5 strategies that will SLAY those negative voices in your life

Have you ever noticed when you have a new idea – something that totally excites you – for a brief moment you are in the glory of possibility – and then a voice comes up and quickly and shuts it down - in the form of : It’s too risky… I wouldn’t know how… I couldn’t because I’m just a (girl from a small town.. have no qualification, work in admin, no one would take me seriously…).

DOUBT enters your head and quickly runs around screaming at opportunity, hope and possibility down to where they can barely whisper. I see it all the time – in my life and in my clients.

Doubt is a bigger dream killer - it kills more dreams then failure ever will.

I get it, I have been there, and I know how scary it is when you are doing something new - but it's important to know what is really driving your decisions (or lack of) when it comes to going in a different direction or starting something new.

When I started my own business, the hardest part wasn’t actually the logistic side. It was slaying the negative voices in my head that were keeping me from taking action.

These 5 strategies helped me go from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I did’ – and can help you stop negative voices that are holding you back from taking awesome action and in your life and career.

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1. Ask what if instead of why not?  It is SO much easier to come up with reasons why we shouldn’t do something – why we shouldn’t go for that job, or apply for that promotion or decide to make that move, write that book, join the gym, start that course (or even go to an event that you know would be good for your goals but you don’t want to go). Start with the ‘What If?’. What if… you smashed it? What if, you got the job? What if, it was a YES instead of a no? The 'what if' will allow you to see into opportunity and explore the feelings and thoughts behind it… Most people start off with why they can’t – which is why they stay stuck and comfortable. When a new opportunity comes up, they respond with fear in the form of 20 reasons why it 'probably won't work' instead of thinking about how it could.

2. Replace EVERY negative thought with an opposite thought. You can and MUST re-train your brain. Mel Robbins’ 5 second rule was a game changer for me – especially in my thought life. WE have between 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day – which is about 35 thoughts per minute. Just because a thought ENTERS your head doesn’t mean you have to focus on it. DISMISS it like you would a bad fortune cookie. And replace it with something that is true, inspiring and in line with your life vision. Your thought life IS your life. So take no prisoners when it comes to winning the war in your head.

3. Mediate on inspiration daily. Instead of waiting for inspiration or to meet up with some high vibe colleagues – create a success habit every day for yourself. Read an inspirational book or article EVERY DAY. Follow role models who inspire you. If you take 30 minutes a day and read / watch / meditate on inspirational content, your mind starts to take in your environment. We are a product of our environment – but the good news is you get to change that environment ANY time you want.


4. Remove yourself from ALL external negative influences. This isn’t always easy but if you are constantly around people who drain you, complain and just talk about how bad life is without doing anything about it, it will keep you stuck.  I once had a work colleague who complained constantly, so I started using headphones and played high vibe music to get me in a different zone. John Rohn says ‘you are the average of the 5 people you spend time with’ AND studies show that you earn the average  SALARY of the 5 people who spend the most time with. You want more money? Get around people who MAKE more money. You want more positive thoughts? Get around people who talk about goals, success and life – and you’ll find yourself focussing on similar things.


5. Exercise while repeating awesome affirmations: When you move your body and speak out your vision and goals, it is like an elixir to your brain. You are training your brain and your body that what you are speaking is true  -and your movements literally propel you mentally for these affirmations. When you combine movement with mantras, it’s a powerful combination.

Khalil Ghibran said: 'Love and doubt have never been on speaking terms'. When you attach fear to anything in your life, it will be restricted, limiting, and keep you handcuffed to comfortable - which for me is the biggest failure of all.

You can literally be ONE thought away from a totally different life. So, what will you decide to think about today? It can be a game changer. 

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