9 Easy Steps to Create Harmony in Your Home

Our home is not just a shelter that shields us against mood swings of Mother Nature.

It is also made out of finer layers of memories, cues, and notions that influence us physically, emotionally, and psychologically. A few steps made in the home are the equivalent of a swift journey through your life.

It is all about the feeling that comes over you once you set foot inside the home. So, do you feel overwhelmed or laid-back? If the former is the case, know that you can get away from the hectic world out there and melt away the stress in your relaxing retreat.  


Room by room

The first thing to do is to grasp the big picture. The harmony of your home will greatly depend on how you decorate and arrange all your rooms. Thus, you cannot leave a single one unattended and neglected. Think about the atmosphere and the qualities you want to create. Also, consider the purpose of each and every room and design it accordingly.


Good Feng Shui


By adhering to the principles of Feng Shui you can design a perfect sanctuary of peace and tranquility. Establish the Bagua, an energy map of your home and discover how different spaces of your home are connected to various areas of your life. What is more, use this timeless wisdom to create a balance of vibrant energy and basic natural elements.  


Face the clutter


Clutter is not just a physical hurdle on the way to organized living. It also zaps your energy and creates a mental noise. Therefore, employ the good old divide and conquer strategy to lower the tension and make the place more serene. Make a pile of things you need to get rid of. Amp up your storage space if you need to and keep everything you do not use on a daily basis out of the way.


Focus on positive memories

While at it, keep your eyes open for items that trigger bad memories and negative associations. Do away with this bad mojo and you will feel an instant relief. Instead, display items that echo good times and remind you of dear people. Celebrate your passions and loves – your home should be a reflection of who you are and what you stand for.


Less is more


One of the most common mistakes when designing your home is going overboard with décor and ornaments. Trust me, you want to avoid things like overcrowded walls but rather keep only the essentials. One centerpiece per room does the trick just fine. Likewise, each item, regardless of how small, should bear meaning. Embrace the art of simplicity because it represents the ultimate form of sophistication.


Symphony of colors


Next, pay attention to the psychology of colors. Believe it or not, these visual elements affect everything from our body temperature and emotional state to appetite and physical well-being. Steer away from overly bright colors or at least try not to use them in large amounts. To play it safe and send the right cues to your subconscious, take advantage of neutrals and other soothing, soft tones.


Feel the embrace of nature

Furthermore, strive to revive the connection with the natural world, which fosters the much-needed sense of inner calm. Incorporate natural elements, such as wooden furniture, organic textures, water features, acorns, and flowers. Plants are an absolute must as they cleanse the indoor air of toxins and pollutants.


Welcome fresh air and sunlight


This brings us to the point that many home environments are breeding grounds for diseases and other menaces. Namely, the air inside tends to be several times more polluted than the one outside. So, apart from adding the plants, open doors and windows, let the sunlight snuggle you up, and take a deep breath. Additionally, make sure to use an air purifier for mold, pollen dust, allergens and other nuisances.


Limit the tech presence

Technology is an invaluable resource in the today’s world, but in terms of your personal space and well-being, it can do more harm than good. Hence, it is time to hush the constant buzz of machines. Banish gadgets from your bedroom and other zones reserved for rest and relaxation. On the other hand, define the spaces where tech devices serve the purpose instead of acting as a distraction.


A personal oasis



A home environment has a profound impact on our mood and psyche. Do not let the mess and clutter weigh you down. Keep them at bay to find balance and harmony. Take small steps every day to bring positive change to your home and mute negativity and stress. Stay focused on the vision of ideal life and home. Treat yourself with a calm and inviting space where you can unwind and recharge.

Olivia JonesComment