How to Bring Out Your Inner Femme Fatale

Numbers are not an accurate depiction of your inner worth – the number on the scale, your bank account, birth certificate, among many others.

Defining your true allure lies in so much more than sheer quantity of your successful life conquests or your physical appearance, for that matter.

Still, while we’re bombarded with images of photo-shopped, seemingly perfect ladies on magazine covers, it’s no surprise that many girls struggle with low self-esteem and imposing unrealistic expectations on themselves. But there’s a Femme Fatale in each and every one of us just waiting to dazzle the world, and there are foolproof ways to unleash her and enjoy your refreshed confidence!


Authentic looks

You don’t have to wear a cocktail dress or high heels to suddenly transform yourself into a seductress with a captivating attitude. However, you can definitely use your wardrobe as a form of powerful self-expression. No matter if you prefer to keep it simple by wearing baggy pants or ripped jeans, combined with a pair of plain white sneakers or open-toed sandals, if you feel comfortable in your own skin and outfit, your attitude will reflect it.

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Have fun with your appearance! Experiment with different makeup to find out which colors and styles suit your complexion, and explore the endless varieties of trendy dresses, playsuits, and clothes in general. You don’t have to wear anything off-the-rack – you can also design your clothes, giving them a personal touch, or shop for unique items. Chose the hues and textures that flatter your figure and bring out your most attractive features!


Walk the Walk

If you are uncertain how to attract a man you like, you might be tempted to resort primarily to changing your looks. But that won’t keep him interested for long – men will notice if you are desperate for their attention and nothing drives a man away quite like a clingy, insecure woman. If your outfit is vibrant, wear it with pride and work on strengthening your confidence.

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Whatever the outcome of your man-hunt, their acceptance or rejection shouldn’t define you, and you should never question your self-worth. When on a love prowl, your self-assured attitude is your greatest asset. Nourish a positive mindset towards yourself, and others will pick up on that vibe, and you’ll find your match more easily.


Let your deeds do the talking

Self-confidence is not an isolated behavior or a situation-specific courage. It’s also not a complete lack of fear or imperfections, on the contrary, it’s your ability to embrace your flaws and continuously strive towards becoming a better, stronger person.

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Take it from the gorgeous, powerful Amber Heard whose generosity speaks volumes of her inner resilience, soulful substance and further empowers her allure. With her choices of actions and behavior, she defines herself against the odds of the over-sexualized industry, and presents a role model for women everywhere, letting us know that we can be attractive, wise, imperfect and generous at the same time.


Self-care comes first

Treating yourself as a top priority and your body as a temple, you immediately impose a high bar for those who wish to be a part of your life, romantically or otherwise. This by no means limits your ability to give, but those around you will understand they need to treat you with care and respect.

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Build your life around healthy choices, from a versatile diet, a well-designed fitness routine, to a skincare regime that will pamper and nourish your complexion for years to come. Guided by daily choices that safeguard your wellbeing, you will build up your confidence and simply glow with pride.


Show your smarts

Nurturing a wide selection of interests by staying in the loop with the latest events, continuously educating yourself on topics you care about, sharpening your communication skills and always staying open-minded towards change are just some of many ways to cultivate your intellect.

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A true femme fatale is everything but shallow or foolish – she is the master of character judging, sophisticated, self-aware and sharp. In the immortal words of Tom Jones, she’s a lady, in every sense of the word.

Enjoy this magnificent journey of self-empowerment and learn from Hollywood stars who boast not only the fatale looks but also a captivating intellect – and create your own killer combo that will knock your future man off his feet!

Amy | Contributor 

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