I Have Conquered My Fear

Confession: I, the meek and mild in manner have conquered my fear of public speaking.

I like to think I don't really have a fear of speaking in public but when I do my voice tenses up and starts to shake. Despite all of that I spoke live on camera to an audience larger than I care to even know. 

My soft spoken voice is why I have a tendency not to recite my poetry, speak or leave voicemails. A chronic fear of not being taken seriously and most of the time mentioned as cute and child-like. I didn't psych myself out or make myself fear the camera. I calculated my steps making sure I didn't trip and spoke up and eloquently. I was honest. 

After watching the first interviewee go and finish, I said this won't be so bad and it will be quick. Boy, was I wrong?!  I was up on 'stage' in front of all these lights speaking to an audience I couldn't see divulging personal information about my style and self-love. I talked about how I got to love myself and miraculously I didn't fumble over my words. I will soon put my words to paper er, laptop I should say. I was answering questions left and right to women asking me for advice and it was euphoric.

I made speaking in public bigger than what it needed to be. The more practice I get, the better I will become. It also helps to be prepared with said topic you are talking about. Needless to say, it eased my mind knowing the subject. Although I was a little apprehensive to speak, I didn't let it stop me. 

Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.
— a Cinderella story

It's good advice and I'm going to hold on to it and not let my fears stop me from accomplishing anything in life. I'm going to conquer one fear at a time.

Keep pursuing and overcome your fears as I'm trying to do with mine.