Meet JAMESDAVIS, My New Favorite Band


As I walked up to The Roxy, there’s an excitement in the air. People are frantically looking for their tickets, casually smoking cigarettes, or patiently taking selfies as they wait to go inside. And then it’s my turn. As I walk inside, the crowd is settling and the curtains open.

Jess, Rey and AusTon walk out on the stage to a welcoming crowd. They introduce themselves and the music starts. The best way to describe the JAMESDAVIS band using one word is synergy and with the three being siblings, it’s no surprise they blend with ease.

JAMESDAVIS is made up of three siblings, fraternal twins Jess and Rey and their brother AusTon Reynolds. Twins sisters Jess and Rey are equally forces to be reckoned with and as fraternal twins, their bond is obviously strong. Jess has an amazing deep and soulful voice that perfectly compliments Rey’s soprano, making the perfect trio with their younger brother AusTon.

JAMESDAVIS took the crowd on a journey through the ups and downs of being in a relationships with their song ‘I Will’ and dealing with life’s disappointments, playing songs like ‘Evergreen,’ and more. As if the three weren’t enough, they took their show over the tops with live band, bringing their songs to life. And to round it out, JAMESDAVIS then decided to have a little party, performing a few of covers showing off their Los Angeles roots and even one of my favorite Foxy Brown songs, ‘Get Me Home.’


Self-described as “stripped-down soul with heartfelt modern rock,” attending a JAMESDAVIS show is an experience everyone needs.

JAMESDAVIS is signed to Motown Records and is on tour now, check out the rest of their dates. Their music is available on all major music platforms.

Danielle ErvesComment