Why You Need a Slay Crew

Have you ever heard another woman say, “I just get along with guys better” or “Girls are just too much drama”? I am guilty of saying this statement more than once or twice in my life. While you may actually vibe with the opposite sex more, I honestly think that women who believe that they “don’t get along with other women” need to look deeper inside themselves as to why that may be.

I know that I was extremely insecure in high school and college and I distanced myself from many women due to my insecurities. I was not happy with myself—I hated the way I looked, I sought validation from others, and I would constantly compare myself to other girls that were prettier, skinnier, or smarter than me.

It took a lot of soul searching, pain, and heartache to get to the confident person I am today, but trust me, I have BEEN in your shoes if you have ever felt like how I used to feel. As I discovered my inner strength and cultivated a self-love stronger than any past relationship I had, I realized the importance of having a strong network of women in your life. Without my SLAY CREW that I have formed over the past year, I would never be in such a happy, fulfilled place.

So, here are 3 reasons why you need a Slay Crew:

1. Girl Talk


Women understand you in ways men cannot. Yeah being one of the guys is chill and you gain some respect for being “down to earth”, but guys will never understand the pains of feeling like an enormous bloated cry baby when you are on your period or your “crazy” pangs of jealous from your boyfriend liking another girl’s picture. Whereas women, have not only BEEN in your shoes, they have learned from similar mistakes and irrational thinking, and grown from them. With a Slay Crew, you’ll have your girl that listens to you vent and fiercely hates whoever you hate and you’ll have your girl that brings you back down to reality and reminds you of what really matters. I don’t think I have ever felt more comforted than after crying and/or venting to one of my close girlfriends!


2. Personal Group of Hype Women

Every girl needs her group of ladies to hype her up on the ‘gram and in real life. While some may say girls’ comments on each other’s Instagram pictures are cringe-worthy, I think it’s amazingly beautiful. Social media is something that you can consume very negatively or very positively, and seeing all these beautiful women comment on each other’s pictures with overdramatic “SLAY BOOO!” Or “You are GOALS”, makes me genuinely smile. Women supporting women is a win-win situation. There’s enough light for ALL of us to shine ladies, so share some of your sparkle and you will only shine brighter. And truthfully, having that drunk girl in the bathroom tell me I’m the most beautiful girl she has ever seen in her life means way more than some guy telling me I’m pretty to get my number (can you feel how hard my eye roll is through the screen? I hope so).

3. Empowered Women, Empower Women


When you have a Slay Crew filled with beautiful, intelligent, and badass women, you begin to realize that life is not a competition. Women should join hands and celebrate our uniqueness in unity and solidarity! I have many friends that are smarter, more beautiful, or talented in ways that I am not, but I genuinely support and am so proud of each one of them. Even just being in an environment of women with beautiful souls makes me feel 10x better about myself. I feel that each one of my Slay Crew members’ best qualities have rubbed off on me in some way by simply being in their presence all the time. Reaching the empowered state that I am in now would have not been possible without my Slay Crew.

There you have it ladies! Now go out, put yourself out there, and find your Slay Crew! Even if you are not used to making friends or you are painfully shy, remember that if it doesn’t scare you, then it’s probably not worth it. Fear is the accumulation of all the people who told you that you could not succeed.

Your Slay Crew is the accumulation of all the women that say YES GIRL, YOU CAN.

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