The Best Dos & Don'ts To Sending Wedding Invites

Although I've always been a bridesmaid and never a bride that doesn't mean I haven't heard my fair share of the complexities that come with sending invites.

From the guest list, to the color scheme, to the RSVPs, and the pressure of making the invitations absolutely perfect all while still remaining original is a lot to deal with. Not to mention all the wedding invitation etiquette that comes along with this whole process! I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it.

So to help those that are planning their wedding or are like me and have lots of friends that are recently engaged we thought we would team up with Basic Invite, an amazing website that lets you customize your own wedding invitations, to bring you the Do's and Don'ts of sending out the best wedding invites.



Your wedding invitation should give your guests the feeling of what your wedding will be like. Whether it be a casual affair, cocktail attire, or a black tie it's very important that your invitation reflects what your guests can expect while also staying true to who you are as a couple. Basic Invite is one of the very few websites that has an almost unlimited amount of colors to choose from and you can also preview instantly what the color combos will look like online to make sure you're getting the one of a kind design you like.



Just don't plain and simple. It's tacky and honestly that is information you can save for your awesome wedding website. If you want put your website link on the invitation that way guests will know where to go to get extra information including pictures, maps, wedding details, and even your registry. Since we all know weddings can be very expensive the fact that Basic Invite provides a FREE wedding website is amazing! With up to 180 different colors you can customize your website to look like your invite. Plus it's mobile friendly because honestly most of us use our phones to look up everything now a days.



I know this seems like a super small detail to fret over but trust me it just makes it easier. Sometimes getting the RSVPs back can be one of the hardest things. So in my eyes if you can make it easier for people to send you those bad boys DO IT! Plus, if you take advantage of the Seal & Send Wedding Invitations through Basic Invite you get the all-in-one invitation with a tear-of RSVP postcard. Meaning your RSVPs will already have the guest's address on it and all they have to do is fill out the card and drop it in the mail, no envelope required!



Ordering things like invites online can be a little scary especially if you've never done it before or you're like me and you have to actually hold the real thing in your hands before you make a decision. With Basic Invite you can get custom samples printed of your invitation before you ever place the final order. This means you can see exactly how the invite will print as well as the paper quality, which is huge because not a lot of websites allow you to do this.



Planning a wedding is already intense so it's important to streamline certain processes to make things easier. If you look for wedding invitation sets that include everything from save the dates to wedding inviations, enclosure cards, menus, wedding programs, and matching thank you cards you can get everything you need in one shot. Basic Invite has over 900 wedding invitation sets so there is no way you won't be able to find the perfect set just for you.

Overall rules of thumb when sending out your wedding invites: send your Save the Date six months before the wedding, send your actual wedding invite five to six weeks before the wedding, and send your Thank You cards out ASAP or no later than two months after your wedding.



Heather YoungComment