Who is Cleo Wade?

The best thing about girl power is that over time it turns into woman power.
— Cleo Wade

Cleo Wade. The poet, author and artist. 

Well, we all seen her beautiful spoken words all over your Instagram, Pinterest and every social media outlet over the past few years. She’s been reposted by your favorite media outlets and your favorite celebrities. She has become the millennial voice affirmations on social media.  Her writing, accessible yet empowering, speaks to a greater future for all women, people of color, and the LGBTQ community, preaching love, acceptance, justice, peace, equity and equality.

We have posted her powerful messages on So She Slays social media outlets. 

Born in New Orleans and is now based out of New York. She has made her journey with her words and passion for helping others.  Her words have given readers the okay to feel better. She has been featured on Ted Talk.

Cleo, was recently in San Francisco promoting her new book Heart Talk. Her presence is beautiful beyond words. Not just her outside appearance (simply gorgeous) but her spirit was welcoming, and her words flowed so beautifully. 


I have been captivated by Cleo Wade. Her presence, voice and wise beyond her year's aura. She has become one of the important for voices for my generation. She has found a way to deliver a message of unity, self-love, and social action. 

The best advice I can give to you is to follow her Instagram.Her work is blended with “...empowering messages, blending simplicity with positivity, femininity and arresting honesty.”



Here are a few of my favorite: 

Have you been captivated by Cleo Wade? 

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