Help! How do I get over a breakup?

Break-ups will never be easy. Lets be honest, we all have dealt with the aftermath of a breakup. Here are a few tips on how get over a breakup. Trust me it gets better!


1. Remove painful memory triggers.

Delete their number so that you are not tempted to call or message them & delete them from social media. You don’t necessarily need to block them, but deletion is essential for healing.


2. Distract yourself from thinking about them.


Netflix and chill alone, get lost in some books, workout, zone out to your favorite music, meet up with your friends, watch positive videos (there are tons on YouTube - Najwa Zebian and Steve Harvey helped me through my breakup) or find something you’re passionate about, and focus on it.


3. What do I do if I am in the same class as him?

I would suggest to write down a list of all the reasons that this person is not for you. Then write down a list next to it of all the qualities you want in a partner that this person lacked. Bring it to class every time and read it.


“There are plenty more fish in the sea” - I know this saying is played out and this person may feel like your soulmate right now, but if they are not treating you right they are not worth your time. You deserve nothing less than to receive the love you give. If they cannot see the beauty in you somebody else will. Your heart will mend in due time. I have been through heartbreak myself, and so have many others. Almost everybody has or will. I know it can make you feel like crap but the pain will pass.

Stay Strong

Tene EdwardsComment