Tracee Ellis Ross, Told Me Its Okay To Be Single

Well, today is the day that love is spread across mountains or you are shouting happy single awareness day. Either way, you are living your best life. 

We all get caught up in what society tells us how our lives should be at a certain age. I used to struggle this with this a lot and let's be honest I slipped into that motion of wandering am I on the “right” path? 

Yes, I am a newly 30-year-old and single and a lot of my friends are in committed relationships, married or have kids. But guess what I am a HAPPY AF. I can honestly say I am actually happy being single right now. I now know all the bullshit I dealt with in my 20s is no longer on the menu in my life. 

We as women are told to have “everything” we need to fulfill our natural desire to be married, have a child and a career, which is all possible. (Only in the movies- when you are the CEO of your own company, your husband worships you, and your kids are perfect angels 24/7-- lies just lies). 

Let's also discuss how you are label into categories, 

  • I am a wife and mother and I am truly happy
  • I am single and ready to mingle
  • I am sleeping my way around the world and beds
  • I am the career-focused friend
  • I am alone and bitter af
  • I am a wife and mother but I wished… 

These are the categories you or your friends have secretly put you in or maybe two categories. I can honestly say I am the career focus friend, but I am so excited to be a wife and mother in the next few years. But I know I always wanted to have felt safe in my career before depending on anyone else. (side note-which this is still fine too if someone else can pay your bills- I support it all- do what works for you) 


The best speech I recently had to chance to hear was by my best friend (in my head) Tracee Ellis Ross discuss her womanhood and being happily single. Besides being an Golden Globe winner, fashion icon, Hollywood royalty, real and dope af-- she is our newest life coach. 

Can she just be our life coach? She was flourishing and was insightful af. She called out all the social norms and bias that women face in society. If you need daily inspiration by her follow her Instagram.


Here is the speech and tell me you aren't about to give her a standing ovation. 

Slay your life ladies all day every day, married, committed, single, working 9-5, with babies and all. 


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