, if possible arrange all the clothes you’d wear during the week, iron them and keep them neatly so that when time is utilized correctly. On some days, you’d have to dress corporate while on other days, go casual.

  3. Get a bag where you can keep your stuff: A hand/side bag where you can keep your basic girl stuff like a pad, tissue, lip gloss, note pad, and your phone. It shouldn’t be bulky neither should it be too big. Keep things down because you’re in a formal environment. 

  4. Wear comfortable shoes: imagine you’re late for classes and you wore heels that you can’t comfortably run in them, tell me what are you going to do? Remove dem shoes and run? REMEMBER THE RULE IS “NEVER TO BE CAUGHT UNFRE

  5. Get a schedule: Dear sister plan your day so that you don’t get to do things that are not important, and end up stressing yourself. A schedule helps you to be timely, organized, and ready to slay…



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