We're Coming! Are You Ready??

HOLY SHIT!! It's happening!! AHHHHHH!!

Ok so I'm know I'm not the only one that lost their shit with I found out that Ali Wong and Randall Park were going to be in a RomCom together. Like WHAAAT?! 

Not only is one, this Netflix feature going to be hilarious but two, this is freakin' epic on much more than an entertainment value scale. We are going to have two Asian leads and they are going to be depicting a romantic, funny, modern day, relationship. People when is that last time you saw this happen in Hollywood??? Wait, let me answer that for you NEVER! 

As an Asian actress, I'm beyond excited that this is happening because it's taken forever for it to even get here. Now, Netflix is still looking for a director but I don't know about you but I'm keeping a close eye on what's to come with this movie. 

To put the cherry on top of the sundae, I've been so happy to see stories of more Asian actors getting their share of the entertainment world. Most recently I've read and watched stories about Diana Huey, a Japanese born actress who is now playing Ariel in the touring production of The Little Mermaid. Which is huge considering that most view Ariel as a Caucasian character but in reality why can't she be Asian? 

Another story that stood out to me is the interview done by NBC News, with GLOW actress, Ellen Wong. In which she speaks about the two words her character, Jenny Chey, says as she corrects a white male producer that calls her "oriental."  

Iā€™m Cambodian.
— Jenny Chey

For me, these stories are proof that just maybe Hollywood is listening. That just maybe we, the underrepresented, could be scratching the surface of what the entertainment industry would look like with more Asian faces. 


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