I'm Black & I Have a Dad

He raised me like he would raise a son and that’s what I needed. I needed
him to raise me as if me taking over the world wasn’t only plausible, it was
undoubtedly what I’d do. And, that’s what he did.
— Jazmine Duke

One of our favorite featured collabs, Jazmine Duke aka the woman behind one of the best websites The Female Condition; blessed us with a preview of her latest publication “I’m Black & I Have a Dad’. A modern woman's memoir about growing up with a single Black father.

As a black woman, I was excited to read such a powerful statement and book dedicated to the having a black dad in your life. It's sad to say, but people believe that having a black dad in your life is very very rare in the black community. I understand her message clearly, because I’m black & and I've always had a dad. It was refreshing to hear a young woman praise her black father and his influence in her life. 

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Jazmine provides a voice of a young mixed race woman who had to depend on her dad for being a caregiver in her life. Her voice is powerful and gives us an insight of being raised in a single parent home with her dad.  She provides us with a quick backstory on her family with quick wit and emotion; that defines her truth and growth as a woman. She discusses her mom, racism and growing up with just a male figure.

I can honestly say I am in love with this publication. Her voice echoes honesty, humor and being real af. We love her and her slay girl vibes.

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Thank you for being you and thanks to Mr. Duke for raising such an amazing woman.

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