I'm Done Falling For Your Potential

New year, new me...pshhh girl I wish!

This has been my down fall when it comes to men since...for as long as I can remember. I fall for their damn potential every effing time. (insert eye roll)

Although I try to do better and honestly with age I've started to realize when I'm doing it. However, I still fall into the trap. It's like I have to fall into the same hole a good three or four times before things begin to click and I start catching a clue. Quite obviously NOT a quick study in this department.

I mean you know you got a problem when you have bigger dreams, hopes, and wishes for your significant other than they have for themselves. Me, being the forever optimist, takes this as a sign to help show him all he is capable of. (insert Oprah voice)

Side note, don't do that because then you would be doing what I did. You would be reading the sign wrong.

Girl you can see all the potential in the world in someone and you can push them or give that boost of confidence but honey if they don't see it themselves or better yet they don't want to see it there is not a damn thing you can do about it. As the old saying goes you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink.

This is the point that gets me every time because I'm the type of person whose biggest goal is to live up to her full potential. So for the life of me, I can't figure out why the guys I date don't want too or are to scared to live up to their own?

I find it incredibly irritating when I meet someone, anyone, with this massive amount of potential and talent and they don't do a damn thing with it. It's almost like, "Why are you wasting it?"

I'm also the girl that gets images in their head of how it would be or better yet how it "could" be. Don't ask me why I do this because I have no answers. In all other aspects of my life I'm probably the most honest and realistic person however all that changes in my dating life. Again, don't ask me why if I had that shit figured out I probably wouldn't be writing this.

Real talk though I'm so over dudes who can't get their shit together, don't have ambition, or fail to want to live up to their potential. I ain't got the time.

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