Slay or Nay? Crazy Rich Asians

For a community starving for representation in Hollywood Crazy Rich Asians (CRA) delivers.

It won't be the first or the last time you'll ever hear me or someone else of Asian American descent say when it comes to film and television our stories sometimes exist but we as a people hardly ever do.

Growing up I remember I had two women I could look to if I wanted to see any resemblance of myself in movies or on TV, the Disney character Mulan, and the Yellow Ranger from the Power Rangers (we won't even talk about how racist that is - but it is.) To say there was slim pickings be would be a definite understatement.

This is why Crazy Rich Asians is such a BIG DEAL for Asian Americans.

To this day there isn't an "A List" Asian American actor in Hollywood. And if you ask any non Asian American to name you a handful of Asian American actors I bet you 90% of them couldn't do it.

With movies like CRA being made and backed by entertainment giants like Warner Brothers it only breeds hope that more opportunities for the underrepresented minority will follow. However, it also brings the sad reality that if this movie doesn't do well it could possibly set Asian Americans in Hollywood back.

For that reason I say Crazy Rich Asians SLAYS!

Now as for the movie, if you're a lover of RomComs and enjoy watching others living lavishly while secretly wishing that could be you, you should definitely go see this movie.

I had the privilege of attending a special screening of CRA before it's official release in thereaters on August 15th and here's what I thought. 

1. It's the Asian version of Cinderella.

I say this because the character Rachel Chu, an economics professor, is dating Nick Young, the only son in his family and heir to their fortune, sounds like Cinderella. However, the display of Asian culture, food, and family dynamics makes this very traditional story unique and oh so true for anyone who has ever brought a significant other home to meet the family. Side note all the aunties will definitely remind you of some of your own.

2. Where the eff did they find these beautiful Asian men?

Okay, so whoever found these men um, I gonna need to speak to you. There is one scene in the movie that involves a shower and a very good looking naked man. I straight up said, "Ooo excuse me" out loud in the middle of the damn theater it was that good. Not only were the men beautiful, the women were too. I believe I now have a girl crush on Gemma Chan who plays Astrid Leong. She walked on screen and all I could think was, "Wow she's gorgeous."

3. All the female characters are represented as strong women.

I love that all the female characters are incredibly relatable but also fight against the ridiculous stereotype of a submissive, obedient, sexy, Asian, whatever that is so often portrayed in entertainment. All of these women kick ass in their own way. I found myself cheering on the sarcastic comebacks, rooting for the underdog, relating to the struggles and sorrows of relationships, as well as understanding the protective nature of family. What can I say I laughed, I cried, I went through all the emotions.

4. I think Awkwafina and I should be friends.

Holy shit does she kill it as Goh Peik Lin. She is so freaking funny in this movie, her comedic timing is just spot on. Her comebacks, reactions, and they way she is there for her friend, Rachel Chu makes her character the absolute best. Everyone should have a bestie like that in their lives. Plus I feel like if her and I were ever friends I would one, have the time of my life, two probably get into a lot of trouble all at the same time.

5. Take away all the pressure of what this movie represents and it's still a good movie.

I will be the first one to admit that I love RomComs, not all but certainly enough. There is a formula to how this genera of movie works so if you're looking for this movie to hold some deeper meaning than what a usual RomCom does you're not going to get it. What I can say is, if you take away the fact that this is huge for the Asian American community and that this is the first film to have an all Asian cast in 25 years you still have a good movie because it's a good story. I went to this screening with a bunch of non RomCom lovers who just came out to help support the Asian community and even they found it to be a cute story.

Go check out Crazy Rich Asians in theaters everywhere on August 15th! Bring your parents, your significant others, friends and or your girls! Come out, represent, support, and help make sure diversity is something that is sought after in Hollywood. Check out the full trailer here!


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