Level Up Woman

One of the purposes in this life is to cultivate and transform yourself into the best version of yourself.

Becoming an alpha female and a better person should be daily targets.

Real self-improvement requires strict dedication to gradual development on a daily basis. It will not happen overnight; it requires time, confidence and a strong mentality.

Developing aspects in our life that relate to mental and spiritual levels will enable everyone to reach personal fulfillment and happiness.


Mental health is the most important factor in order to maintain peace of mind. It is affected by the way we process our thoughts and emotions.

After, a traumatic event or having faced a difficult period of time is really hard to recover and find your old self. It takes time and patience and the belief that everything is going to be fine.

Well, I am not a psychologist neither a psychiatrist but I know everyone definitely will have or had at some point of their life a weaker mentality than a previous phase of their life. It is normal, it happens to everyone at different stages of life. Be prepared for it, that’s why is important to train the brain and mind to embrace it.

However, we need to find something to keep us going as life goes on and eventually progress to the belief that at some point everything will fall into place. And I repeat, it will.

It takes time and consistency to achieve it.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “never give up”? Well, it is time to live by it. Slow or fast progress, really does not matter as long as it is a progress to achieve your goal to be a happier person.

We are all different in one way or another and we should not compare ourselves to others. You cannot criticize or make fun of others as you do not know what they are going through. Trust me, karma is a bitch and no one wants to look pathetic passing judgement on things they know nothing about.

Two things to remember: Firstly, never care what other people think and say and secondly all is forgotten the next day. If it does not come from a person that cares about you, then erase and block any other negativity that affects your mental muscle. It’s dangerous for yourself to allow strangers’ opinion to affect your mindset and life.


Your religious faith, values, beliefs, principles, and morals define your spirituality. This is very personal and unique to each and every person in this world.

Focusing on your spirit is a step to another level, to another dimension higher than the materialistic aspect and whatever is tangible in this earth.

Do you believe in God? Well, personally I do but I know many who do not. However, the belief that something higher exists in this world can help the human being evolve as a person because there is faith. Praying daily may give you the strength, energy, and power to carry on in this life.

Acknowledge the fact that materials are in fact immaterial in comparison to principles and beliefs of goodness, love, kindness, sympathy, and gratitude.

Spiritual health is derived when you find peace in life when you are able to be strong and manage difficult times showing an attitude of gratitude in every situation you face.

Failures in life contribute to successes and should be embraced by being grateful for them in a way of accepting, allowing them and learning from them. In fact, you can consider them as blessings. Without them, you cannot grow and succeed.

Being more at one with nature is important. The world today is a million miles from where we have come as animals; it is rife with social and technological habits that can provoke anxiety in even the most adaptable of us. Reconnecting with mother nature can help you to “reset”.

Being closer to nature will make you feel more grounded – it is food for the soul.

As environmentalist John Muir said,

“keep close to nature’s heart… and break clear away, once in a while and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

Remember that a walk in nature walks the soul back home.

Your to-do list for today:

– Count your blessings

– Speak less and listen more

– Do not judge anyone

– Let go and accept situations you cannot change

– Start a new hobby

– Read a new book

– Engage with nature

– Learn a skill that will help you earn money

– Drink a glass of water

– Just breath