It's Time to Change the Narrative of Settling Down

As the world changes, and people’s lives start to shift in the direction of finding more meaningful ways to live their life, it seems that the idea of ‘settling down’ has not changed. As a digital nomad who travels the world with my own business, being a boss lady comes with its challenges. For too long, we as woman are taught that we have to one day settle down, find a man, get married, have kids and do all these things in order. However, there is a shift, we as woman are being more independent, within ourselves and also within our relationships. We don’t have to choose one thing or the other and finally we have the choice to do it our own way. 

What Settling Down Means To You

I’ve often travelled the world, and this brings me more happiness than I have ever experienced before. So many people ask me whether or not I miss have a ‘home’ or a ‘base’. To me I never understood that, anywhere I parked my life in any country is where I felt like home. That is what brought me joy. My idea of settling down meant that I could find a place and make it my home, that was me settling down. Making my own moves, on my own terms. Sure I would stay for months, maybe a year in a place if I loved it, but I was open to anything and if I didn’t stay that didn’t mean I wasn’t settling down that just meant I wanted more growth. I don’t have the restrictions as many people do, I find people stay in one place because that is what their job allows them to do and that is ok too. But now we have to change the narrative and change the idea of how people define settling down.

Being Independent And True To Yourself

There will always be people who want to either live viciously through you, or want to change your life and let you know that you aren’t living it the right way. Don’t pay attention to those kinds of people, they are the ones who envy your life and your lifestyle. It’s hard for them to get out of the traditional life and see that you have brought something else completely new to the world, new experiences, growth and the ability to be happy whilst also doing what you love. It’s not to say that their lives are boring or not right either, but it’s the acceptance of each lifestyle that will change the narrative of settling down. Be true to yourself, do what makes you feel right and make sure you do it because it is something you want to do. Don’t be forced to live a certain way if that doesn’t feel right for you. 

Finding Someone Doesn’t Mean Settling Down

I’ve loved hard and deeply, and more recently have had my heart broken. For too long we’ve also made woman feel less worthy if they hadn’t settled down with somebody. But why? This association with being in a relationship defines that you’ve settled down is unjust. Finding your way and doing it in your own time in the end what it’s all truly about. And if you find someone along the way, well that’s a beautiful bonus isn’t it?


Growth is another word for settling down. Let me explain, it’s that part of you that starts to understand more of yourself and feel more comfortable in your skin. It’s not about the location, it’s not about where you leave your suitcase or build your home, it’s about how you feel inside. This growth is an important stage in your life and it is something that you will continue to have as life goes on. I say this because you can live at home and in your own home country for all your life, but did your life change or did it remain the same? That’s the big difference, and that’s why the narrative has change. That too is what settling down means, it means growing and learning and the choice to continue to grow. 

That’s the big difference, and that’s why the narrative has change.

Margaret TraComment