Why Black Mirror Will Be The Show To Forever Haunt Us

I have NEVER come across a show like Black Mirror before.

Which could be why it's one of Netflix's most watched series and on it's third season. Not only is it genius in the way each episode can stand on it's own but it's almost like watching a train wreck, both fascinating and horrifying at the same time.

It's like watching everything our future can hold both good and bad but putting a demented yet realistic twist on it.

Here's why this show will forever haunt us.



I'm not shitting you! If you haven't watched an episode I recommend you do because you will know exactly what I'm talking about. This creative yet scary world Black Mirror portrays may seem far fetched. However, if you think about all the steps we are quickly making in technology as well as in other parts of our lives. I honestly don't think the images and stories displayed in some of these episodes are truly that far into the future. 

Example I came across this post the other day on Facebook. Girl...there was an episode in Black Mirror that was just like this post! Down do the dummy being in a vacuum packed bag and all! I didn't know WTF to do with myself.



Now I love episodes that stay with you in a good way. Like all my favorite episodes of Gilmore Girls or Sex In The City. What I don't like is when certain shows stay with you in the back of your mind, reminding you of some freaky shit.

You know that lingering feeling. That one you get after watching a scary movie and then for the next few days you're nervous to look in the mirror when you turn on the bathroom light cause something may be standing behind you. Yup.

Although Black Mirror isn't that type of scary the stories told in each episode nag at your brain making it impossible to just watch and episode and leave it when you're done. All the different scenarios are scary in the fact that at rate we are going everything that happens in each episode has a high probability of happening.



So what Black Mirror does it takes certain situations and push them to extremes. What you will find in almost every episode is the common theme of "what happens when you take technology too far?"

Living in San Francisco, surrounded by the tech world this really gets my brain going. Everyday I get to learn about new products and all these amazing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality programs. As well as all the mass potential the latest and greatest can bring to making life easier. But it does make me wonder, if we keep on this track will we start rating people in everyday life interactions to how many followers and likes you get? Or turn into a society trapped in front of massive screens day in and day out never using our actual minds?


If you're  fan of the show I don't mean to dog it. It's honestly a good show and like I've said I haven't come across anything like it before. But I will also say I can only watch one or two episodes at a time. Definitely not something I can binge watch when I'm feeling lazy.

Heather YoungComment