Female Entrepreneurship: Ideas for Starting Your Business

It is 2019, and yes, it is the year in which women can dominate. Or, at least, start dominating. Let’s book 2020 and 2021 for the years that we will officially be as successful as men are. So, in order to do that, we have to establish ourselves as capable entrepreneurs. But how to do that? Well, by starting our own business. This might seem very scary and far-fetched, but with a lot of love, devotion and hard work and just a bit of help from friends on the side, you can do literally anything. Take the thing that makes you happy and fulfilled, and make a business out of it, why not? Take a look at some of the ideas that we might have in store for you:

Social Marketing

Marketing on social media is one of the most popular businesses of today, and more and more people jump on this bandwagon and want a piece of the cake. However, if you have a strong aesthetic game and you pay attention to the details, then this job might be perfect for you. The good thing here is that you can also work from home, so it’s a great option for stay-at-home moms to earn some extra cash on the side. Also, this could be a full-on job opportunity, especially if you prove yourself as a professional and you land many clients.

Interior design

If you love interior design and putting things together while still following the latest trends, you might want to consider this as a profession. This is one of the most interesting businesses at the moment, so you get to choose what color your client should paint their walls, what couch to buy or what lighting to install. Also, you get to design different homes, and combine different styles and aesthetics. So, basically, it is like playing The Sims in real life. 

The Beauty Industry

If you like makeup and shampoos and taking care of your skin, then you might want to consider the beauty industry. This is an amazing industry to start your business in as it is incredibly popular nowadays and can bring plenty of things to the table. Once you decide to open your own beauty parlor, for example, make sure to have the products of the highest quality, as that will determine your future and make the clients come to you. This is why looking for the best hair and beauty supply store matters a lot – find people who provide the best services and products, and work with them. This is an amazing opportunity to help others while still working on your own career and reputation.


Cooking is not only an activity that is fun and interesting, it is also something that can be financially quite rewarding, as well. Plenty of opportunities for catering might arise, and it would be good to have your own company that will allow you to benefit from this. Of course, it is important to start small. This will be a one-woman business at the beginning, but you trust yourself the most, so why not cook by yourself and let other people help you out with the delivery? If you opt for this step, bear in mind that Instagram advertising matters a lot.

These are just four ideas that you get to choose based on your interests and hobbies. If you have any other ones, feel free to pursue them. If you like gardening, for example, make it your profession, and start growing amazing plants that you will later on sell to your clients. The most important thing is to find your own voice and be memorable visually. Once people see you and they like what they see, you will start getting clients very quickly. Remember that the key is in baby steps. 

Claire HastingsComment