Does BabyQuip Really Work? Ask a Provider.

Recently, we partnered with BabyQuip and learned about their story. We decided to do a little fact checking and to talk to one of their QPs (Quality Provider). These QPs are responsible for providing renters with quality baby gear.

We interviewed Talia, a BabyQuip Independent Quality Provider serving Miami-Dade County and Fort Lauderdale Metro area, to talk about BabyQuip and how it has impacted her. Check out her responses below:


Hello my name is Talia and I am a new mom to a 20 month old. I work in the travel industry and do it quite often. Recently, I planned travels with my toddler alone, and found myself overwhelmed with the amount of things needed to successfully travel with a toddler and still keep his routine, and so a friend recommended Babierge. I had such a great experience with the service, and it provided such piece of mind that I decided to jump on board and help out my fellow traveling parents. Living in a city where a lot of tourist can benefit from this service, I thought it would be a great opportunity to put these items to use, as they are just collecting dust in a closet, waiting to see the light of day and make another baby happy. Let us make your vacation, a memorable one too :)

How did you find out about BabyQuip?

I found out about BabyQuip b/c I was preparing to visit my sister in L.A across the country with my 1 year old son for the first time by myself and thought how am i suppose to lug all these things to be able to manage a baby for a week. So I searched online and came across BabyQuip. I used the service and was so impressed, I thought hey why not do it back home, besides Miami is one of the most popular vacation destinations. And so I began March 2017.

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How has it changed your life? Or has it?

It has certainly changed my life, It has allowed me to have a supplemental income for me and my home. It also allows me to provide a unique experience to customers in their most delicate time in unfamiliar grounds and create wonderful memories. I love when I receive a text or review from a client expressing how I ‘saved their vacation’ or how AH-mazing this service is. It’s very humbling.

What has been the most surprising thing about BabyQuip?

The most surprising thing to me about BabyQuip is how fast this side-hustle can take off. And how profitable it can be, if you really have the patience and flexibility to do this. It’s also surprising how this luxury can be such a commodity because even on vacation, you want to keep a routine with kids.

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