Moving Away

When you stay in the same city all your life, it just doesn’t become your home city but also a friend. A friend who has given you endless memories and has all your loved ones there.


I moved away from home about two months back. It was a big transition for me because I just didn’t move cities but I moved countries. I’m miles and miles away from home. It is an expensive long flight to go home.

But moving away for you may be difficult but it is more difficult for the ones you are leaving behind for they are in their home environment without their person and you miss them as well but you have the new place to explore, new people to meet and all the other things.


Checklist when you are moving away.

  • A message for your loved ones. Doesn’t have to be written one. Just a gesture or a voice note.

  • Constant texting and calls back home so that they get used you to being there

  • Life updates on personal texts or social media

  • Settling in at your new house

  • Socializing with the new people

  • Taking responsibility

  • Learning to adapt

  • Find a new comfort place where you can go whenever you feel low, could be something that reminds you of home or just something that soothes you.

Comment down below if you think I missed something and suggestions for people who just moved like me

Khushi Giri1 Comment