Life can be mute. Never allow it!

I am a woman—I do not wish to be adored. I am the sum of my decisions, my errors and my achievements. No one can define that but me. I am enough the way I am.

Centuries ago, someone in the crowd of a chaotic street market raised his voice above all that din and dared to announce "Woman is lost!"

The phrase rumbled like a thunderbolt. For a while, the noise around lowered, too, then, go back to its prior volume. Some mocked him, calling him a madman. Very few assented with a serious and worried expression. Most passed by completely indifferent.

Did that visionary maybe perceive what would happen in the times to come? We might never know.

Certainly, "the feminine matter" has been addressed in most societies in the world along two opposing viewpoints: the “female slave” and the “liberated woman”. The “female slave” states she is subjugated by the arrogance of masculinity that dominates much of the world, while the “liberated woman” claims their rights through struggle and rebellion.

Even though these conditions are real, neither of them led to a solution of well-being for women, men, family, nor society as a whole. Too often, the role of women has become blurred to the point of being pretty unrecognizable.  

Over the years, women seem to have had few victorious battles in their exhausting war against a male-dominated world, and the future sees them more and more as a substantial part of society.
But, paradoxically, as soon as they “emancipate themselves,” the rest of society disintegrates. The relationship between the sexes becomes a struggle. Their obtained freedom can be seen as a negative or even risky aspect of society, not entirely void of any further obstacles.

Despite the victories obtained in modern societies, women's multiple tasks seem often more demanding for them than for men. Marriage, maternity, education, house management, and career don't leave them with much time and rest. Plus, their profession in society requires additional time devoted to the care of their appearance and an additional waste of energy. Maybe even more stress?

That's my point: when slavery is overcome (as it MUST be!), let's stop pushing in the opposite direction. Don't be over-busy with hundreds of commitments at the same time, don't feel overwhelmed and, as a consequence, aggressive like some stupid men.

Femininity is not muscles, nor passivity, it's not dominion, nor dependency, it's not fighting, nor renunciation, it's not arrogance nor distrust. Femininity is rather a collection of wonderful virtues such as kindness, elegance, integrity, spirituality, maternal feeling, faith, action, independence, self-reliance, courage, and self-esteem.  

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It is not true that being at the same level of men means resembling them in thoughts and actions. In order to avoid undergoing this completely unsolicited and superfluous placement test, or rite of acceptance, women must be aware that differences, not similarities, make things more desirable, as Nature requires. Women must bring of the feminine what there is in a woman, such as "something else", an extraordinary, specific and personal value added to what men don't have. They must bring what is complementary, not competitive. A man and a woman who freely meet are not in a boxing match, but in a natural union of talents and in a potentiality of balance, order, and happiness.

Let's take care of ourselves!

To have a stable position in the world as women, we have to live by taking destiny in our own hands and trusting in men who know the value of our intelligence, culture, personality, and professionalism.

Talent, education, health, sport, social life, and profession are not in contrast with marriage, motherhood, and career. It's only an issue of timing, balance, and priorities.

A lot of work, I know, but it's worth it. For growing in happiness.

Being a woman is not some kind of cosmic gaffe by some clumsy creator—as many distinguished thinkers have joked during the centuries.

It's not a casualty.

It's a divine plan!

This masterpiece has sacred reasons which are inviolable.

Paola F. BidnelliComment